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(15th Mar 03)
Lee Blackburn, poet, and his wife Gee.
see poem here.
(7th May 2001)
Leo Blackburn
6 Older Political Buttons and Pin backs
Great Collectable
Top row I Like Ike, Col. Jas. Kilbourne for Governor (Ohio) , Re-elect O'Neill Governor. Bottom Row John W. Bricker for Governor (Ohio), Let's 'lect Lum Edwards for President, Leo Blackburn for Congress. All are in good condition a few of the older ones have rust on the back. The largest top middle is 1 1/4" in diameter


There's a Blackburn running for sheriff, here  
Linelle Blackburn
(24th June 2001)
Linelle Blackburn(e?) seems to have been W.C.Fields' mistress.

This mint condition check, drawn on the Harriman Bank on October 6, 1926, was filled out and signed entirely in the hand of legendary juggler and comedian W. C. Fields. The check is made out to "Cash," and endorsed by Field's mistress Linelle Blackburn. Fields met Blackburn when he was the star of the Broadway show "Poppy," in 1923. (Blackburne was a chorus girl in the show.) Fields' signature is perfect, and entirely free of cancellation marks or holes. This is the early (pre 1930s and 40s) form of Fields' signature. A beautiful item.


(8th Dec 2001)
Lord Blackburn
The title of this 257 page book is Famous Judges and Famous Trials by Charles Kingston. The book contains eight full-page half-tone illustrations. It was published by Brentano's in 1923, a first edition. The book includes chapters about judges of England (Lord Blackburn, Mr. Justice Hawkins, and more.)
(4th November 2001)
People and animals - as I have only one of the latter then Luke can go here.
Nice image with reverse blank. Geo. Roubaud, Horse Blankets, Newark, N.J. Condition - nice, sharp corners, toning, foxing, glue stains on reverse. Size approx 3.25" x 5".
Mr Blackburn 101
(1st Dec 2001)

Another horse

Mr Blackburn 101 Stud
This is a stud advertisement for Mr Blackburn 101 out of a Quarter Horse Journal. It has been mounted on 11 x 14 mat and is ready to frame. Also included with this ad is a 8 generation pedigree for Mr Blackburn 101 generated from Quarterbase Pedigrees


(10th Nov 2001)
M. Blackburn

British Life Saving Medal (Named & Dated).
An attractive Royal Life Saving Society Award Medal with additional 1935 dated award bar.
This full size medal is of bronze construction measuring 1.1/4 inches across and in extremely fine condition. The obverse depicts a person towing someone to safety whilst swimming in open water, set against a background of cliffs. Around the edge are the words "ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1891".The reverse has the central inscription "AWARDED TO M.BLACKBURN. DEC 1933". A Latin legend runs around the edge. It is complete with original ribbon, "R.L.S.S." top pin brooch suspension and extra 1935 award bar. A very collectable life saving society award in superb condition.

(7 Dec 2001)

British Silver Life Saving Medal of 1934 An Award of Merit Medal issued by the Royal Life Saving Society of the United Kingdom. This very desirable silver medal measures 1.1/4 inches in diameter and is in extremely fine plus condition. The obverse depicts a female holding wreath whilst seated set against the background of sea and sun. A ribbon scroll contains the words "AWARD OF MERIT" and is engraved with the recipients details "M. BLACKBURN 1934". A British silver hallmark datestamp is impressed by the head of female. The reverse displays the scene of a swimming lifesaver, towing a casualty to safety. Running around the edge are the words "THE ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY AWARD OF MERIT". Both sides have edge rims bordered with laurels. A suspension loop is affixed at the top. It comes complete with original leather case of issue which is also in great condition. A very desirable medal. Winning bidder pays mailing costs.

