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(28th June 2001)
Harold Frederick Blackburn
Must be important because he has been profiled in New Yorker. He may be the Singing Harold, but I didn't buy it to find out:

This is the November 10,1962 issue of the New Yorker. Cover illustration by Garrett Price. Inside articles and stories by John Updike "In Football Season", V.S.Pritchett "Noisy In The Doghouse", John Bainbridge "Profiles-Harold Frederic Blackburn" Maeve Brennan "Lessons and Lessons And The More Lessons", Dwight MacDonald "Annuals Of Crime- Thomas James Wise", A.J.Liebling "The Sporting Scene-Boxing", Brendan Gill "The Current Cinema" with a review of "Period Of Adjustment" and Anthony West "Books".
(7th November 2001)
Dr. Henry
Sweet Emma & Her Preservation Hall Jazz Band
VPS-2 stereo LP in excellent condition and jacket is near-mint. Sweet Emma and Her Preservation Hall Jazz Band. This LP was recorded in 1964 at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Eight tunes. Notes by Wm Russell and Dr. Henry Blackburn, President of Minnesota Jazz Sponsors.
(30th July 2001)
Henry Blackburn
Our second murderer, who had a sermon published to commemorate his crime and punishment:

Most of these fourteen sermons date from the 18th century and a few date from the very early 19th centruy. These sermons are from all over the eastern US including one from Fredericksburg MD. The most interesting of these sermons is an Execution sermon published in Boston is 1796. This sermon was given at the hanging of Henry Blackburn an Englishman accused of murdering an American at sea. Another interesting sermon is a "Discourse on Natural Religion" given by Thomas Barnard in Boston in 1795. The oldest sermon was given in New York in 1768. These fourteen sermons are bound together in a book with marbleized boards. The bottom board is loose and some of the title pages have some minor foxing but otherwise all the sermons are in extremely good condition.

This book sold for a remarkable $1,275.

(30th July 2001)
Henry Blackburn (boxer)
You wait a month for a Henry to come along and then you get a brace:
This is an old jacket!!! It is made of gaberdine or a heavy silk. It has like a wool knit collar & cuffs. There is an old gray knit linning & two front pockets. On the back of the jacket it has (HENRY BLACKBURN BOXING TEAM) embroided with a Big thick patch of a pair boxing gloves. The jacket does have a couple small snags and a tear & looks like it has been stored away for a while with that dirty look. It has three stripes on the front left side like it had tape stuck to it at one point. It has a label that reads: Minnesota Inspired Tailored by BUTWIN Nationally Desired. The snapps have the word (BUTWIN) & a muscle man on them. The jacket is about a 38 or 40 in size.
There was a picture with the sale, but I took too long to add it to the page and it is no longer available. It looked pretty scabby.
(22nd May 2001)
Lone Voyager: The Extraordinary Adventures of Howard Blackburn, Hero Fisherman of Gloucester by Joseph E. Garland, author, historian and chronicler of Gloucester and it's people. First Touchstone Edition 2000. From the cover," Like countless Gloucester fishermen before and since, in 1880's) Howard Blackburn and Tom Welch were trawling for halibut on the Newfoundland banks in an open dory when a sudden blizzard separated them from their mother ship (the schooner Grace L. Fears). Alone on the empty North Atlantic, they battled towering waves and frozen spray to stay afloat. Welch soon succumbed to exposure and Blackburn...rowed five days without food or water, with his hands frozen to the oars, until he spied the coast of Newfoundland"...Though Blackburn had lost his fingers, he later.. "set a record for swiftest solo voyage across the Atlantic that stood for decades...A Homeric saga of survival at sea and a thrilling portrait of the world's most fabled fishing port in the age of sail." Book is softcover and in excellent condition, with 330 pages and illustrations...Buyer pays media rate shipping. Payment by check or money order only within 10 days of auction close. Please allow time for personal check to clear. Thank you. NOTE: If in the Gloucester area, visit the Cape Ann Historical Museum ( where Blackburn's 1901 solo voyage sloop, the Great Republic, is on display with hundreds of other Gloucester treasures.
(11th June 2001)

and here he is ....

Sebastian Miniature Howard Blackburn #2659, copr. 1983, PW baston jr. SML 412a. Gray label.This figurine is quite tall 4 1/2". Front of base says Howard Blackburn- Glouster Seaman. Included in the box is a short story on his history. Mint condition, packed in original box. 1,440 were made - issued 1983 - withdrawn 1988, discontinued forever 4/30/88. From a non-smoking home. buyer pays shipping and insurance.


