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There's a blog where I log the use of the phrase 'ordinary people' by politicians and journalists.
This page is a stash of resources for that page, starting with audio clips.

Date Source Speaker Clips Link
29 Sep DPol Corbyn clip #1 clip #2  
27 Sep Marr Corbyn B clip  
27 Sep Marr Corbyn A clip  
    Mark Serwotka clip  
    Ken Livingstone clip #1 clip #2  
13 Sep   Corbyn clip  
10 Sep   Burgon clip  
6 Sep Marr Christiane Amanpour clip  
24 Aug WatO Jonty Bloom clip  
20 Aug Today Sean Kemp clip  
13 Aug Today Sanchia Berg clip  
29 Jul MM Rev. Colin Coward clip  
28 Jul R5 Drive Anna Foster clip  
19 July Sunday Morning Live Shami Chakrabarti clip  
19 July Andrew Marr Dianne Abbott clip  
17th July R4 PM John Hayes clip  
10th Jul DPol Andrew Neil clip  
5th July Pienaar's Politics Jeremy Corbyn clip  
1st July Four Thought Eliane Glaser clip  
1st July Moral Maze Melanie Phillips clip  
1st July Moral Maze Michael Buerk clip  
30th June DPol Jo Coburn clip  
28th June Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson clip entry
24th June R4 MM Anthony Gleees clip entry
19th June R4 AQ Joanna Cherry clip
15th June R4 Today Justin Webb clip entry
13th June R4 Today Jon Sopel clip entry
12th June R4 World This Weekend Katie Cutler clip entry
11th June R4 Today David Lindo clip entry
10th June Moral Maze Prof. Collier clip entry
9th June Daily Politics Angela Eagle clip entry
25th May R4 News Katya Adler clip entry
19th May Dilemma Sue Perkins (chair) clip entry
17th May R5 Len McClusky, OWP clip entry
17th May Sunday Politics David Lammy clip entry
15th May Daily Politics Jon Trickett 1st 2nd #35
12th May Daily Politics Andrew Neil clip Neil
12th May BBC R5 Drive Simon Walker (DG IoD) 1st 2nd 3rd #34
6th April Front Row Peggy Seggar clip entry

# Date User Occasion Comments
53 13 Aug Sanchia Berg R4 Today  
54 20 Aug Sean Kemp R4 Today  
45 3rd Jul Eliane Glaser Four Thought  
46 5th July Jeremy Corbyn R5 Pienaar's Politics  
47 10th Jul Andrew Neil DPol  
48 17th July John Hayes R4 PM  
49 19th July Dianne Abbot AMarr  
50 19th July Shami Chakrabarti SunMorLive  
51 28th July Anna Foster R5 Drive  
52 29th Jul Rev. Colin Coward MMaze 100th bog
38 9th Jun Angela Eagle DPol  
39 10th June Paul Collier MM  
40 11th June David Lindo Today Used it nicely,
  12th Jun Katie Cutler R4 World Tonight Used it sweetly.
41 13th Jun Jon Sopel Today  
16b 15th Jun Justin Webb Today  
42 19th June Joanna Cherry Any Questions  
  2010 Mehdi Hasan  New Statesman Referenced by Dot Wordsworth in the Spectator.
43 29th Jun Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear On his last show: seriously patronising.
22b 1st May James O'Brien Newsnight  
29 5th May IDS Daily Politics twice
30 7th May Julie Elliot acceptance speech  
31 8th May Nick Raynsford R5  
32   Tim Gordon LibDem literature  
33 12th May Norman Smith PM twice
- 12th May Andrew Neil Daily Politics adroit recovery
34 12th May Simon Walker (IoD) R5 Drive 3 times
35 15th May John Trickett Daily Politics  
36 17th May David Lammy Sunday Politics twice
- 19th May Sue Perkins R4 Dilemma used ironically
37 25th May Katya Adler R4 News  
- 23rd May Bruce Anderson Spectator good usage

