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Note: the text in italics is from the original source (e.g. the artist's comments on eBay), the rest is mine.

(26th Sep 2002)
Mark Caywood

Another from my favourite Mondrianiste. As noted on page 1, Mark's site is (so far as I can tell) no more. Mark's work now lives here.

Red & Blue Electric Chair, Plywood, pine, leather, electric wires, 4' x 2', Price: $16,000 In 1890, the first human execution via electrocution took place in Auburn, New York, but it was a crude and less-than-aesthetically-pleasing affair. It was not until 1918 that improvements were made to the standard wooden chair. At that time, the DeStijl movement - which surfaced in the world of art, architecture, and industrial design - was finally adapted to the more practical matter of killing human beings in a visually pleasant environment.
Always the innovator and cut-throat business competitor, Thomas Alva Edison saw competition for his now-extinct DC electrical system coming from fellow inventor, George *Westinghouse, who was betting a fortune on the superiority of AC electrical power. As a result, Edison created a chair which not only used AC power, but had the typical "DeStijlian" aesthetic appeal of a pile of wooden dowels after a tornado.
That chair was a prototype and was never used in a state-sponsored execution, even though it was shown to be incredibly effective: participants died from discomfort while merely sitting in the chair prior to the application of electricity!
Since the humane aspects of electrocution have always been marginal, to add any additional discomfort made this model impractical relative to the Constitution's prohibition against "cruel and unusual punishment."
Only one exists - the model [right] - which is an exact reproduction of the original.
* Note: After witnessing the first execution,Westinghouse said: "They would have done better using an axe."
click here for diy
(5th Oct 2002)

Another of mine. With the kind help of Albert C. Veldhuis, author of the World Catalogue for Monopoly Collectors, who sent me a scan of the Dutch War Time edition Monopoly board. Click here for his extraordinary Monopoly web site and a new page here.

(16th July 2011)
thackray williams, solicitors

A local firm of solicitors has carefully avoided the possibility of copyright infringement, while adopting a strongly PMesque logo.
(5th Sep 2002)
Barry Moser

Found in Google

Homage to Mondrian, Woodengraving by Barry Moser,3.25" x 2.5" $150.00

I didn't realise how famous and well-regarded this chap is until I rewrote this page - link.

Assuming this is the same person and accurately attributed, it is not his most detailed or skilled work.
Barry Moser
(19th November 2010)
Mick Hawkey

Mick has kindly sent me one of his pieces. Mick (who has boldly chosen to use green) writes,

'The emotion of beauty is always hindered by the particular appearance of an 'object'; the object must therefore be abstracted from any figurative representation.'

Piet Mondrian is my inspiration, and I have many own painted homages to his works, attached is one I did last year.
(29th Jul 2002)

Not sure where to put this one, being a t-shirt and one of those multi-artist pastiches.

But it is an original contribution and so it goes into Homages. It comes from a really interesting site,, which seems to have lapsed. T010 The Art of Peace, Peace signs done in the likes of da Vinci, Van Gough, Seurat, Warhol, Picasso and Mondrian. Multi-color on white.
The Art oe Peace
(7th Nov 2002)
Ann Conway

This was in an eBay shop which no longer exists. This looks like the same artist.

My original comment was, 'I'm not sure that PM would approve of the diagonals, but his old pal van Doesburg certainly would. And I like it.'

This is an original acrylic abstract painting; a small (20" x 16") tribute to the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, using his ideas of pure abstraction and colour (red, yellow and blue) as perspective - painted on canvas board. I love all my paintings, and would never offer for sale any work that I would not be proud to display in my own home, and - because I love this painting - I will be happy to refund your purchase money if you are not completely happy with it .

The second is HOMAGE TO MONDRIAN - NO 1, which Ann kindly sent a scan of.

(20th Oct 2002)
Frank Garcia

This is an original acrylic painting on stretched canvas,ready to hang. (Easel not included) It comes signed and dated. Title: Mondrian's Eye. Size: 16 x 20 inches. Please note that not all colors will look the same on different monitors. It is done by myself, Frank Garcia. I live and paint in Miami, FL. My artworks are based on the spirit of the European art but focused in a new vision of it.

And a nice chap too. Sold for $45 - a good picture at a bargain price.