(7th June 2001)
J.C.S. Blackburn

SPEECH J C S Blackburn House of Reps - 1879
"The Bayonet Must Not, Shall Not, Control the Ballot," by J. C. S. Blackburn of Kentucky delivered on the House floor April 3r
d, 1879. From the Congressional Record. Printed by R. O. Polkinhorn of Washington, DC. Staple-bound with fragile outer wraps. Text is very clean throughout. 15 pages in VG condition. This item is part of a large number of Civil War era collectables we are auctioning this week. Much of the material chronicles the public opinion and policy debate of prominent Americans in the aftermath of the war. Don't miss this opportunity to obtain these fastinating and valuable primary source historical documents.
1888 The Forum Magazine The Forum magazine, Vol. VI, No. 1, issued in September 1888, published by The Forum Publishing Co., New York, measures 6-1/2 x 9-1/4. Articles include: Causes of Social Discontent by Bishop F. D. Huntington The Republican Platform by Senator J. C. S. Blackburn [snip]
(28th June 2001)
J.L. Blackburn
the inventor of the protective relay. See book.
(28th June 2001)
Jack Blackburn
Boxing Person
Corner Men Great Boxing Trainers by Ronald K. Fried. New York, Four Walls Eight Windows, (1991). First Edition 1st printing. 8vo size, original boards hardcover. 414-pages, Indexed. Illustrated from photographs. A fascinating account of this critical side of boxing, Illustrated including - Eddie Futch, Rocky Graziano, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Jack Blackburn, Sugar Ray Leonard, (curiously) Frank Sinatra in boxing stance from Al Silvani's scrapbook.

Picture added 2nd March 20002

(13th August 2001)
Everything gets to eBay eventually,

I really don't know the whole story of this 1913 8" X 10" original photo of black boxer Jack Blackburn, but it is identified on the back in Philadelphia sportswriter Harry Pegg's writing "Blackburn had just been released from Eastern Pen". He identifies the other people as "Lew 'Bum' Bailey, Howard Dougherty, Son of Jimmy, Jimmy 'Brown' Dougherty, Lou Loughill (sp?) deceased, Jack Mc Guigan, Blackburn and a man named Martin." Evidently there was a caption at the bottom of the photo that was whited out by Pegg for one of his publications. White-out does not effect image.


(30th July 2001)
Original vintage approx 6x8 photo of Jack Blackburn, trainer of Joe Louis as he listens to the Louis-Abe Simon fight on the radio as he recovers in the hospital from pneumonia. Original press notes attached to back and date stamped 4/3/1942.
(8th July 2001)
James Blackburn
From Prosecuting Jeffrey MacDonald to Serving Time to Serving Tables
James Blackburn Signed

"In a criminal courtroom, three important chairs face the judge and witness for the prosecutor, one for the defense attorney, and one for the defendant. I have sat in all three."

The prosecuting attorney for the 1979 Jeffrey MacDonald trial, James Blackburn, fell from grace. At the pinnacle of his defense career, he suffered from severe depression, signed judges' signatures on a case that he had only pretended to take to court, and misused his firm's money as well. Caught, he left the practice of law, entered intense therapy, and spent time in prison.
Afterward, his career gone, his reputation in shreds, his fame turned to notoriety, Blackburn found that the road back took many turns, including a very public job of waiting tables for tips in a high-profile restaurant where he used to dine with high-powered friends and clients.
Within these pages is hope for people who are battling depression or whose loved ones battle it. Jim Blackburn became Job, sitting beside the road, covered in ashes and dust. He looked in a mirror and saw the truth and them, fearlessly, he spoke it. He worked as a waiter. He laughed at himself. He never gave up.
Blackburn lives and works in Raleigh, NC and is working towards rebuilding his career in criminal law.

(17th Feb 2002)
Jane Blackburn
1965 Jane Blackburn society model photo
VINTAGE & ORIGINAL - 8 x 10 " ultra sharp photo of Society model JANE BLACKBURN wearing a HALSTON headdress and ROXANNE dress. Photo circa 1965 taken by Edward Ozern the celebrity photographer.


(4th May 2003)
Jean-Louis Blackburn
JL wrote in with a self portrait and a theory on the origins of we Blackburns.

I'm currently under the assumption that all Blackburns are somehow related. I'm operating on a passage I saw in a book a long time ago that the first Blackburns are noted in Aberdeen, Scotland in the 13th century, but it looks like they had then migrated out a little before then, since no Blackburn clan exists in Scotland, but there is a Blackburn coat-of-arms in Lancashire.

