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I'll stash all new Mondrian sightings here. At the bottom of the page are the old architectural Mondriana from this page.

New additions

(18th September 2006)
from Lizard Kingdom with thanks to The Princess. No idea how to get in touch and so I'll post them and keep looking.

This is clearly a building of taste, sensibility, architectural competence and decorative brilliance.

These are from a blog dated 25th November 2005,



Mondrian Building, Burnet Road, Austin
Someone painted an Austin building like a Mondrian painting several months ago, and I've been meaning to post these pictures I took for my friend in Montana. She's making a small quilt in this style.





This looks like a later image of the same building, found here.

(18th September 2006)
from cilip, the Lowestoft Library, Suffolk which won an award in 2003.

Judges comments: Colourful Mondrian style panels disguise the stark 1970s architecture of this centrally located library. Once inside the visitor is greeted by a vibrant colourful library where video projections are used effectively in the entrance hall and stairwells. The involvement of local young people has led to a dramatically coloured teen zone.

In summary, a user friendly and colourful library with a caring staff who have forged close links with a deprived community.

(18th September 2006)
and from flicr, Apartment building above the Hollywood and Western subway station.

the previous entries

(4th November 2001)
from Google Images - Link

Mondrian House

Brilliant. When I tried it, the link was to a page under construction. But what an idea! The site is back up now and seems to be a recording studio (translated by Google):

yard Mondrian - art areas
The art area is a private old farm, in a small place between Cologne and Bonn. An enormous protected area, distant with cycle tracks, is five going minutes lakes and meadows. If the everyday life becomes too importunate, here the possibility for the abtauchen exists, switches off and fill up. The painter has a wonderful environment, the musician a digital Tonstudio the writer one Window view into all directions and the philosopher - peace

(22nd Feb 2002)
from Google Images - link