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2.1  Hawaii, originally an independent kingdom, annexed in 1898 by the USA and now a US state.
2.2 Confederate States, stamps issued by the seceding states during the American Civil War.
2.3 Guam, a US possession, issued overprinted US stamps in 1899 but has since used US stamps.
2.4 Canal Zone, Land adjacent to the Panama Canal leased by the US in 1904, the US postal service closed in 1979.
2.5 Ryukyu Islands, originally Japanese, occupied by US forces in 1945, then gradually returned to autonomy and Japanese ownership.
2.6 The USA bought the Danish West Indies in 1917, since when US stamps have been used

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2.7 New Brunswick, previously part of Nova Scotia, became a separate colony in 1784. It issued its own stamps from 1851 and joined the Dominion of Canada in 1867.
2.8 Nova Scotia took responsibility for its own postal affairs in 1851 and joined the Dominion in 1867.
2.9 Newfoundland, by far the most prolific issuer of stamps as a Canadian Colony, became a self-governing colony in 1855. It joined the Dominion as late as 1949.
2.10 Prince Edward Island, previously part of Nova Scotia, became a separate colony in 1769 and joined the Dominion in 1873.
2.11 Vancouver Island and British Columbia became Crown Colonies in 1849 and 1858 respectively. The two colonies combined in 1865 as British Colombia and joined the Dominion  in 1871.
A stamp was issued for British Columbia and Vancouver Island in 1860.. Vancouver Island seems to have converted currency first as a separate colony and so had its own cents issue in 1865, thus the same year showed an issue just for British Colombia.

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