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Note: the text in italics is from the original source (e.g. the artist's comments on eBay), the rest is mine.

(27th Jan 2004)
Mark Caywood

A third from Mark Caywood and, as previously, noted, his web site has gone. Mark's work now lives here.

Jail Cell
Designed by Piet Mondrian, (1872-1944)
Cement, Desk, Bed, Iron Bars: painted and furnished in 1941

Shortly after Piet Mondrian's arrival in New York, he was commissioned to design a jail cell for the newly renovated Attica State Prison. The design, based on his Plasticity theories, was intended as a sublime spiritual environment meant to subdue the brutal and barbaric impulses of convicted killers serving life sentences without parole.
The first occupant, a double-murderer named Mark Dewie Champ, spent three weeks in Mondrian's cell before he hung himself with a shoelace. After that, it was discovered that the primary colors---especially those on the jail cell bars---were creating auditory as well as visual hallucinations in both the occupant and nearby prison guards.
With the death of Mr. Champ, and at the insistence of the Prison Guards Union (Local 187), officials decided to abandon the experiment. The cell remained empty until shortly after Mondrian's death in 1944, when officials decided to repaint it in "Industrial Green".
NOTE: This is the only known photograh of the lost jail cell; Mondrian's painting "New York City I" can be seen on the right---hanging over the small bed.
Mark Caywood
(3rd Oct 2002)
Veralyn Villanueva

I did write to the artist asking for permission to show it, but no reply. I will remove it if required. On the rewrite (July 2010) I checked for a new link: there are several references, but no data.

Title: " Homage to Piet Mondrian "
Masters Collection: Focusing on portraits of the most influential and inspirational painters ever. This is Series II: 20 Paintings.
Auction Details:
Artist: Veralyn Villanueva
Style: Abstract, Cubist
Dimensions: 11" width x 14" height
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Ground: Canvas Board/Panel
(11th Nov 2002)
Chris Zimmerman Mondrian, Composition with Colour Panes No.3, 1917


Mondrian, Composition with Blue and Red, 1929 TITLE: "Adieu, Mondrian", MEDIUM: acrylic, SIZE: 18'' x 24''

This is rather good. It brings together the structure of Mondrian's 1917 pale colour planes series with the bold colours he used from 1920 onwards.
Chris Zimmerman Chris Zimmerman
(22 May 2002)
Janine Dupont dit Duponis

I was much taken with these at in 2002, from a series called When Mondrian, Pollock and Riopelle Meets [sic]. I'm not sure they have stood the test of my time, although the idea remains original. None of the links created at the time work and Google didn't come up with anything sensible.

The first is titled Window of Heaven, Mixed Media (acrylic & oil) on stretched gallery canvas, measuring 48 x 36 x 1.5 inches.

The triptych is The Third Wonders of the World. From the artist, The close up on the right shows the texture in the dark areas. This piece is done in Mixed Media (acrylic & oil) on stretched gallery canvas. The 3 paintings in total measure 2 feet high and approximately 5 feet in length and is 1.5 inch thick.
Janine Dupont dit Duponis, Window of Heaven Janine Dupont dit Duponis, The Third Wonders of the World Janine Dupont dit Duponis, detail, The Third Wonders of the World
(31 Dec 2001)
Arlene Waxman

The first Homage sculpture. This rather fine piece is from Arlene Waxman. Web site here.
Arlene Waxman
(18th Sep 2002)
Jean Bourque The Mondrian Door

Theme Statement
This geometric door was inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, a painter from Holland that moved to NYC in 1940. The door will be painted with Industrial Latex Paint on top of primer with rust proofing. The top coat will be a high gloss clear providing protection from the sun. This door will create a unique artistic design that will be the same on both sides.

Jean Bourque is an international artist specializing in abstract paintings infused with color in unique designs. Her work has been shown in galleries all over the United States and in many other countries. Bourque shows regularly at Ward Nasse Gallery of New York City, Nonnah�s in Columbia, SC and on the internet.

Jean's web site is not availiable at the time of the page rewrite.
Jean Bourque, The Mondrian Door
(22nd Jan 2004)
Jan Oberg

From Google Images, © 2003 Jan Oberg, shown by permission. Good Bank's homage to Mondrian?

