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(1st August 2001)
Blackburn Corporation Bus

I had intended to insert a picture of an old bus here, but the site I found one on has protected their pictures. You will have to take this link to the British Bus Archives.

A pal unlocked the picture - added 1st Jan 2002.

$15 for the mug and another $15 for shipping priced this one out. I must get something from the Blackburn Brewery - a bottle would be ideal.

In retrospect it was a mistake to pass this one up. There were no bidders the first time round, so the put it on again and I failed to get it with a higher bid.



One of these would have done, but 15 for a job lot is over the top.

These came round again too and I failed with a modest bid, but I expect there will be more along eventually.

(28th October 2001)
This ashtray is for anyone called MATTHEW BROWN, it was produced for a very old brewery called Lion Brewery from the Northern town of Blackburn. On two sides it has "MATTHEW BROWN" "Lion Brewery Blackburn" and on the other sides it says "Finest Traditional Ales in The North West for over 160 Years". It is made of moulded plastic, in very good condition and is coloured green. It measures 7 1/2" square.
(13th October 2001)
Duttons Brewery served Blackburn for over 200 years until their take over by Whitbread in 1963. Before booing Whitbread it should be noted that Duttons were no strangers to brewery takeovers themselves. The reverse of this '2mm thick hard board' mat advertises their Blackburn rival John Mercer who were taken over in 1929 by ... Duttons. The mat front adverising O.B.J. was the brewery slogan and the name of one of their most popular beers Oh Be Joyful. Produced just before the outbreak of WW2 it shows it - but you'd have to wait a long, long time before finding one in better condition. So while few will have this in their collections the following should be noted. There is a small stain on both sides, a little scribble at the top of front, two pin holes and a generally aged look to it - but it is still very collectable.

This one just makes it in, "this soda siphon is in good condition and etched onto the bottle is Daniel Thwaites & Co famous table water Blackburn".


This is sad

Blackburn Rovers football team
Ewood Park scale model
Celebrate their promotion to the Premier League with this quality piece.
Not sure who it was released by but I belief they did a few different ones which could be screwed onto a wooden display shelf via screw holes in bottom of stadium [screws still present].

(8th Dec 2001)
1884 1 BROWN SG 185 (Watermark Crowns) FU, 'BLACKBURN.1889' CDS & Box Cancel, Super Strong Rich Colour. Attractive.
Catalogue 1,400

WW2 Gas Cookery Demonstration Leaflet
I had to put this one on, even if just for a laugh. This is a Practical War Time Gas Cookery Demonstrations leaflet. It measures 5 x 8 inches when closed. This was issued by the County Borough of Blackburn Gas Department in 1940.It opens up to show what time the demonstrations were on. Who could forget these classics Tripe with various sauces, Fish in oatmeal, Sea Pie and Suet pastry, Dripping pastry, and not forgetting Uses of a sheep's head. I bet your mouth is watering at the thought of it all.




I intend my one reference to Blackburn Rovers to be a single Subbuteo figure, preferably old and cheap.   



(2nd November 2001)
But this is quite sweet - a 1928 cigarette card of the Rovers team.
(26th Dec 2001)
This is a Lledo LP68-17 1932 AEC Regent Open Top Bus in
Blackburn Rovers Football Club livery.
Only 1000 of this model were issued in 1995.
Due to the popularity of this Football Club this model has become RARE and is seldom seen.
(19th Jan 2002)
LP17.028 Single Deck Bus - BLACKBURN TRANSPORT - Issued in 1987. Both MODEL and BOX are in MINT CONDITION
(10th Nov 2001)
6" x 6" Hot Pan Holder marked "Sample of Panelized Timber-Build Now-You can line your garage; trasform an unsightly kitchen; add a playroom; finish off the garret-easily and economically with Cornell Wood Board Panelized Timber" "R.J. Hurley Lumber Co. Blackburn MO".
(17th June 2001)
I keep meaning to add a burst of Beatles to this page with the "holes in Blackburn Lancashire" reference. In the meantime this will do:
From the home of the Beatles this is the superb 2 pack from McFarlane toys of John and Jeremy from the animated Yellow Submarine movie. You also get a bunch of holes (from Blackburn Lancashire of course). Figures and card are in mint condition.
(9th July 2001)
Again, not really sure where to put this one:


The text is "Latchstring on the Outside, Blackburn House, Mrs J. R. Blackburn"