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Selected sheets from 1960 onwards

There are so many poor stamps and sheets since 1960 that the remainder shown are all by special invitation, based on entirely subjective criteria.
I anticipate that the majority of those shown will be stamps on stamps subjects as I use these for illustrating prohibitively expensive stamps in my first issues display. Most such sheets are issued in connection with stamp shows (usually called philatelic exhibitions).

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1960 Afghanistan
1 each of SG454-455, Sc470-471
SG MS455a  £6 / £8

also SG MS455b  £8 / £9 with the colours reversed

World Refugee Year




Afghanistan nearly merits an earlier entry, possibly as the second issuer of miniature sheets as many of its early stamps, including commemoratives, were issued in small sheets, for example the 1920 SG173, Sc214 (and the others in that set) in sheets of two. It looks as though this was simply the method of production rather than a commemorative purpose

added November 2007

issued 31st December 1960

sheet size 108x80 mm

Scott mentions but does not number the sheets in my catalogue

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1961 Mongolia
postage and airmail stamps and sheets issued simultaneously

variants on SG225-232, SC236-240 and C1-C3
(a) postage - SG MS229a, Sc241  £7 / £5
(b) airmail - SG MS232a, Sc-C4  £4 / £4

40th anniversary of independence

  Mongolia gets an entry largely because there are so few on the site from Gibbons Part 10 (Russia), as most are 1990s independence issues. Mongolia made rather a philatelic meal of its 40th independence anniversary, issuing four sets of stamps and four sheets.

issued 5th June 1961

sheet sizes both 115x90 mm



1967 Ethiopia
one S671, Sc483, colour changed
SG MS672, Sc484  £4 / £4

Emperor Haile Selassie's 75th birthday

  Ethiopia deserves an entry for nearly producing the world's first sheet in 1894, see the Province Block, here.

issued 21st July 1967

sheet size 120x75 mm

1969 Sweden
stamps only issued on sheet
SG MS583, Sc821  £1 / £2

birth centenary of Ivan Aguéli, artist

added December 2007

issued 6th June 1969

sheet sizes: (a) 

In 1955, the set of stamps commemorating the centenary of Swedish stamps (SG366-370, Sc479-483) were sold in sheets of 9 at the Stockholmia stamp show, but neither Scott nor Gibbons regard this as a souvenir sheet.

1972 Norway
one each of SG677-678, Sc584-5
SG MS679, Sc585a  £3 / £4

Centenary of posthorn stamps

added December 2007

issued 6th May 1972

sheet size 120x71 mm

image source 1

1975 Denmark
stamps only issued on sheet
SG MS596, Sc565  £7 / £7

Hafnia 76 stamp exhibition
the stamps show essays by MW Ferslew

added December 2007

issued 27th February 1975

sheet size 67x93 mm

a similar sheet (SG MS617, Sc585) was issued in November 1975 for the exhibition


1978 Great Britain
1 each SG1054-1057 Sc?
SG MS1058 Sc? £3

The stamps illustrate historic British buildings.
The purpose of the sheet was to support the 1980 London Stamp Show.

added November 2007

issued 1st March 1978

sheet size 121x89 mm

This is included for purely patriotic reasons.

1978 Canada
1 each SG914-916, Sc
SG MS917, Sc? £1 / £3

'Capex 78'  stamp show, Toronto

added November 2007

issued 10th June 1978

sheet size 101x76 mm

1985 Finland
four stamps only issued on sheet
SG MS1087, Sc728  £9 / £9

Finlandia 88 stamp exhibition
The stamp celebrates 350 years of postal service in Finland, founded by Governor General Per Brahe in 1638 and shows a 1698 postal map of Finland and Sweden.

issued 16th October 1985

sheet size 135x90 mm

Scott notes a non-postally-valid Europa 1960 issue sheet similar to Sc376 (SG618).

1985 Italy
Two sheets

SG1898-1906, Sc1651a-1651i
SG MS?, Sc1651



SG1907-1911, Sc1652a-1652e
SG MS?, Sc1652




SG MS1912, Sc1653 £5 / £43

'Italia 85' International Stamp Ex, Rome




added November 2007

issued October 1985

sheet sizes 163x151 mm, 141x100 mm and 86x56 mm


My Gibbons catalogue (2004) mentions but does not number the first two sheets. This might be corrected in the 2008 catalogue when I get to see that.





The third sheet depicts the Sardinia and GB #1s.

2006 Myreau


added November 2007


sheet size nxn mm

Year Country


  added November 2007


sheet size nxn mm

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