Colin Hodgkinson

Extremely Live at Birmingham Town Hall

Chris Farlowe, Spencer Davis, Pete York,
Zoot Money, Colin Hodgkinson, Miller Anderson
Songs included are:

Intro 1 / Let The Good Times Roll / Key To The Highway / Feets Too Big / Tamp 'Em Up Solid / Ain't Nothing Shakin' But The bacon / Intro 2 / I Think It's Going To Rain Today / The Thrill Is Gone / Watch The River Flow / Stormy Monday

(30th September 2001)
One more from the ubiquitous Colin - a co writer credit on an ELP track. Time I looked for a picture of this man.

Works (volume2) E L & P mini-LP-like jacket CD.
remastered and reissued in 1999
1.Tiger In A Spotlight {Emerson/Lake/Palmer/Sinfield}
2. When The Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine {Emerson/Lake/Palmer}
3. Bullfrog {Palmer/Aspery/Hodgkinson}


Another from Colin - with good reason - see the description.

1984 benefit 45 rpm 12” on Re Records for striking coal miners. Front cover by Ralph Steadman, back cover by Graham Keatley. 2 tracks by Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler, Bill Gilonis, Tim Hodgkinson and Robert Wyatt, 2 by Adrian Mitchell and 1 recorded by Henry Cow (Cooper, Cutler, Hodgkinson, Fred Frith and John Greaves) in 1973. Comes with insert. Condition of everything is NM.


(7th Dec 2001)
IF - S/T (Dick Morrisey) UK psych prog jazz

If's first album came out in the summer of 1970, while most horn-driven jazz-rock bands were still mimicking the successful formula employed by Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. If was different, with more of a jazz feel on both the instrumental and the vocal ends. The material on If provides plenty of room for reedmen Dave Quincy and Dick Morrissey, plus guitarist Terry Smith, to stretch out. Though not particularly deep or profound, the lyrics nonetheless express the positive, optimistic sentiments prevalent at the time. J.W. Hodgkinson's unusual tenor vocal timbre fits like a lead instrument in the mix, soaring above and within the arrangements.
Dennis Elliott - Drums
John Mealing - Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr)
Dick Morrissey - Reeds
Dave Quincy - Reeds, Liner Notes
Jim Richardson - Bass
Terry Smith - Guitar
J.W Hodgkinson - Vocals
(3rd Feb 2002)
Mick Hodgkinson
LABEL: Philips PHS 700-006 (1973)
TITLE: Sammy
Cover: Strong VG++ (almost Mint-) w/ a small corner crease and tiny corner dings.
Record: Mint-
COMMENTS: This UK LP was produced by Martin Rushet. Band members : Keith Gemmell, Geoff Sharkey, Mick Hodgkinson, Paul Simmons & Mick Underwood. Tracks : Give Me More, I Ain't Never Loved A Woman, Sioux Eyed Lady, Boggle, Get Into A New Thing, Jo Anne, Boggled, Who Do You Really Love, Lady Lover
(3rd Feb 2002)
Nicola Hodgkinson
EMPRESS s/t LP Low Piano Magic The Pastels
Empress - "Empress" LP (UK, Geographic) On Stephen Pastel's record label! Leeds-based Empress formed in 1997 as a two piece, Nicola Hodgkinson and Stewart Anderson. The line-up is now boosted by Chris on piano, who enriches the sound and makes live performances possible. To date they have released two EPs and a full-length on their own label (555), released domestically on Pehr. Empress are a good example of a homemade approach to music that is currently under-documented, making it seem almost like secret music. The nine tracks on this album are deliberately understated, for Empress are the perfect embodiment of the philosophy that less is more. This is nocturnal music, best appreciated in the small hours.

Randall Hodgkinson
Brahms, Clarinet Sonatas, F minor, Op. 120/1, E flat, Op. 120/2, Vaughan Williams Six Studies, Milhaud Duo concertant, Performed by Jonathan Cohler with Judith Gordon and Randall Hodgkinson (piano). BBC Music Volume 3, Number 2. 55+ minutes of music.

(5th Dec 2001)
Polyutterances. Pozzi Escot: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra or Chamber Orchestra (Randal Hodgkinson-p, NE Conservatory CO/Tamara Brooks), Your Kindled Valors Bend trio No 2 for Soprano, Clarinet & Piano; Robert Cogan: Polyutterances for Two Sopranos, String Qt "America Is" performed by New Events SQ. no picture

no picture

(26th Dec 2001)
Richard Hodgkinson
1980 Epic (CBS) Records label, featuring Mi-Sex's "Computer Games". Lp in excellent condition, a couple scuffs, no digs or scratches.
Even in the often strange and incestuous history of New Zealand rock, few bands enjoyed a more bizarre career than Misex; led by onetime cabaret singer Steve Gilpin, the group emerged from art-rock beginnings to later reinvent themselves in the style of the new wave.
[snip] with the addition of keyboardist Murray Burns and drummer Richard Hodgkinson came not only a new name - Misex - but also a new image. Clad in tank tops and leather pants, the group immersed themselves completely in the music and style of the new wave [snip] A second album, 1980's Space Race, was also a hit, but when a planned American tour fell through, Misex's momentum took a serious blow; even at home, audiences were dwindling, and 1981's Shanghaied made little impact. Hodgkinson soon exited, to be replaced by ex-Coup D'Etat drummer Paul Dunningham; a few minor hits followed, including "Castaway" and "Blue Day," but after 1984's Where Do They Go? failed to crack the charts, Misex disbanded. Steve Gilpin died in 1991.

Tim Hodgkinson
live at St. Mary's Church

German print 'Permis de Costruire DE' rare live! CD near Mint conditions
with: Tim Hodgkinson, Prevost, Blake etc


Hatfield and the North “The Rotter` s Club” 1975 CD
Tracks: 1. Share It / 2. Lounging There Trying / 3. (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw / 4. Chaos at the Greasy Spoon / 5. The Yes No Interlude / 6. Filler Stoke Has a Bath / 7. Didn` t Matter Anyway / 8. Underdub / 9. Mumps: a. Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut (Quiet); b. Lumps; c. Prenut; d. Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut (Loud)
Bonus Tracks: 10. (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw / 11. Chaos at the Greasy Spoon / 12. Halfway Between Heaven and Earth / 13. Oh, Len` s Nature! / 14. Lying and Gracing

Phil Miller – guitars (Matching Mole, National Health); Pip Pyle – drums, percussion (Gong); Richard Sinclair – bass, vocal (Caravan); Dave Stewart – organ, piano (Arzachel, Brudford, Egg, National Health)
With: Jimmy Hastings – flute, saxes (Caravan); Mont Campbell – french horn; Lindsay Cooper – oboe, bassoon (Henry Cow); Tim Hodgkinson – clarinet (Henry Cow)