(7th September 2001)
Martha Blackburn (1944-1992)
Member of CAB Hall of Fame
In 1975, Martha Blackburn became the controlling shareholder of the Blackburn Group Inc. of London, Ontario. In 1984 Martha became Chair and President and was responsible for CFPL Broadcasting Ltd (CFPL-AM-FM-TV), London, Ontario, CKNX Broadcasting Ltd (CKNX-AM-FM-TV) Wingham, Ontario, London Free Press Printing Company, Netmar Inc., Blackburn Marketing Services and Blackburn Holdings Ltd. Martha was a founding member of the Walter J. Blackburn Foundation established by her late father. This foundation gives grants to charitable organizations in the fields of health, education, welfare, the environment and the arts. She served on several boards and committees, including (among others) Canadian Press, the Ontario Press Council and the Michener Awards Foundation.
(20th October 2001)
Mrs N. C. Blackburn (same initials as me)
had a recipe published in a Methodist Ladies Cook Book

The recipe, for English Plum Pudding is repeated at the bottom of the page in readable form.

Many thanks to Jinni Lorette Pope for sending me the scans.

(3rd Oct 2002)
Oliver Virgil Blackburn

Nancy Kelly has written with details of her grandfather and subsequent members of the family.

He was born in Seneca, Kansas - came to California as a 12 year old boy (so the story goes) on a train - again the story says where they cooked their own food. He met and married Fredericka Louise Bedford on October 8, 1908...
They had a son Bill, and twin daughters: Lois and Louise. Lois was my mother....she married Wesley Kenneth Shone in June 1936 and I was born in July, 1937. I have four adult sons: Robert, Paul, David and Steven - My grandfather was a cartographer and the story is that he was the first man to map Southern California. My son Paul took some of the maps to the Huntington Library, in San Marino, CA and there they are for future generations to see and find out about this State of Ours.

(7th October 2001)
Vice-Admiral Paul P Blackburn
You are bidding on two United States Navy Vice Admiral Paul P. Blackburn, Jr. signed items. The first item is a black and white 8-by-10-inch photo, autographed by Paul P. Blackburn, Jr. in blue ink. The next item is a typed letter, signed by Paul P. Blackburn, Jr. The letter is dated April 24, 1965 and is written to Mr. Dick Hall. The letter measures 7-by-8 Ĺ-inches and has a color U. S. Navy flag at the top center of the Commander of the Seventh Fleet letterhead. These two items are in excellent condition and will make a great addition to any Navy enthusiastís collection.
(31st October 2001)
Here's Admiral Paul P again, then a Captain
LABOUR DAY MENU 1936, U.S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, Captain Paul P. Blackburn, U.S.N., Commanding. This 8x5 inch, folded menu has scrapes, tears, and wrinkles, itís rough, but here it is.
(17th October 2001)
Mrs P.T. Blackburn

I wonder if she knew the admiral?
WW2 SS232 USS HALIBUT Launch Button
US Submarine HALIBUT Launch button. HALIBUT (SS-232) was launched by Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H., 3 December 1941; sponsored by Mrs. P. T. Blackburn; and commissioned 10 April 1942, Comdr. P. H. Ross in command. On her tenth war patrol HALIBUT again joined a coordinated attack group, this time with HADDOCK and TUNA. While proceeding to Luzon Strait, the submarines were ordered to set up scouting lines to intercept crippled units of the Japanese fleet retiring after the Battle off Cape Engano. Halibut encountered the remnants of Admiral Ozawa's force 25 October and attacked inflicting some damage. After pursuing other units until the following day, HALIBUT returned to station. The sub's next contact came 14 November when she attacked a convoy in Luzon Strait. She was immediately attacked in turn by planes apparently using magnetic airborne detectors. A short but effective depth charge attack directed by the aircraft left HALIBUT severely damaged but still under control. Her crew made temporary repairs and she steamed into Saipan 19 November. The gallant submarine received the Navy Unit Commendation for her performance on this patrol HALIBUT arrived San Francisco via Pearl Harbor 12 December 1944. Later she sailed 16 February 1945 for Portsmouth, N.H., where it was found that her damage was too extensive to justify repair. She decommissioned 18 July 1945 and was sold for scrap 10 January 1947 to Quaker Shipyard and Machinery Company of Camden, N.J. HALIBUT received seven battle stars for World War II service. War patrols 3 through 7, 9 and 10 were designated successful.
(1st Dec 2002)
Randy and Beth Soggs have kindly written to advise that Mrs. PT was Admiral Paul P's mother. Her other son, Tom, was Randy Soggs' grandfather.
(2nd March 2002)

