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The page on Blackburn Method was added on 18th November 2001. It seems to be an early-1900s, spectacularly politically-incorrect means of stereotyping personality types by means of facial characteristics. It gets a page of its own not because it is right but because there was so much detail posted with the eBay sale.

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(3rd Dec 2001)
Mormon Pioneer / Abner Blackburn's Narrative no picture
FRONTIERSMAN: ABNER BLACKBURN'S NARRATIVE edited by Will Bagley; Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1992; Hardcover, signed by Will Bagley, 309 pages, with photos: In 1889, retired San Bernardino, CA farmer, seafarer, and pioneer Abner Blackburn (1827-1904) began an account of his youthful wanderings across the North American continent. Referring to his memoir as "an account of my past misdeeds," Blackburn describes his experiences with Mormon pioneers, an astounding assortment of western tribes, and the last fur traders. After working on steamboats on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, Blackburn was a teamster for Brigham Young, marched with the Mormon Battalion to Santa Fe, crossed the Great Basin seven times in four years, and prospected for gold in California. Blackburn knew Joseph Smith, Jim Bridger, John Sutter, Sam Brannan, and a host of lesser-known but equally colorful characters. Abner Blackburn's narrative has a voice that is dry, salty, and western. His tale evokes a campfire on the high desert and an old frontiersman recollecting the seizing and settling of the American West. FRONTIERSMAN: ABNER BLACKBURN'S NARRATIVE is the first publication of the complete memoir. Editor Will Bagley includes a careful annotation of Blackburn's life and times, plus an account of the strange fate of the manuscript, suppressed since its compostion more than a century ago. CONTENTS: (1) To Catch up with the Wildman -- (2) Always Wishing to Go West -- (3) Good-bye Vain World -- (4) A Home in the Far West -- (5) Lou Devon's Narrative -- (6) The Biggest Torn Fool Errant Ever Known -- (7) No Rest For Me -- (8) Gold Is Where You Find It -- (9) We Missed the Great Bonanza -- (10) Indian Wars of which I Had a Sad Experience -- Afterward: To Lay My Bones To Rest -- Epilogue: An Account of My Past Misdeeds -- Appendixes: A) Abner Blackburn to "Niece," 17 April 1894; B)Abner Blackburn to Spencer Clawson, 7 May 1897; C) Documents Related to the 1847 Return to Utah; D) Supporting Accounts of the 1848 Salt Lake to Winter Quarters Trip; E)"The First in Nevada": The Bancroft-Beatie 1884 Interview; F) Account of the Death of Anthony Blackburnb... Except for a little edgewear on the dustjacket, this book is in almost new condition.

no picture

(25th Sep 2002)
Adam Blackburn

Adam first appeared on the site here, after I found him credited as engineer on an album being sold on eBay.

He has since gone on to greater and grander things and has been in touch with details. Here's his site, and he also mentioned his dad, featured here.

(24th June 2001)
Alan Russell Blackburn
Editor or National Lampoon in the 1920's.

Offered here is a scarce copy of the Harvard Lampoon, dated Oct. 11, 1928, Vol.XCVI No.2, edited by Alan Russell Blackburn, published by The Harvard Lampoon, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) in 1928, illustrated, 11 1/4 x 9; 44pp. This issue is the "Political Number" and includes a devastating little ditty entitled: "Little White House In The East." The paper covers and spine have some wear and soiling, but remarkably good considering this magazine's age. Very good internally with some wonderful period ads.

(19th November 2001)

Following the death of Walter S Blackburn, his widow Alpha has continued as a patron of Jazz in Indianapolis .

(7th May 2001)
Audrey Peyton Blackburn

Had a poem published in

"CONTACT" a poetry anthology edited by H.M.Rosenberg (Idlewildpub. company San Francisco, Ca.) published in is paper cover. Pages and binding are in great condition; there are approximately 200 poets included..too many to list here. Here are the 1st 10 listed: Tom Adamson, Thomas A. Alfano, Edmund D. Assante, Letha Baldwin, Beth Banoff, Paula Barnes, Shrive Paul beck, Tom Belz, Audrey Peyton Blackburn, Barbara Dratler Blum;