I'm entertaining a notion that there may not be a black stream, per se, But it looks like 13th century Aberdeen was emerging from an era that saw much mixing of tribes and languages through war and commerce. What I'm thinking is that the name Blackburn may not refer to a geographical stream at all, but rather the possibility that this family was such a fierce mix of Pictish warriors, Scottish soldiers, Norse invaders, ambitious Anglo-Saxons, and Gaullish traders, that they were in fact considered black-blooded........ Or perhaps the Black Stream is anywhere the blood of those that challenged our territory collected...... Before we ventured out to found cities after our name. (I guess with these thoughts, could romantically call the Blackburns the last of the Picts.)

(10th August 2001)
Jeanne Blackburn
I don't know whether Jeanne is a real name or a nom de pinque, but she was in Bachelor magazine in 1963. The cover suggests the approach and if she was twenty then, she's now nearing 60. It must be good to have something like this to look back on. Nice one, Jeanne.
(30th September 2001)
Jeanne is in this one too
Rogue Men's Magazine - 12/62
This 80-page magazine has both fiction (by Brian Aldiss, Gary Jennings, Glen Canary & others) and non-fiction shorts (by Alfred Bester, Robert Bloch & others). There are also articles about bullfighting and Berthold Brecht. There are pictorials in black and white as well as color featuring Marie Barrie, Jeanne Blackburn (Centerfold) & others. There are also humor pieces & the usual assortment of letters, interesting ads, cartoons, glamour and cheesecake.
(3rd Dec 2001)
In the listing this is Geanne, but I'm guessing it is really our Jeanne.

MAN'S LIFE 1967 Near Nude Shootout cover
Here is a nice vintage copy of MAN'S LIFE magazine, dated May 1967 with great cover art of 3 men in a shootout while a near nude blonde takes cover. It is in good condition with minor cover wear and some water staining in the upper left corner. Inside it contains such stories as: I RODE A RAILROAD TO DISASTER, THE KILLER NUDE OF TAMARANG POINT, STRANGE SEX PRACTICES OF THE ORIENT, and pin-up features on 4 beauties: PAT WYATT, DORIS LLEWLLYN, GEANNE BLACKBURN & GABY KUMMER. It comes from a large collection of 50's & 60's men's adventure pulp and pin-up type magazines we have acquired.

(18thJuly 2001)
Jim Blackburn
It seems we have a Jim who is something of an authority on guns. I did not try to buy this thing for clarification.
The Dickson-Nelson Co. Rifle by Jim Blackburn. Article in October 1961 issue of Gun Report magazine. Excellent 2 page article with 3 photos on the rare Confederate gun. This issue also has a 10 page article on Civil War Carbines and an article on Colt revolver conversions. This copy is in good condition but has small stains on front cover.
(5th Dec 2001)
Joan D. Samaha Blackburn
RARE 19TH CENTURY Rabbit Butter print
This is a piece coming from a famous collection. Sold at Garths Auction on May20 1995. From the collection of JOAN D. SAMAHA BLACKBURN The piece is made of walnut measures 2 5/8 inches by 1 3/4 inches. Has wonderful color to the hand carved butter print. Untouched and a desired piece of American Folf art from the 19th century.

(14th October 2001)
Mr. Blackburn was a co-founder of the nationally renowned Porsche specialty shop "Blackburn-Daly, Ltd." He also was a team member of the Indy 500 winning Bignotti-Cotter Racing entry driven to victory by Tom Sneva.

Click the logo for their web site.

John sent one of those fine baseball caps for the collection - thanks.

Joseph Blackburn
I was not sure what the Blackburn reference was when these came on sale, described as:

Canal Zone 1928 Blackburn PB, F-VF, NH

I asked the seller who replied "The portrait on the stamp is that of Joseph Clay Styles Blackburn."

(6th Jan 2002)
Joseph Blackburne (by Bill Wall)
Joseph Henry Blackburne was born on December 10, 1841 in Manchester, England. As a youth he became an expert at checkers. His father was a great temperance reformer who travelled all over Britain and Ireland, taking his son with him. It is ironic that Joseph Blackburne became famous for his hard drinking of whiskey while giving simultaneous chess exhibitions. [snip]
In 1899 Blackburne defeated world champion Lasker. It was the first time a British player had defeated a reigning world chess champion.
He defeated Nimzovich at St. Petersburg in 1914 when he was 72. That same year he tied for first place in the British championship with Yates. This was Blackburne's last international tournament.
He died in London on September 1, 1924 at the age of 82. It is estimated he played over 100,000 chess games in his career, more than any other chess player. His Elo historical rating is at 2570. He participated in 53 national or international tournaments in 53 years of international play.


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