Raymond Blackburn

Blackburn, Raymond: I Am An Alcoholic London: Allan Wingate 1959 first impression March 1959. Dedicated to Paul Reay. G/VG moderately soiled dj- with a few small chips.clipped dj. The book is VG condition, clean bright solid and tight. Previous owners name on ffp. 218 pages autobiography written by one of the white hopes of the Labour Party, MP from 1945, but he drank too much and went to prison. he tells his story and of life in prison.




(26th October 2003)

Robin Blackburn
Poet, poems here.


(11th August 2001)
Susan Smith Blackburn
I don't know who she is, but she has a women's drama prize named after her:
504 page soft cover book titled "Contemporary Plays by Women". An anthology of of work by winners and runners-up for the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn Prize 1978-1990. Plays featured include "Coyote Ugly", "Getting Out", "My Sister In This House", "Painting Churches", and "Serious Money". Book is in excellent condition with previous owner's name written inside front cover.
(6th October 2001)
Terry Blackburn
This chap has a super web site.

(25th Sep 2002)

Prof. Thomas H. Blackburn

Father of Adam, THB is Centennial Professor of English Literature, Emeritus at Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, PA), has published extensively in such publications as The Milton Review, Shakespeare Review, Modern Language Association Quarterly and was a Rhodes Scholar.

Tom Blackburn
(17th June 2001)
Tom also appears in the books section. Click here to link. This is the first signed snap of him I have found. 21 bids and $52 with two days to go. I'll settle for this copy.

Small (4 1/4" X 6") black & white photo of Navy fighter ace John Thomas Blackburn, winner of the Navy Cross & Army Distinguished Service Cross. As commander of VF-17, the famed "Jolly Rogers," the first squadron to fly the Corsair into combat, Blackburn downed 13 Japanese planes in the Solomon Islands Campaign. The Jolly Rogers gained notoriety by shooting down 155 enemy planes in 76 days. A nice piece of memorabilia from a true American hero. Photo is signed across front. Comes with handwritten note on his personal stationery as well as the envelope he mailed it to me in in 1993.

Another picture 7th September 2001.

Vava Blackburn
(6th May 2001)
1952 Pillsbury's 3rd Grand National Recipes
The seller typed in the names of all 100 winners. I'll snip:
100 PRIZE-WINNING RECIPES FROM PILLSBURY'S 3rd GRAND NATIONAL $100,000 RECIPE AND BAKING CONTEST. Held at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, December 10, 1951. First Edition Published in 1952. Winners included: Mrs. Samuel P. Weston, Mrs. William Sawdo, Mrs. B.J. O'Donell, Mrs. Vava M. Blackburn, [snip]


(19th August 2001)
Wade Blackburn
I don't know whether the chap in the picture is Wade - there were several snaps from the book and I picked one at random. I think it safe to say that Wade is the most muscular and glistening Blackburn currently on the site.

Perfect Form Photography By Kal Book
Perfect Form Photography By Kal Yee. Printed in the United States and copyright in 1993. This hardback book contains 40 black and white printings. Some of the models photograph include Nestor Lao, Wade Blackburn, Josh Kogan, Dino Orsini, to name a few.This book is in excellent condition!!!!

