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Over the years studying herbalism I have built up an extensive library on the subject. The books shown below are the ones I have found most useful on various aspects of herbalism and health. Where they are still in print, I include links to Amazon.com and Amazon UK. For those which are out of print, Alibris and AbeBooks are good sources for second-hand copies.

Book Comments USA UK
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
Andrew Chevallier
This is a lovely book. A page is devoted to each herb and excellent photographs are used to illustrate the parts used. Clear information is given on the use of the herbs and Chevallier also provides a practical guide to making herbal remedies.
Published in 2000
The Green Pharmacy
James A Duke
Duke concentrates on using herbs to treat a wide range of health problems. He gives an honest appraisal of the value of around six herbs per ailment. His style is entertaining and he provides a good deal advice based on his own experience.
Published in 1998
Herbal Medicine – A guide for the health care professional
J Barnes, L. Anderson & J Phillipson
This book considers herbs mainly from a pharmaceutical view point. It provides detailed information of regarding recent research and clinical studies. Side-effects and contra-indications are professionally outlined for each herb. This is an excellent book for those wishing to go into greater depth.
Published in 2002
Out of the Earth
Simon Mills
Mills conveys in depth information in a simple, understandable way. He provides a comprehensive coverage of medical herbalism, including physiology and the origins of disease, the traditional view of pathology in which herbal therapeutics have their origins, chemical composition of medical herbs and good coverage of herbs that may be used for specific illnesses.
Published in 1991
Not currently available new from Amazon, but they have links to used copies. Also try Alibris and AbeBooks

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