You can see from the easel shot that the eye will follow you round the room. I wish I'd bought it now.
Frank Garcia, Mondrian's Eye

Frank Garcia, Mondrian's Eye
Justin Bailey

My Monstrous Mondrian Migraine, 1986

The link I had is dead, but here's an (interesting but slow-loading) alternative.
(14th Sep 2002)
Barton Hills Elementary School

found in AltaVista images.

Mondrian Picture #3 - 5th Grade - Barton Hills Elementary School - link
Barton Hills Elementary School
(18th June 2002)
Corinna Heumann

Description: Corinna Heumann, "Mondrian Meets Crying Girl", 2002, Acrylic on canvas
Notes: A Pop twist fusing various icons from the history of art
Condition: Mint condition
Measurements: 24 X 24 inches

On the Paintings of Corinna Heumann
(12th Apr 2002)
Joni Johnson

This is currently (Apr 02) on sale on eBay starting at $100. Not bad, but not a patch on Mr Conrad. A shame about the cool colour shift, I think it would have been much better in bold red, blue and yellow - see below

Ms Johnson's web site no longer exists, but here's the sale pitch

Executed with the finest quality professional pigments to maintain intense saturation of color. Actual colors used in this painting: Bone Black, Cobalt Blue, Permanent Light Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Titanium White.
SIZE: Finished size: 16" X 20" Image Size: Approximately 12" X 16"
Professionally double-matted in gold and black to fit a standard size frame. Museum quality acid-free art mat beautifully compliments the painting!

Joni Johnson
(28th Apr 2002)

There - much better after a fiddle in Photoshop.
after Joni Johnson
Dr T F Chen - link

Princess Diana was a dress designer's dream, and she transcended fashion. With her tall, slim figure, broad shoulders and long legs, she had the angular look of a lovely fashion model... [snip] ...This picture 'Style-Queen' is the first of the series that Chen would like to develop one of the essential aspects of Diana. Here the artist chose one of the most seemingly 'Bauhaus' styles which she wore when she brought her two sons home from school. Diana's geometrical suit plus the black and white bellboy hat inspired Dr. Chen to set her upon a background 'a la Mondrian'. The bold and simple compositions of black lines and primary colors of red, yellow, and blue reveal and abstract beauty of the 20th century.
The juxtaposition of Diana dressing with a Mondrian-like composition places fashion and art together in a harmonious and complementary way, enriching, resounding, and converging, in one. Here fashion is art; art becomes fashion.

Elegantly placed on Mondrian's code of colors, the Statue exists simultaneously as a reflection on a screen and as a reflection on an open window. Precisely, Chen's image is both simple and complex - as Freedom is both simple and complex.
Dr T F Chen Dr T F Chen
(17th August 2005)
Elizabeth Mukerji - link

Elizabeth has kindly drawn my attention to this triptych on eBay for $150, 60" x 24"

I find the centre component the strongest design, the white space on the others something of a distraction. All are nicely proportioned.
Elizabeth Mukerji
(4th November 2001)

Three more from the Google Images section. All three of the original links are dead.

1.Main concept by Van Eyck, floor by Mondriaan, woman & satyr by Rubens, background by Van Gogh, study of anatomy by Da Vinci. information, but it looks like Mont Saint-Michel

3.Liu Ye, Yellow and Blue for Mondrian, 1995, 45x45cm, Oil and acrylic on canvas

(22nd Feb 2002)
Martin Rautenberg

Mondrian & Alkohol (dead link).
Martin Rautenberg
(22nd Feb 2002)

another from Google Images, another dead link
(1st July 2002)
M. Blair Ligon

Boogie-Woogie Wolf

My original link is dead, but in looking for an alternative, I found this site and the second piece,

Mondrian in the Desert, Limited edition of 50, 10.5 x 15", 20 x 28.5",
Trees in the Arizona Cactus Plain; computer/hand painted overlays; fractal selections.

M. Lignon kindly has a reciprocal link on his site.
(10th Nov 2001)

Homage to Mondrian (Many Layers of Understanding), Date: 1999, Dimensions: 48" x 36", Medium: Oil on canvas

At last (in July 2010) a link that still works
Bruce Lauritzen

Mondrian's horse

My original link has died, but here's another.
Bruce Lauritzen
(19th Jul 2002)

Here's another of mine - derived from Ross Renwick's work, Mondrian Easter
Shame about the green. I may try to work in a yellow halo.

Nick Blackburn
(30th July)
Is that better?
Nick Blackburn

My words in normal text, the seller's or artist's in italics (when I remember).

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