no picture

(12th October 2001)
Ben L. Blackburn
You are bidding on an old original postcard featuring the PALM CIRCLE VILLAS, DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA. Ben L Blackburn Manager. Postcard is in fair condition with crease down middle of card. Postally unused.
(31st October 2001)
Benjamin Blackburn
I have a lot of vintage advertising and unusual cookbooks but I have never seen one like this before! Must have been a give-away during an election year. Possibly from 1974 or up to 1978.It's not dated so I did some research on the congressmen involved and came up with this approx. date. The Republican Congressional Cook Book With Best Wishes From Your Congressman John E. Hunt. " A selection of favorite recipes of noted Republicans from all 50 states ". Contributors include spouses, a governor, committeemen , etc. Includes a preface and "official, signed " letter from the house of Representatives in the front and a Declaration Of Republican Principle and Policy statement on the back cover. States their basic beliefs and philosophy.
Recipes from :
John Buchanon Jr. - Alabama

Benjamin Blackburn - Georgia

The seller couldn't supply a scan, but advises that The recipe is called Chocolate Refrigerator cake contributed by Mrs. Benjamin B. Blackburn wife of congressman from Georgia.

(22nd May 2002)

Bill Blackburn

Artist and poet, web site here.

(8th Dec 2001)
TV Guide magazine (Canadian edition) Vol. 3, No. 2 / January 13, 1979 / Issue No. 107 Condition: Excellent Cover: Anne Murray Contents: A TV commercial can remedy lagging box-office receipts on Broadway, by Tom McMorrow Combining a career, success and motherhood: Anne Murray does it all, by Bob Blackburn
(26th Aug 20002)
Briggitte von Harald-Blackburn

This auction is for real photo of Briggite von Harald-Blackburn, Dominatrix holding Her Whip. Size: 5x8" or 12,5x19,5 cm

Briggite von Harald-Blackburn
(3rd Feb 2002)
Bunkie Blackburn
1964 NASCAR Grand National Championship
The official program for the NASCAR Grand National Championship Stock Car Races for the 1964 season. Features a 3 page article documenting the life of Fireball Roberts who died after a crash at the Charlotte Speedway. Scenes from Daytona International Speedway, from the Daytona 500 of winner Richard Petty (also on the cover), of Junior Johnson, Darel Dieringer, Marvin Panch, Freddie Lorenzen from Elmhurst, Illinois, Buck Baker, Jim Paschal from High Point, NC, Dave Pearson from Spartanburg, S.C. , A.J. Foyt, Ned Jarrett from Camden, SC, Joe Schlesser and Dan Gurney. Action photos covering the 1963 "Rebel 300" activities including Fireball Roberts hitting the rail as Bobby Jones from Miami moves in for crash. A full page review of the Firecracker 400 Race where A.J. Foyt, Jr. nosed out Bobby Isaac from Catawba, N.C. It was the first NASCAR sanctioned race to be won by a USAC driver. Jim Pardue, John Rutherford, Earl Balmer, Bunkie Blackburn, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Richard Pet! ty, Curtis Crider from Charleston South Carolina, Bill Wade, Marvin Panch, Wendell Scott also ran in this race. [snip]

the picture is almost certainly not Bunkie

(27 Dec 2001)
Rev. D. Asa Blackburn
Ramsey's cinema book signed by Edison 1926
An endeavor of epic proportions and a thrilling piece of history! Terry Ramsaye's (1885 - 1954) groundbreaking classic history of American cinema, ďA Million and One Nights: A History of the Motion Picture". Simon and Schuster, 1926, 1st edition limited to 327 numbered copied signed by the author and Thomas Edison himself. The complete substantial and earthy 2-volume set, including lavish plates, charts, illustrations and photograph reproductions set up, electrotyped and printed by the Vail-Ballou Press, Binghamton, New York. Bound by Plimpton Press, Norwood, Mass. on rag paper created for this limited edition.
Discussions just up to the first dozen chapters include: the narrative art and its audience, the prehistory of the screen (pantomime, sculpture, drawing, motion, memory...), ancients pictorial efforts da Vinci, Plateau (to Sellers and Heyl),
[snip] Reverend D. Asa Blackburn denouncing the bicycle,

(7th May 2001)
Dunc Blackburn
the first murderer I have come across

The details read "Wanted for Federal Highway robbery. Setting at liberty a prisoner in lawful custody, Grand larceny, Assault to kill and murder, Murder.
Description: Well-built, Dark brown hair; Rather large brown eyes, Very good countenance.
Offered by: Cheyenne-Black Hills Stage Company, Luke Vorhess, Supt. November 1, 1877."

Second murderer now available. Click here.

There is a Dunc in this book. Same one? it would seem so.

