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Source and model Price

Width HP

Power ma Notes
Analogue Solutions multiple 19+VAT 4   2x4 or 1x8
Analogue Solutions MX61 39+VAT 4   1x6 plus 2inv, powered
Analogue Solutions MX224 39+VAT 4   mix 2 -> 4 out plus 2inv
Analogue Systems RS170 30 6   2x5
Analogue Systems RS230 55 6   2x5, powered
Analogue Systems RS270 50 12 0 2x mini jack - jack; 2x mini jack - jack - phono
Analogue Systems RS20 75 6   Ring mod plus 1x4
Doepfer A-180 Multiple 1 27 4 0 2x4
Doepfer A-181 Multiple 2 32 4 0 mono jack - 2x mini jacks; stereo jack - 2x mini jacks
Doepfer A-182 Switched Multiple 46 4   1x8 switchable between bus 1 and 2
Makenoise format Jumbler $115 12 0 see below


Analogue Solutions multiple

2x 4 or 1x 8 multiple.


Analogue Solutions MX61

Mixer: 6 input unity gain CV/Audio/Gate mixer with normal and inverted outputs

Analogue Solutions MX224

Mixer / Buffer / Inverter: 2 input unity gain CV/Audio/Gate mixer with 4 normal and 2 inverted outputs

Analogue Systems RS170
The RS170 offers two banks of five interconnected sockets. Each bank is hard-wired together in parallel and passive, so the module draws no power from the RS10 or RS15 power supply. A signal or control voltage may be applied to, or taken from, any socket. There are no distinctions between inputs and outputs.
Each bank can be used to distribute a single output to as many as four inputs. If you patch the banks together, a single output can be directed to seven inputs.
Conversely, each bank can be used to combine up to four outputs from multiple source modules, before presenting the result to a single input on another module. If you patch the banks together, up to seven outputs can be combined and presented to a single input.
On rare occasions, there may be a voltage drop if a single output is distributed too widely. This is most likely if a number of RS170 Multiples are chained together within extremely complex patches. If this occurs, you should replace one or more of the RS170s in the patch with RS230 CV Buffers.
Analogue Systems RS230
The RS230 CV buffer is an electronically active version of the RS170 Multiple. However, unlike the RS170, you should not attempt to use the RS230 to combine the outputs from multiple source modules. It will not act as a mixer.
The RS230 measures and maintains the voltages applied at its two inputs so that, even if you use all eight outputs, or even chain multiple RS230s, the voltages are not adversely affected as the patch becomes more complex. Each of the module's two banks can be used to distribute a single output from a source to as many as four inputs on other modules. If you patch the banks together, a single output can be directed to as many as seven inputs.
IN Each bank offers a single signal input. You may present a signal or CV in the range 10V for distribution to other modules.
+OUT Each bank offers three outputs that precisely distribute the input voltage with its existing polarity.
-OUT Each bank offers one output that precisely distributes the input voltage with opposite polarity.
Analogue Systems RS270
The RS270 is a passive module (i.e. it is not connected to the Integrator's power supply) that allows you to convert between three standard connection types: 3.5mm, 1/4", and RCA 'phono'. Because no active circuitry is used, you may present any audio signal or CV to any of these.
Four connection panels are provided. Panels 1 and 2 each offer two connectors - a 3.5mm socket and a 1/4" jack socket. One use for these would be to take the CV and Gate produced by a MIDI/CV converter equipped with 1/4" outputs, and plug this into the 1/4" sockets in the panels. You can then derive the signals from the 3.5mm sockets and direct them to the desired Integrator modules using standard 3.5mm cables.
Alternatively, you could take the audio signal from your VCAs and present these to the 3.5mm sockets. You would then be able to connect the Integrator to an external amplifier or mixer using conventional 1/4" jack-to-jack cables.
Panels 3 and 4 each offer three connectors: 3.5mm, 1/4" and RCA 'phono'. These can be used in exactly the same way as those in panels 1 and 2, but with the added option of connecting the Integrator to, for example, a domestic audio system or the analogue inputs of a DAT machine. You should not attempt to use these panels as 2-channel passive mixers.
Analogue Systems RS20

High quality ring mod + multiple

Doepfer A-180 Multiple 1

The A-180 is a simple multi-connector. It has 2 sets of 4 inter connected sockets, so that you can patch more inputs or outputs into any module. The sockets can be joined together for one set of eight. The A-180 will be supplied as two sets of four, but can be linked by an internal solder bridge so that all eight sockets are connected together. When the A-180 is supplied as part of a system, it is wired as one set of 8.

Doepfer A-181 Multiple 2

The A-181 is a simple multi-connector. It has two seperate sections, the upper is a straight connection between one quarter inch socket and two 3.5mm sockets. The lower is a straight connections between a stereo quarter inch socket separated to two 3.5mm sockets (one to tip and one to ring of the stereo jack socket).

Note that the A-181 is purely passive and therefore does not need power, thus its power consumption is zero (0mA).

Doepfer A-182 Switched Multiple
The A-182 is a simple passive multi-connector similar to the multiples module A-180. In contrast to the A-180, each socket has a 3-position switch that allows to connect the corresponding socket to the internal line #1 (left position), line #2 (right position) or to turn the socket off (center position).
8-fold multiple: all switches in left position or all switches in right position.
two 4-fold multiple: four switches in left position and four switches in right position.
two separate multiples with some sockets turned off: X switches in left position, Y switches in right position and Z switches in center position.
Makenoise format Jumbler
the format jumbler is a synthesizer interfacing module leading a double life as a mega mult. it features 5 channels, each with banana, mini and 1/4" jacks. the bottom row has a ground socket for integrating banana type systems (serge, modcan, cyndustries) into your euro system. in addition to jumbling, it will also mult your signals. depending upon how it is patched, the format jumbler will act as 5 mini mults, 2 mults, or a single mega-mult. if not in use within your euro system, it acts as a 4-way 1/4" mult for use with your large format modules. the module is passive and does not consume any current

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