Topical Stamps

As noted in the Windmills section, one of the delights of collecting topics is that you are on the lookout for something and, as the weekly delivery of circuit boxes and parcels arrive, the chances of finding something to buy are increased.

My first topic was determined by the fact that I already had some Mondrian stamps before I began stamp collecting in 2003. This later extended to cover Modern and Prurient Art in stamps. Then a sideline in Philosophers. April 2004 saw the opening of the windmills page, again with a Mondrian connection and a month later anteaters.

January 2005, start the New Year with GB 1 penny stamps. Signs of the Zodiac started in March.

Modern Art Nudes Philosophers Windmills Anteaters GB 1 penny Zodiac
modern art
prurient art
GB 1 penny stamps
signs of the zodiac

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