Near misses (some numbered in error):
Date Person Occasion Comments
9th Aug Sian Williams Sunday Morning Live ordinary working men (quoting Orwell)
11th Aug Stephen Timms R4 Today ordinary UK citizens (twice)
15th Aug Rupert Wingfield-Hayes R4 Toay ordinary Japanese
16th Aug The Very Rev'd Adrian Dorber R4 Sunday Worship ordinary citizens of Japan
17th Aug Diana Speed R4 Today ordinary workers
19th Aug Evan Davis Newsnight ordinary voters
24th Aug Jonty Bloom WatO ordinary Chinese people
28th Aug James O'Brien Newsnight ordinary voters
1st Jul Michael Buerk MMaze ordinary Greeks (twice)
5th Jul Andrew Marr Eponymously ordinary taxpayers
11th Jul Nicola Sturgeon Spectator ordinary folks, reported by Kate Chisholm in the radio review
12th Jul n/k Telegraph ordinary Greeks
12th Jul n/k R5 discussing makeup/acne ordinary girls
19th Jul Pilgrim Tucker (Unite) DPol ordinary working people
20th Jul Helen Goodman MP R4 Today ordinary families
5th Jun   Front Row ordinary citizens
8th Jun   Today ordinary working men
24th Jun Anthony Glees Maral Maze ordinary Muslim Mums and Dads
30th Jun JoCo Daily Politics ordinary Greeks
3rd May Rafael Behr R4 Westmister Hour ordinary folk
5th May Claire Fox LBC Nick Ferrari show ordinary British kids
6th May Andrew Grice R4 Media Show ordinary voters
8th May Jo Brand HIGNFY ordinary voters
14th May Len McClusky Newsnight real ordinary people
17th May Len McClusky R4 Today  
21st May Nigel Farage R4 News ordinary folk

Good users:
# Date User Occasion Comments
40 11th June David Lindo Today Used it nicely,
- 12th Jun Katie Cutler R4 World Tonight Used it sweetly.
- 12th May Andrew Neil Daily Politics adroit recovery
- 23rd May Bruce Anderson Spectator good usage

Summary of sources

Source Users
Andrew Marr Show Ed Balls, Kristin Scott Thomas, Caroline Flint, Diane Abbot
Any Questions Joanna Cherry
Big Questions Kunle Olulode
Daily Politics Frances O'Grady, Jonathan Isaby, Carole Malone, Shabana Mahmood, Giles Dilnot, IDS, Andrew Neil, Jon Trickett, Angela Eagle, Andrew Neil again
Front Row, Radio 4 John Wilson
Moral Maze Ed Mayo, Paul Collier, Melanie Phillips, Colin Coward
Newsnight Evan Davis, Peter Kellner, James O'Brien & Will Self, James O'Brien again
PM, Radio 4 Bridget Kendall, Norman Smith, John Hayes
Radio 4, 6 o'clock News Nicola Sturgeon, Katya Adler
Radio 4 (non-specific) David Graeber, Michael Sandel, Eliane Glaser
Radio 4 Extra (non-specific) Arnie Somogyi
Radio 5 Drive Simon Walker, Anna Foster
R5 Pienaar's Politics Jeremy Corbyn
Radio 5 (non-specific) Nick Raynsford
Spectator Adam Nicolson, Bruce Anderson, [Mehdi Hasan]
The Sun editorial
Sunday Morning Live Shami Chakrabarti
Sunday Politics Caroline Flint, Tim Donovan, David Lammy
Today, Radio 4 Justin Webb, Bridget Kendall, Farage, Jon Sopel, Justin Webb again
Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson
Scottish Leaders' Debate Sturgeon
Manifesto Launch Nigel Farage
Acceptance speech Julie Elliot
The written word Tim Gordon

Maker Model Links Notes
Wiard Noisering Muff1 - Muff2 - Wiard Two Muffwiggler threads and and an old Blacet manual.
Pittsburgh Chain Reactor Product page  
Wiard Anti-Oscillator Muff More Muff
Doepfer Inverter Manual  
Doepfer Clock Divider Manual  
Wiard Wogglebug Manual  
Pittsburgh Sequencer Product page  
Doepfer Sample and Hold Manual  
Doepfer Envelope Generator Manual  
Doepfer A-132.3 Dual VCA A-130 no manual, simple exp VCA link

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