Proof of Mondrian

Page created 28th August 2006. Later additions in red.

Found on eBay in July 2006, this is a set of five terrific postcards produced by Susan Hoffman of Dallas in 1982. The set comes in an envelope and the work and artist's name are rubber stamped on the back (shown below). They depict a largely architectural impact of Mondrian on the city.

The set came from the excellent RightBrain/LeftBrain, also of Dallas.

The original presentation envelope

Reverse of card, rearranged (detail).

This looks like apartments

Excellent shadow composition. At the bottom of the page, I pose the
question do any of these artefacts still exist? I have my first answer
with the Dallas Home Furnishings Mart which has become the
International Floral Design Centre, but retained its Mondrianesque
roots, see picture right and corporate history

Not sure what a Love Field is, but Dallas has one.
(later that day) I now know that this is one of the Dallas airports.
Steve more advises that The sign at the entrance was replaced in the
1980’s. The new sign is not as interesting.


Moore Industrial Disposal Inc has taken the Mondrian message to
heart, decorating not only its vehicles ...

but also its corporate headquarters.
Here's the story from Steve Moore, This is a truck which we operated
during the 80's.  I came up with the color scheme by the body builder
sending the wrong color truck and I had extra paint and tried to do
something different. Which we did and it became our color for about
20 yrs. Got lots of notice And the building got painted just to go
along with the trucks. I even painted a supervisors car that way.

Take no offence at my comments (páce Moore Industrial), I enjoy the postcards, admire the subjects and congratulate the photographer.

I'm not sure whether either Susan Hoffman, or any of these buildings (etc.) are still around, but if you know, please contact me here...
Considerable progress was made on the day I set up the page:

bulletI emailed Michael Malouf of RightBrain/LeftBrain who sold me the cards. He put me straight on the nature of Love Field.
bulletHe also found Susan Hoffman and will put us in touch.
bulletI found the International Floral Design Centre myself
bulletI wrote to Moore Disposal and Steve Moore provided the story of the truck.
bulletNo reply yet from Love Field on whether the artefact is still there, but Michael has said he'll check next time he goes there.

A good day's work on the web.

I heard from Susan on 4th September. She has a coffee cup from Moore Industrial they gave her the day she took the pictures and might send me a snap of it.

If you find any Proof of Mondrian in your locality, please send me a snap and I'll put it on the page with a credit. These are now in More Proof.

More Mondrian buildings here.