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This page started as an offshoot of Homages to hold Mona Lisa postcards, but has become a general dump for artistic items. I have added links back to the source pages.

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Mona Lisa - the full collection, now rehoused
Google Specials
Liberia Art Stamps
Mouton Rothschild Labels

Original 4"x6" color postcard, with a humorous illustration from 1981, entitled 'Mondrian and Mona Lisa', by Lucas Eprét. The postcard was issued by Art Unlimited of Amsterdam. The postcard was never sent and is in mint condition.

These outgrew this page and now have one of their own.

More Mona's Here

Mondrian and Mona Lisa, by Lucas Eprét
The Mona Lisa's now have a page of their own.  
Google Specials  
I'll use this as a miscellaneous page. Here's another Google birthday tribute.
Disappointingly, there's a page here containing all the specials (it's just too easy that way). On the upside, I found a Monet there.
6th August 2002 - here's another for Warhol's birthday.
And a rather fine Picasso, 25th October 2002.
Michelangelo's birthday, 5th March 2003
And another for Escher in June 2003
Van Gogh, March 2005
Miro, April 2006 - one of the best
25th July 2002 - Permission received from Google to show these items. Thanks, chaps.
Liberia Art Stamps  
Here's the whole of the Liberia set. They came in little plastic sacks with a printed description reproduced below

Painted by Piet Mondrian in 1942-43, Broadway Boogie Woogie exemplifies the rigidly geometric style the artist called "neoplasticism".

Salvador Dali, who painted The Persistence of Memory in 1931, describes his Surrealist painting as "hand-painted dream photographs."
Painted between 1940 and 1942, Max Ernst's Europe After the Rain is a wartime work of "calm violence" and an example of realistic surrealism.
Artist's Studio: The Dance, a 1974 Roy Lichtenstein work, shows the artist's merging of the elements of advertising and comic strip art.
The intense colour of Henri Matisse's 1910 The Dance, a hallmark of Fauvist paintings, is intended to stir the viewer's emotions.
Pablo Picasso's Cubist masterpiece, The Three Musicians, painted in 1921, evolved from a masterly series of large still lifes.
Lavender Mist, a 1950 canvas by Jackson Pollock, typifies the infinite variety of effects achieved by the artist with poured painting.
In Andy Warhol's 1979 pop art work, Multi-coloured Retrospective, the focus is on everyday objects and well-known celebrities.
Mouton Rothschild Labels  

1924 Jean Carlu

1944 Piet Mondrian (my fake)

1947 Jean Cocteau

1951 Marcel Vertès
1955 Georges Braque
1958 Salvador Dali
1962  Matta
1964 Henry Moore
1969 Juan Miro
1973 Pablo Picasso
1975 Andy Warhol
1980 Hans Hartung