(23rd May 2004)

A second from Jean called Jagged Edges.

another dead link.
Jan Oberg Jan Oberg
(14th Sep 2002)
Irving Leonard Kaplan

Hommage A Agam, Mondrian et Pharoah

The construction pictured in the accompanying phographs consists of approximately forty-five three-dimensional pyramids collaged in an overall grid pattern onto a wooden-frame-reinforced black matte background.Patterns for the individual pyramids were laid out and cut out from Bristol card stock. The blank forms for each of the pyramids were scored for folding and then hand-painted, while still in the flat, using acrylic primary colors. [Red, Blue,Yellow, White, Gray and Black] After the painting, the painted blanks were folded into the pyramidal form and glued to maintain their shape. The painted three-dimensional pyramids were placed onto the background matte in a grid pattern. The dimensions of the basic grid modules are four and three-eighths inches by four and three-eighths inches.The height of each of the pyramids is three inches.
The design of this construction piece is intended to be representational of works by the well-known artists, Yaacov Agam and Piet Mondrian, and of the construction works by Pharoah in Egypt.The construction is enclosed by a clear acrylic case with the following dimensions: Width: 42.50 inches; Height: 32.50 inches and Depth: 4.75 inches. Artist: IRVING LEONARD KAPLAN

The Kaplan Gallery.
Irving Leonard Kaplan Irving Leonard Kaplan Irving Leonard Kaplan
(15th Aug 2002)
Baron V Woods

Open Window in the style of Mondrian

This image is in the 2002 exhibition of the Digital group of the Royal Photographic Society. My original link is dead, but here's another.
Baron V Woods, Open Window in the style of Mondrian
(26th Aug 2002)
Joaquin Torres-García

Uruguayan artist Joaquin Torres-García. He lived from 1874 until 1949, Uruguayan artist, and leader of the Montevideo School of painting. Torres-García moved to Paris, France, in 1926. While in Europe, his work was influenced by Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian. Torres-García was also influenced by Inca and Nazca pottery on his visit to Madrid, Spain, in 1932. Torres-García's style is based on a grid pattern derived from the aesthetics of the golden section, a geometric proportion based on specific line segment ratios. His Montevideo School was known for its development of an abstract art based on geometry and surrealism.

This is from a bank-note. Further details here.
Joaquin Torres-Garc�a
(4 Feb 2002)
Joni Cohen

This is from Joni Cohen, on sale on eBay.

I have always been fascinated with color, and here I have explored the interactions and illusions of the most basic colors and forms through both their visual and spiritual qualities. An apparent reference to Mondrian, although that was not on my mind when creating this piece!
This LARGE 2 ft. X 2-1/2 ft. painting has very deep, bold colors, and has a very intense, dramatic feel to it!
(3rd Feb 2002)
Tom Wesselmann

There's a better Wesselmann on page 1

Tom Wesselmann (American, born 1931)
Still Life #20, 1962
Mixed media, 48 x 48 x 5 1/2"
Wesselmann created a series of still lifes (works of art that represent a group of inanimate objects) in the 1960s - the Gallery's work is #20 in the series. The left side of the work was created with functional items he collected, then placed in a real cabinet above an actual sink - the light can be turned on or off and the cabinet opened or closed On the right are two-dimensional representations of various types of food and drink. Above is a reproduction of a painting by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) who used the elements of art in their purest forms - straight lines, right angles, primary colors (red, yellow, blue) - in an attempt to represent a future utopian society. Wesselmann often included reproductions of works by other artists in his still lifes, in part to show that art - once so far removed from everyday life - had joined the commercial world. Wesselmann based much of his composition of Still Life #20 on Mondrian's 1921 image
Tom Wesselmann
Ed Haldeman

This was on sale on ebay. I assume the vendor is the artist, in which case it's Ed Haldeman.

This recently done drawing is reminiscent of Mondrian in a crisp linear style. The image size is 3" x 5". It is mounted in a light 8" x 10" grey mat with a mat back. Take your time to look at it a while and see if it sticks with you.

I bought it.
Ed Haldeman o
This looks like a good source for material. The featured example is certainly worthy of a place as the first circular Composition.

