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Mondrian smiley

I typed "Mondrian homage" into Google and was amazed at how many came up.

Here are the best in their variety and splendour. Proof of Mondrian added August 2006.

Homages to specific works are gathered here.

Note: the text in italics is from the original source (e.g. the artist's comments on eBay), the rest is mine.
A red dot [o] next to the piece means it is in my collection, otherwise it is an image copied fom the net or elsewhere.
Some will show a larger version of the image when clicked: I wish I had larger versions of them all, but when I started this, space was at a premium.
This page has been rewritten, July 2010. I have updated the links and fiddled with some of the text. I will rewrite the other homage pages in due course.

There's mine, of course. We'll start with that.

For the rest, I will include a picture, the text found on the page in italics, my comments (if any) in normal text and a link to the page.

Please click here to send details of any new ones you find or report any dead links.
Mondrian by Nick Blackburn o
[June 2012]
Heidi Mulder

Mondrian Nude 2, Oil/Acrylic on canvas, 100cmx100cm

The aerial view shows the artist looking at herself and has an almost ‘astral’ quality. The white background represents the purity and cleanliness of personal spirit. The lines that intersect through the figure represent that we are not solid beings and that we are indeed spirit inhabiting a physical body. Perhaps the aim of this painting is to describe the interaction of the feminine and masculine or even the interaction of physical and spiritual existence.
(25th Sep 2002)
I have a new favourite (after eight years it is probably time to amend that to 'had').
From Mark Caywood. Regrettably, his super website seems to have either moved or disappeared. Mark's work now lives here.

Three Hotels on Broadway Boogie-Woogie - 1949, oil on canvas, 56x46 inches.

This piece, part of a series Mondrian painted to honor America's favorite board game, was lost for many years. In the early 1960s, a janitor found it while cleaning out a storage closet in The Playboy Club, which had taken over the space previously occupied by Mondrian's studio. In this colorful composition, the artist appears to be making a comment on the pivotal aspect of American corporate economic strength, i.e. "Monopoly", while at the same time, his innovative placement of various street names and sales prices implies a profound indictment of urban exploitation perpetrated against the poor.

More monopoly here.
Mark Caywood, Three Hotels on Broadway Boogie-Woogie
There's another of Mark's works on page 2, here.
And a third on page 3.
Barnaby Conrad III

One of my favourites (and it arrived in the post on 26th April 2001, nearly two months after the auction). This rather fine piece of work is described as Mondrian's Martini by Barnaby Conrad III - a 11" high x 8 1/2" wide mixed watercolor and lithograph sold by the Modernism Art Studio in San Francisco.

This site has an alternative version of the Conrad piece, together with many other martinicentric works.

Here's a similar effort, and see also Allison Hunt below.
Barnaby Conrad III, Mondrian's Martini o Barnaby Conrad III, Mondrian's Martini
(22 Jan 2012)
Volker Kühn

Homage to Piet Mondrian, mixed media, 22"x21"

Volker Kühn creates 3D homages to a variety of artists. More here.
(19th September 2011)
Schlitz Ad

found on ebay
text o
(21st September 2011)
I'll call this cats with Mondrian

Found here in Google, there is no indication of artist or title. It is, nevertheless, original and good.
(12th February 2011)
Margot Cormier Splane

Piet Mondrian and a Black and White Dog, 2005, 34x39cm Hand Pulled Serigraph Print

Link to Margot's site, from which the following text is taken.

Originally I was thinking of doing something with black and white animals. Then I got the idea of using a Piet Mondrian painting as the background. Unfortunately, because of distance, I was not able to travel to a museum to see one of his paintings in person. However by using books that I owned, and by going through every thing my local library could get through interlibrary loan, and by checking the internet, I did manage to see quite a lot of Piet Mondrian's work. I was rather surprised to discover that there seemed to be a texture to his paintings, although because I was looking at photographs, I am not sure weather he put it there, weather it was a quality of the photographs, or if it was simply a matter of the paint cracking over time. The background is a representation of a Piet Mondrian painting called Composition with Red Blue and Yellow, (he named a lot of paintings that). Because I had incorporated texture into the background, I wanted the dog to be a solid black and white silhouette.

