Whitechapel 1955


MONDRIAAN 1872-1944  Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 1955

This is a new experiment (Oct 2002) in my presentation of Mondrian information, an attempt to recreate the Mondrian exhibition held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, in 1955. Taking the listing of works from the Catalogue Raisonné, the plan is to collect images of all the pictures exhibited and load them into a FrontPage auto gallery. If that works then, over time, I will gradually reconstruct all the larger exhibitions, say, all those with ten or more Mondrians.


On 20th November 2002 I visited the gallery and with the kind help of the archivist, Janeen Haythornwaite, went through the records of the exhibition. Regrettably there are no installation photographs showing the layout of the exhibition, but there is a lot of interesting background information which I will gradually sift through. The only remaining poster, shown right, is not in mint condition. I have 18 pages of press clippings, some interesting correspondence from Ben Nicholson I will try to decipher and evidence that there is an error in the Catalogue Raisonné on the listing of pictures exhibited.

Sadly, Bryan Robertson, the gallery's director at the time of the Mondrian show and the decades following had just died. He did a great deal to revitalise the Whitechapel after the war and his passing had clearly affected the gallery staff.

The table at the bottom of the page gives the catalogue details.

This is a fantastic selection of works. It will take a while to assemble colour versions of all of those and I may have to make do with the B&W versions in the catalogue for some. At first I tried to keep the sizes of the images in proportion to the originals but have now switched to a standard height for all as a compromise between viewing convenience and detail available.

Apologies for the delay in assembling and presenting the pictures. This is taking longer than I had hoped and the FrontPage gallery is not a particularly sophisticated tool.


1: A142



List of works exhibited from the Catalogue Raisonné, vol 2, appendix 2 page 53.

1: A142 2: A208 3: A290 4: A660 5: A471 6: A366 7: A332 8: A138 9: C64 10:A649
11: A499 12: A593 13: A687 14: A654 15: A693 16: A670 17: A669 18: A672 19: A671 20: B3
21: B4 22: B19 23: A707 24: A709 25: A691 26: B16 27: B5 28: B6 29: B33 30: B2
31: B18 32: B37 33: B55 34: B40 35: B67 36: A? 37: B85 38: B89 39: B103 40: B97
41: B99 42: B115 43: B215 44: B173 45: B241 46: B254 47: B26l 48: B262 49: B277 50: B272
51: B265 52: B280 53: B275 54: B279 55: B301          

The first number is the exhibition catalogue entry and the second entry the reference in the Catalogue Raisonné. For example, 3:A290 is the third work in the exhibition catalogue (The River Gein: Trees at Water's Edge c. 1902) and is A290 in the Catalogue Raisonné (Row of Eight Young Willows Reflected in the Water c. 1905).
The descriptions with the images are taken from the exhibition catalogue

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