This section serves several purposes, containing, in summary, my output and my input.

My output is simply the pieces I create. My input comprises three sources. Firstly suggestions, notably exercises in the Strange Bible  and elsewhere. These are currently dotted around the site and will be gathered together. Secondly 'classical' sources, the old innovators in modern music. Thirdly contemporary influences.

Some recent updates here with the details on individual pages


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Output My latest piece is Sonata 9th June 2009. A single take of the Doepfer Source of Uncertainty the patch based on the Doepfer manual but without the inverter on the LFO VC. Three VCOs are being driven, one straight from the quantized output, the others through a variety of modifiers. All three feed through the same processing chain.

Exercises The next study I want to try is based on Daniel Goode's Faust crosses the Raritan somewhere in East Africa and finds himself back home, a little south of the Reich... Now there's a title for you (as we Welsh tend to say). Essentially, the piece involves picking a tune, setting up the first few notes on the sequencer and than gradually working through the rest of the tune setting one note at a time, so the piece gradually 'wipes over' itself. He suggests Yankee Doodle on a 10-step sequencer, I'll have an 8-step to begin with and am inclined towards the last few notes of the Beethoven violin concerto. Strange says don't use a quantizer, I am inclined to have one VCO with and one without. Just waiting on Tom from Analogue Solutions to come up with the SQ8. Mr Goode has a terrific web site here and Faust is in the scores (one of the one-pagers).
Contemporary My most recent purchase is Robert Piotrowicz's Lasting Clinamen. A one-word tag would be 'uncompromising': four tracks of [almost unvarying] noise, some too loud, some too quiet. While I like favour the atonal and arhythmic, I prefer something to be happening. The sounds are, to me, drones and I would have had something plinking over the top. I bought it, having heard the excerpts here because I admire the chap's dedication to his Art. Wagner's music was described as 'better than it sounds', here I'm not so sure.

In the post is Bum Crab Hatband from David Westling, pictured right. I have not managed to find excerpts to listen to and so have ordered it on the strength of his intriguing pronouncements (repeated on the full page). It is available here.

Classical Let's start with Morton Subotnick


As noted elsewhere, the purpose of this site is not to enlighten the world (that is, to the extent it occurs, a beneficial side-effect) but to keep myself organised and make my bits and pieces available to myself wherever I may be (often as a distraction when I should be doing something else).

Page started 26th June 2009.
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