Shown with the artist's permission.
Claudio Vianini

This is a beautiful play on B301.

Found here and shown with the artist's permission.
Barnaby Conrad III, Mondrian's Martini o
(29th July 2010)
Debra Teare

This is proving a great month for new finds and here are the best of the group.

Debra's web site is here and this interview discusses the trompe l'oeil technique and shows Mondrian's Self Portrait on display at the Atlanta Art Gallery

My preference, given my bias, is Mondrians Portrait but Debra has also kindly sent me an image of Persistence of Vision.

I'd say these are the most original pieces I have found since the Mark Caywood series.

both images ©Debra Teare
7th June 2012)

Mondrivan , 2008

Quite a fun piece: speaking as a caravan owner, I'd be happy with the design.

There's an artist's proof from an edition of 33 (apparently distinguishable by a yellow paintpot and brush) on ebay for $899.
Bob Kessel
(5th November 2010)
Bob Kessel

Bob Kessel's site offers a wide range of stylistic nudes.
His Mondrian (although not attributed to PM's style), titled NUDE WITH BLACK HAIR, is a subtle piece with the body merely hinted at by two triangles and a line. I wonder why Bob decided to add the larger triangle on the left rather than extending the red plane, in the same way as the smaller triangle bites a piece out of the blue. I also like the extended black lines, characteristic of PM from the late 1920s.

Bob has kindly consented to the inclusion of this piece on the site.
(5th September 2010)
Alëna Iouguina

I have contacted Alëna asking for permission to show this.

I found the image here.
(1st July 2008)
Andrew Findlay

A decidedly original homage from this artist who provides a full explanation of both the thought-process behind the work and the practical aspects of realising it here.

I do not entirely agree with the concept as PM sold flower paintings into the 1920s to subsidise the abstracts which did not sell. But perhaps there is an alternative interpretation, that he resented having to do so. I would have replaced the tulip with a chrysanthemum, or, even better, an amaryllis, but that's just carping: it's a super idea.
Andrew Findlay o
(7th March 2002)
Mondrian Google

I nearly missed this on Google to celebrate PM's birth date. I knew something had caught my eye, paged back and there it was. Three cheers for Google. Can it be extrapolated to identify the original? (No, I've tried.)

They also did a Dali in May 2002, and others, see here.
Google Mondrian
this is a trademark of Google Inc
(8th March 2002)

This is either a drawing or a print, I honestly can't tell, of a man with a pitchfork and a Mondrian make-up job. It's signed either "franki" or "f kanki". It was bought about 15 years ago in Buffalo, NY. Very funky. Measurements:5 1/4" x 7 1/4" inside lucite box frame (included).

This is one of my best eBay finds. Having bought it for the collection, I have no better ideas than the seller on the names of the artist or the piece.

There is a page of American Gothic homages here.
American Gothic Mondrian o
(14th July 2010)
Allison Hunt

On a similar theme to Conrad, a bold riff on Mondrian and Martinis, shown with the permission of the artist. Martinis feature strongly in Allison's output, as shown in the extract from her website

The Pink Picasso Gallery looks like a good reason for visiting Pensacola.

Regarding Mondrian's taste in drink, as noted in Lifestyle, Charmion von Wigand wrote that 'His was a hospitable nature, and he would always offer visitors tea or a "cocktail," which turned out to be a glass of V8. He rarely drank anything, but on festive occasions he was fond of a glass of wine.'
(18th July 2010)
Bill Czappa

Piets Bad Dream

This is about Piet Mondrian who sold a painting once then years later went to the collector who bought it and added on extra square of red to the painting. So what if he had a bad dream and spaghetti and meatballs were added to his piece?

I found this on the fine art america site. And Bill's own site is full of good things.