Soft cover catalog on Post-Mondrian abstract art. Size about 8 x 8", exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL. 1973. 31 pages, 25 photo illustrations, some in color. Artists include Mondrian, Bolotowsky, Swinden, Diller, Glarner, and others. Please add $2.00 for shipping. Condition very good, small blemish on cover seen in scan, and stamp of former owner on first page.

I bought the catalogue with the intention of adding other items from it, but they are mostly black-and-white and the colour uninspiring.

The picture shown is Fritz Glarner, Relational Painting Tondo no. 40, 1956. There's another Glarner on page 1.
comment o comment
(18th June 2001)
Alexander Calder

There is frequently a load of Calder's work on sale on eBay. They come up on a Mondrian search and I have never seen why. This time the link is clear - can't say I like it much, but it is definitely influenced by the Great Man. Page 1 has a better one.

This great original lithograph by Calder was done in 1968 for the Derriere Le Miroir publication. Image size 15" x 11". It is not a reproduction, but is an original lithograph. It is in excellent condition and has never been framed. Alexander Calder was born in 1898 in Philadelphia, died in 1976 in New York. During 1923-25 he attended the Art Students League in New York and moved to Paris in 1926, where he met Joan Miro who inspired him to create the animal and plant figures out of steel wire that were exhibited in New York�s Salon des Independence in 1928. In 1929 after meeting Leger and Mondrian he began experimenting with mobile wire constructions.

I have added a few Calders in June 2002, having found some better ones and some relevant to particular areas, such as Mondrian Animals.
Alexander Calder
(8th May 2002)

What you are bidding on here is a 16" x 12" Acrylic Geometric Abstract, Mondrian Style. Signed and Dated by the Artist JAG on Bockingford Watercolour Paper
(29th August 2001)
Pol Bury

From Mondrian to Matisse
Original lithograph by POL BURY "From Mondrian to Matisse" out the "Derriere le miroir" No. 250, printed for the Gallery Maeght in 1982. Mint condition. Middlefold. Measure: 38 cm x 55,5 cm.

I seem to own this, but have no idea where it might be. While looking for a larger image, I found another Mondrian - Matisse fusion number below.
Pol Bury o
(25th July 2010)


Found on Freaking News, an entry in a competition to combine two famous paitings. By no means the best in the competition, but worth a place here.
(7th Feb 2002)
Tammy Anderson

Mondrian in the Age of Dysfunction, Acrylic, 39"H x 39"W

This piece is a statement about the fragmentation, the power struggle, and the dysfunction existing in today's family.

Pleased to report another live link.
Tammy Anderson, Mondrian in the Age of Dysfunction
(18th July 2002)
Elizabeth Mukerji

Mondrian Dog
You are bidding on an original, Limited Edition, Fine Art Print by painter, Elizabeth Mukerji. This Limited Edition Art Print, will come to you signed by the artist and numbered. Printed directly from the Original "Dogs as Artists " Series by Artist Elizabeth Mukerji. This hand-signed,and numbered limited edition collector's print would make a great gift. This piece measures LARGE 13" X 19" Printed on Gallery quality, heavy, mat finish, archival stable watercolor paper, therefore, making it near impossible to tell the print from the original painting.

You can visit Elizabeth's site, MidPoint Gallery
Elizabeth Mukerji, Mondrian Dog
(18th June 2002)
Corinna Heumann

Corinna Heumann, "Dagwood Meets Mondrian," 2002, Acrylic on canvas. Measurements: 24 X 24 inches. Estimate: 2500 to 3000. Notes: A Pop twist fusing various icons from the history of art.Condition: Mint condition.

on sale at Sotheby's eBay
Corinna Heumann
(2nd April 2002)

This is by (and with the permission of) Gina Bernardini.

Gina's site has moved here.
Gina Bernardini
(7th Feb 2002)

Two from Ken Beberman

The original link to Ken's site is dead and while there are some Ken Bebermans in Google, there is no clear bearer of this Ken's standard.
comment comment
(30th July 2002)

Well you don't get many homages to this one. The original is here.

Dall'alba al Crepuscolo
Adaptation from Mondrian's Evolution. Represents through the change of daily time, the evolution of man. on sale on eBay from Hillsborough, NJ.

I'm not sure of the title or artist. The title translates as 'from dawn to dusk'.
Dall'alba al Crepuscolo
I removed some of the weaker homages during the rewrite.

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