This is a western comic book from Avon comics, 1953: Wild Bill Hickok and the Sioux Ambush 16. Listed in the comics guide as just Wild Bill Hickok, this issue headlines: the Fighting Marshall Rides into Indian Territory! There are also stories with Calamity Jane, Dunc Blackburn and Boots Bradley. In good condition; spine is rolled and frayed, and cover has some stress marks. Bottom of back cover is ragged. Interior pages are nice, no tears.

It's true - click on the comic for the whole story.


(27th May 2001)
E. Howard Blackburn
I thought a murderer was bad enough, but now we have a mason in our midst.

This Past Master's Jewel is a gorgeous piece. The Pin bar is not engraved but has a lovely border. The pin on the back is in full working order. The blue ribbon is a grosgrain and the bar below is the mirror of the top bar. Suspended from this bar is the square which has been hand engraved with numerous Masonic symbols including the shoe, Bible, rule, columns, eye, gavel, apron, trowel, and others. Suspended from this T-square is another square with yet another Masonic symbol. On the reverse is the following: "To E Howard Blackburn P.M....Bedford Lodge No.320 F&AM...Dec. 28, 1904." "Bedford" refers to Bedford, PA. Although unmarked, this piece tests as STERLING. The piece is housed in its simulated leather black box with a purple satin lining. The lining inside is in excellent condition. The latch on the box is firm and the hinges on the end work well. The only flaw I could find is that the top of the ribbon is beginning to split. What a SUPER piece for the Masonic collector!

(27th Dec 2001)
Elder Blackburn
BlackBurn's Testimony of Miracles Mormon 1903
Title: The Latter-day Saints Mellennial Star
Publisher: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - printed by Francis M. Lyman, Liverpool England
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah
Year: February 12, 1903
Edition: No.6 Vo. LXV
Book Condition: Good, light discoloration around the edges from use. Light stains on front and back covers.
Size: 5.5" x 8.75"
No. Pages: 15
Contents: Elder Blackburn's Testimony of Miracles, The Power of Example, Increase of Crime, Proposed Sailings for Current Year, News of the Great West.

(5th September 2001)
Frederick Blackburn
We have a skater, mentioned in this mag:
AMERICAN SKATING WORLD - October 1993 - Vol. 13, No. 7 -- 32 Pages - Nicole Bobek on cover - 
Trading card pictures of - Dorothy Hamill, Kristi Yamaguchi, Lisa Sargeant, Nancy Kerrigan, Brian Orser, Karen Magnussen, Kurt Browning, Frederic Blackburn, Sylive Daigle, Petr & Janoschak, Isabelle Brasseur/Lloyd Eisler, Josee Chouinard,
Barb Underhill & Paul Martini

Fold across center. Good condition. Thanks for bidding.
Geanne - see Jeanne  
(15th Mar 03)
Gee Blackburn - see also Lee Blackburn and his poems.

Gee wrote to me in March 2003,

Hi-my wonderful spouse is Lee Blackburn, he is a tetraplegic via muscular dystrophy and writes wonderful stuff for me when I can type for him. You would really enjoy talking with him. Here is one of his poems: Thanks, Mrs. Lee Blackburn (Gee)

Geoffrey Blackburn
My father
bulletfought in the war for people like me
bulletwounded and evacuated from Dunkirk
bulletmaster carpenter
bullettrade unionist
bulletschool and college governor

You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.

The picture is Lorna (my mother), Geoff and Betty (?) on holiday in Torquay in 1950.
Photograph courtesy of Paramount Walkie Pictures, 98a Union Street, Torquay.

(2nd May 2004)
George Henry Blackburn
Details provided by David Coulam, web site here, from which I have copied the picture.

(22nd May 2001)
An Endless Line of Splendor Profiles of Six Pioneer Presbyterian Preacher-Educators. By Earle W. Crawford. SIGNED PRESENTATION COPY: "To a good friend." Softcover, 238 pages. Printed by Humphrey Printing - Wichita Falls, Texas, 1983. Author is a native of Maryville, Tennessee. Very interesting history with illustrations. Condition: The scan is too bright - cover is actually a little darker. The cover is in very good condition with a small spot to the right (see scan). The scan looks as if there is a large stain on the left side, but there's not. Contents: This book wonderfully gives the biography of William Graham, Hezekiah Balch, Samuel Doak, Samuel Carrick, Gideon Blackburn, and Isaac Anderson.



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