Finding a new work for the site is a pretty rare occurrence these days, so finding two in a week (see also Allison Hunt's above) is a particular delight. I enjoy the playfulness of this piece: there are some 3-dimensional examples already on the page (notably Zoila Perry and GeorgeSegal, but simplicity wins here as Bill reinterprets a plausible Mondrian design and undermines the austerity with stylishly placed food.

Two observations here. Firstly on PM's taste in food, as I note in Lifestyle, parallels can be seen between his art and his life in that both were eccentric, fastidious and precise. Naum Gabo wrote in 1966: "He couldn't look after himself properly. He was terrible [sic] thin, and seemed to live mostly on currants and vegetable stew, because he followed the Haye diet."

And regarding the story of the addition of the red square, PM's friend Ben Nicholson set the standard for this sort of practice. I recently read the fascinating biography of Nicholson by Sarah Jane Checkland who noted that one of the reasons so few of his early works exist is that he often recalled and destroyed or recycled them.
(9th October 2007)
Zoila Perry

Found on a site devoted to Philadelphia Sculptors.

This piece is Homage to Mondrian, Painted steel, oxidized steel, sodalite, 24"x 24" x 7".

Zoila's site is here. I wondered about buying this for the collection, but the price was four figures and, in any case, the shipping to London would probably have exceeded my budget.
(21st September 2007)

Paint 4 Poverty - a good homage in a good cause. Their web site has gone.
(22nd May 2011)
Mick Haggerty

I have found this a few times in Mondrian searches, but, for no good reason, delayed posting it until now. Mickey Mondrian gets better the more you look at it. Found here, and this is Mr Haggerty's web site.

Shown with the artist's permission.
(3rd June 2001)
Tom Wesselmann

This is a limited edition print by Tom Wesselmann called Monica Sitting with Mondrian. I would like one of these for the collection but they sell for several thousand dollars. I'll have to be content with my Barnaby Conrad.

There's another Wesselmann on page 3
Tom Wesselmann Monica Sitting with Mondrian
(9th Sept 2002)
Dawn Grant

Nude admires Mondrian. Dawn kindly painted this for the collection, my second commission (see the tiles in Ceramics for the first). I prefer it to the Wesselmann. It will be on the wall in the Collection as soon as it arrives. The link I had to Dawn's web site is dead.

More on Mondrian nudes here and here.
Dawn Grant Nude admires Mondrian o
(3rd Feb 2002)
George Segal

Sidney Janis Looking at a Painting by Mondrian, 1967

There's a bit of history with this one. I first (Feb 2002) found a reference to the work on the McGraw Hill site, but the link is now dead. Then (July 2002) I found an image on the Associated Press site but they refused permission to show it without a fee (that link is dead too).

In September 2002 I declared an intention to make one myself (the basic plan is to start with a darts trophy) but I haven't yet found one in a boot sale (and haven't looked for quite some time). In October 2002 I found a reproduction in one of my collection of Mondrian exhibition catalogues, this one.
(31st Dec 2006)

another Segal

Hot Dog Stand, 1978
(5th October 2006)


From TT on flickr

An excellent image and part of an imaginative and witty set of defaced art
(4th November 2001)

I'm not sure what the name of the artist is here. From Google Images.

Interesting - Link and translated from the Serbian. [Link reset and translation added March 2010, a few months later, November 2010, that link is dead too. Jan 2012, it's popped up again here.] I'll copy it here for posterity.

Kompozicija II, 1995. Piet Mondrian, Zoran Naskovski,Bata Krgovic

This looks like the same picture as used by Mr Sayle below.
Kompozicija II 1995
Larry Davidson

This is the first successful "Mondrian with curves" I have encountered.

The artist is Larry Davidson - a really nice chap too.

The third is tending towards Mr Calder, but still nice. The first is perfect, the second is the best of all, suffering only from a weak blue. But hey, what do I know?

