Misc Modules

Interesting modules which do not belong in any established category will park here until relocated.


Doepfer A135-2 Quad Voltage Controller Filter/Mixer/Panner

This is the first draft of a new module that can be used for versatile filtering, mixing and panning functions. Each of the four channels has these sub-units available:

bullet24dB lowpass with adjustable resonance
bulletmain VCA (loudness VCA)
bullettwo opposite working panning VCAs

The sub-units (VCF/ main VCA / panning VCAs) are daisy-chained and the outputs of the panning units are mixed together to obtain a common left and right audio output.
Each parameter (frequency, resonance, amplitude, panning) has available a manual control but can be controlled also by an external voltage. For this sub-unit board is equipped with a pin header that can be connected to an external CV In option. Two different versions of CV In options are planned:

bulleta simple version without attenuators, i.e. nothing but a jack socket for each parameter (see bottom left picture, this module is required only once as all 16 CV inputs are available) 
bulletanother version that contains 4 CV inputs with attenuators (see bottom right picture, this expansion module is required for each sub-unit of the main module)

Both CV expansion modules can be combined (i.e. it is possible to add CV inputs with and/or without attenuators).

That way the module can be used only for manual control only or for manual and CV control with or without CV attenuators. It's also possible to add the CV In option with attenuators only for one or a few of the channels. No soldering is required to add the CV In option(s) to the main module. The desired CV In option(s) are simply connected to the main module with ribbon cables

Doepfer A-187-1 Voltage Controlled DSP Effects

Module A-187-1 is a DSP based effects module with voltage control of four parameters of the selected digital effect (with manual control and CV input with attenuator for each parameter). The effect (e.g. reverb, delay, pitch-shifter, distortion, equalizer) is selected by a 16-position rotary switch.

A detailed list with all effects and the voltage controlled parameters is shown below. The list is valid for the prototype we will show at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009. The effects and parameters of the final version of the module may be different !

A ready made DSP board is used inside the A-187-1 module. Consequently only these effects and parameters are available that are supported by the DSP module. Some parameters can be changed only in steps or with audible artefacts. The first audio examples can be found below.

The final version of the module may be equipped with two audio inputs and two audio outputs because the DSP board used in the module features stereo audio processing. In this case there is no more room for the audio input attenuator. If necessary external attenuators (e.g.. A-183-1) or VCAs could be used. The final decision will be made after the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009.

Effect Number Effect Name Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Parameter 4
(rotary switch)          
1 Bypass (no effect) nc nc nc nc
2 Reverb, shortroom A Volume Pre-Delay Time Hdamp
3 Gate, Gated Rev. A Volume Pre-Delay Time Hdamp
4 Echo, Mono Echo Volume Time Feedback Hdamp
5 Chorus, Chorus Light Delay Time Feedback Rate Depth
6 Flanging, Flanging Light Delay Time Feedback Rate Depth
7 Delay, 150ms Delay Time Feedback Rate Depth
8 Distortion, Tube Dist Low 1 Distortion Depth LP filter Filter res. Filter input amplitude
9 Guitar Pitchshift, Up M 3rd Pitch Shift coarse Filter Reson. Signal balance(1)
10 Mike Pitchshift, Male voice Pitch Shift coarse Pitch Shift fine filter Signal balance(1)
11 Delay + Reverb, Delay(Echo) + Vocal Plate Delay Feedback Level Time
12 Chorus + Reverb, Chorus + Room Delay Feedback Level Time
13 Flange + Reverb, Flange + Short room Delay Feedback Level Time
14 Chorus + Delay, Echo 1 Delay Feedback Time Echo Feedback
15 Flange + Delay, echo 1 Delay Feedback Time Echo Feedback
16 Pitch Shift Special, Octave Down + FX Pitch Shift coarse Signal balance(1) Time Echo Feedback

Analogue Systems RS380 Modulation Controller 110 12HP

Multifunction module containing LFO, sample and hold, noise and VCA. Incredibly versatile unit as well as excellent modulation controller when used in conjunction with Demon and Sorcerer and other analogue keyboards with mod wheel or joystick capabilities. Cost effective and rack space efficient.