The Worst Stamps

Whist trawling through various sources in search of #1s, I have encountered a number of stamps which should never have been released or are remarkable for their ugliness or inappropriateness. I have repeated the images here because they do not necessarily appear on the Guinness pages as #1s, See notes on the original pages, where a link is provided. Here they are, in no particular order:

Tuvalu Charity

1982 Sc-B1 SG187
45 c + 20 c multicoloured
Tonga Cyclone Relief

Dahomey Post Due

1963 Sc-J29 SG-D191
1 fr red and green

North Vietnam

1967 Sc482 SG-N500
20 x multi


1987 SG512
Traditional hair styles
The weakest commemorative event I have encountered to date, complimented by equally mundane design. I'll look out for the rest of the set.


18th Sep 04

Here's another

22nd January 2008

Ivory Coast

1981 SG681
Another appearance for Chas and Di with a delightfully inept portrait.