I am now the proud owner of the second picture, a la Mondrian #4, which Larry very kindly sent me for my birthday in 2002. Other artists please note - 10th November.

Larry Davidson Larry Davidson o Larry Davidson
April Romo de Vivar

"MONDRIAN MULE " by April Romo de Vivar

This painting is 12 inches by 16 inches, painted on canvas board with acrylic paints. I have been painting shoes done by designers and decided to paint one of the Mondrian Mule, created by Andrea Pfister as a tribute to the artist, Piet Mondrian. The photograph shows the vibrant colors of the green, red and yellow and blue used by Mondrian in his paintings. I can honestly say that the painting is brighter than the photo. The background is white. I liked the bright colors with the black. Mondrian has always been a favorite of mine, and wish that I owned a pair of them.

This is one of the first homages I bought, and still one of the best. I now have a "toy, real" one, here. I think this is the same person.
April Romo de Vivar o
(22nd September 2006)
Red Scharlach

Piet Mondrian's Composition: Hedwig Image © 2004 Red Scharlach

This is a terrific combination of simplicity and style. It helps to know that it's an owl, but then the brilliance of the composition becomes apparent. Red has taken some liberties with Mondrian structures (the feet in particular) but it nevertheless retains the essential elements of a real Mondrian. At the top of the picture, the lines are authentic but nevertheless suggest head and ears.

Reproduced with the permission of the artist. Link
Red Scharlach
(31st Dec 2006)
Roy Lichtenstein

Non-Objective II, 1964, oil on canvas

Lichtenstein is best known for his 'cartoon' works, see here.
(7th May 2005)
Ed Hernandez

Title: "A Neoplasticism Tattoo #1"
Artist: Ed Hernandez
Size: 30" x 40"
Canvas: Gallery wrapped - no staples, 3/4" deep.
Medium: Acrylics - no varnish.

Ed's web site is here.
Ed Hernandez
(8th May 2002)
Lucas Eprét

Original 4"x6" color postcard, with a humorous illustration from 1981, entitled 'Mondrian and Mona Lisa', by Lucas Eprét. The postcard was issued by Art Unlimited of Amsterdam. The postcard was never sent and is in mint condition.

This is one of a collection of Mona Lisa pastiches on sale on eBay at the same time. Here are the others.

Now housed in a super frame see here.

Lucas Epr�t Mondrian and Mona Lisa o
(31st Dec 2006)
Saul Steinberg

A similar concept but not so well realised.

Originally published in The New Yorker, November 1, 1952

© The Saul Steinberg Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
This, from Saul Steinberg, is a much better effort

The Museum Wall, 1968, coloured crayon, graphite on wood, five parts. Walker Art Center , Minneapolis.

© The Saul Steinberg Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

The Saul Steinberg Foundation has an excellent gallery.
(9th July 2002)
Michael Patrick

when the cat "Fluffy" draws the attention of Piet Mondrian

one of several "cat classics" by Michael Patrick. The link I had is dead.
Michael Patrick, when the cat Fluffy draws the attention of Piet Mondrian
(24th July 2002)
Vic Hulshof

Mondrian Window The third sculpture selected, found on d'ART.

This object was made in 1996, celebrating Piet Mondrian, who started his artistic career in my hometown Winterzwijk, in the east of the Netherlands. On the spot where the object is placed, he made several paintngs and studies. The object is part of an memorial Mondrian-walking-tour through Winterswijk.

Update 27th Aug 02. I have now heard from the artist, Vic Hulshof. This link is to the home page of his site and you can see this and some of his other works (including a delightful bridge) on the Objex page.

The second image of the piece is from Jeanne Kliemesch. See also Jeanne's Mondriaan Monument.
Vic Hulshof,Mondrian Window
I think I recognise the church - see here.
Vic Hulshof
(21st September 2007)
Barbara Hepworth

CONSTRUCTION (CRUCIFIXION): Homage to Mondrian, 1966

more details here

more on crucifixion here
Barbara Hepworth

References to Mondrian in TV Comedies (The Simpsons, Alexei Sayle and Python) are now in the Literature and Media section.