(3rd Dec 2001)
Walter Blackburn Harte
This print was issued in the US by The Arena Publishing Co., Boston, Mass, c1890. It is print number 25 from a set of 40 prints entitled "The Arena Gallery of Eminent Thinkers." The front of the print has a photographic type picture of Walter Blackburn Harte and a reproduction of his signature, while the back of the print is blank. Originally, the set of prints came in a folder with a table of contents dividing them into categories: Poets, Eminent Clergymen, Eminent Women, Young American Writers, Eminent Men of Letters, and Eminent Scientists and Philosophers. The size of this print is approximately 7.7 x 10 inches. It would look lovely framed. This approximately 111 year old print is in Excellent condition.


I had this picture left over - I'm not sure whether it's him

(19th November 2001)
Walter S. Blackburn Jazz Concert

The APA held a free public jazz concert at the Indianapolis Artsgarden on Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. in honor of the late Walter S.Blackburn. This special tribute to Mr. Blackburn served as the Opening Ceremonies for the 5th American Jazz Piano Competition. Jesse Green, the 1998 Jazz Fellow of the APA, performed on April 17th along with Tom Knific on bass and Tim Froncek on drums.
The concert was in honor of Mr. Blackburn's philanthropic contributions to the APA and the Indianapolis community.
Mr. Blackburn's architectural firm, Blackburn Architects, was the local firm selected to help in the development of the Indianapolis Artsgarden. Other local projects include the RCA Dome and Convention Center Expansion, the Indiana State Government Center, Circle Centre Mall, and Conseco Fieldhouse. The location of the concert was selected in recognition of Mr. Blackburn's contributions to the development of this Indianapolis landmark.
Mr. Blackburn co-chaired the American Pianists Association's 4th Biennial American Jazz Piano Competition in 1998 with his wife, Alpha Blackburn. Mrs. Blackburn co-chaired this year's Competition with David Kelly.
William Blackburn
We'll stop there then.
Woody Blackburn
There is probably a golfer called Woody Blackburn as his scorecard was amongst a lot of 170 such items sold in July 2001
(8th July 2001)
I don't know this person's first name, but he is heavily into pendulums (penduli?). Here's a listing, without accompanying illustration, from ebay.

You are bidding on SOUND-A series of Simple, Entertaining, and Inexpensive Experiments in the Phenomena of Sound for the Use of Students of Every Age which was written by Alfred Marshall Mayer. This book has a copyright date of 1878 and was published by D Appleton and Company/New York. This book appears to be a First Edition with the same date on both the copyright and title pages. Some of the areas covered; Construction and Use of the Heliostat, The Water-Lantern, The Conical Pendulum, The Sand Pendulum, Blackburn's Double Pendulum, Way to Draw the Acoustic Curve, Reflection of Sound, Experiments with a Sonometer, Faber's Talking Machine and many more interesting experiments with sound. This is a hardcover book with gold lettering and no jacket. There is some light edge wear and some fraying at the tips of the covers. There is an ex libris plate on the inside front cover and the original owner has written in their name neatly on the front end page. There is a crack at the inside front spine at the bottom going up approx 2 inches which has caused the front end page to become loose to that same point. There is some age toning to the edges of the pages. There is also some light soiling to the title page. Otherwise, book is in good condition.

(12th October 2001)
Another unknown name.
letter heading, The white house, dated Aug 6, 1947, says, Dear Miss Blackburn: I fully understand the regrettable circumstances which impel your resignation, which is accepted herewith. From personal observation I can bear witness to the zeal and high efficiency with which you have performed your duties in the Government. The genuine contribution you have made to the public's understanding of the functions of our Government should be a source of great satisfaction to you. Please accept my personal thanks for all that you have done in difficult and responsible posts. With my best wishes to you and my warm personal regards, I am Very sincerely yours,,,, signed with fountain pen
(28th April 2002)

and another



Let's get this straight. There will be no input here from heartthrob DJ Tony Blackburn unless he pays me..


oh alright then

(18th May 2002)

Here's my old pal again. I even bought this one.



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