I'll have to try and improve my method of grabbing screen images from television programs.
Alexie Sayle on Piet Mondrian
Rob Møhlmann

Canto 61 A glance at Mondriaan, 1987, Technique: Oil on panel

This is an accomplished and admirable, piece, but I was rather dismissive of it on the original page, largely because of the impenetrable text which came with it. The web site has improved immeasurably since then and the work can now be seen in context as part of a delightful and witty series, the Cantoproject ('can', geddit?).
Rob Møhlmann, A glance at Mondriaan
(9th Jan 2003)
Yvan Lafontaine

hommage à mondrian, Peinture acrylique

I think this is a rather fine companion piece to the Møhlmann above. Here's a link to Yvan's site.
Yvan Lafontaine, hommage à mondrian
J Randall Harris

Broadway Boogie Woogie

This is jolly clever

But the link, to an Arizona Daily Star article, no longer exists.
J Randall Harris, Broadway Boogie Woogie
(8th October 2001)
Jonathan Stephenson

Here's an unusual one from the book Paint with the Watercolour Masters. Click here for details.
(8th Jul 2002)
David Louis Feinberg

Here's an original take on PM, bought on eBay.

Mon Dieu! A Genuine Nondrian! Quelle Awesômé!
A Genuine Nondrian, watercolor on Cranes 100% cotton writing paper #32, 8½ x 8½ inches square -- no mat or frame
David Louis Feinberg, Nondrian o
(15th Dec 2002)

Piet Mondrian and the dutchboy paints logo are together to create this colorful painting. I recreated Mondrian's Red, Blue and Yellow Composition as an excellent background for this little fellow. He fits perfectly well on Mondrian's amazing artwork. This is a 16"X20" original acrylic painting on a gallery wrapped canvas done by me, Dino Torres. This painting has been sealed with a clear varnish to protect and enhance the colors. Sides are painted. I will send a certificate of authenticity with this painting. Sorry for this picture.

from eBay
(18th Jun 2002)
Alexander Calder

Calder gets promoted from Page 2 for this one, on sale from Sothebys.

United Nations miniature sheet, 1986 Estimate: $ 150 to $ 200. Description: The lithograph in yellow/black/red/blue/orange on white paper by the American artist Alexander Calder is signed and dated ''75 in the stone. Condition: The condition is excellent. Measurements: 8 1/2 x 11 inches

This image is also available on a United Nations stamp, more details here.
Alexander Calder
(21st June 2002)
Fritz Glarner (there's more Glarner on page 3)

I would call it 'Washing my Mondrian Frock', but really it's

Estimate: $600 to $1200. Description: A lithograph by Fritz Glarner signed lower right and numbered 24/50 lower left. In a brushed aluminum frame.
Notes: Fritz Glarner [1899-1972] was an American painter of Swiss birth and brought up in France and Italy. He studied art in Naples at the Rigio Istituto di Belle Arti and in Paris at the Academie Colarossi. There he came under the influence of the modern artists of the day...Hans Arp, Alexander Calder, Fernand Leger and Piet Mondrian among others. His abstract style is easily identified. His auction record is lengthy.
Condition: In fine condition. Measurements: 20"x18"; frame 28"x22"
Fritz Glarner
(9th June 2002)
Ross Renwick

Mondrian Head Wound from Ross Renwick

Ross also has a couple in the Animals section.

I am trying to get a full set of Ross's Mondrians, but we are having a few technical problems. Click here for the collection so far.
Ross Renwick, mondrian head wound
(29th Nov 2002)
Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa,Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch I have added the colour to this album cover from the Great Mr Zappa, entitled Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch. Here's the original.

Probably more of a Theo van Doesburg than a Mondrian, but well worth a place, nevertheless.
Frank Zappa,Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch
(21st Nov 2002)
Ben Blackburn

A great day - my son's first Mondrian.
Ben Blackburn



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