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1952 Cambodia
SG15-17, Sc15-17 each on a separate sheet and sold in a booklet.
Gibbons numbers the whole booklet as SG MS17a and prices the booklet at 120 / 100
 Scott numbers the sheets Sc15a, 16a and 17a

These are the first Cambodian stamps which, I suppose, constitutes a commemoration in itself.

First sheets were issued for various administration and/or name changes:
1971 Khmer Republic
1983 Kampuchea
1989 Cambodia again

added January 2008

issued 1st February 1952

sheet size 130x90 mm each

here's the booklet, still looking for images of the sheets.

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1952 Ecuador
1 each SG950 and 951 Sc-C231 and 232
SG MS951a, Sc-C232a 3 / 3

Visit of President Gala Plaza y Lasso to the US

added November 2007

issued 26th March 1952

sheet size 127x61 mm

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1952 Laos
a booklet of 26 miniature sheets, each with one stamp:
SG1-17, Sc1-17
SG19-21, Sc-C2-C4
SG-D22-D27, ScJ1-J6 (yes, including post dues)
Gibbons numbers the booklet SG MS21b 325

first anniversary of the first Laos stamps

added January 2008

issued 13th April 1952

sheet size 130x90 mm each

here's the booklet, still looking for images of the sheets.

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1952 Vatican City
four SG176, Sc155
SG MS176a, Sc155a  100 / 100

centenary of the first Papal States stamp

added December 2007

issued 9th June 1952

sheet size 112 x 121 mm

image source 4

1952 Vietnam
Booklet containing five sheets, each with one stamp.
SG61, 62, 66, 69, 72
Sc1, 2, 6, 9, 12
Gibbons numbers the booklet SG MS73a 110

anniversary of the first issue of independent Vietnam stamps

North Vietnam issued its first sheet in 1960 and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1980

  the stamps were issued in June-November 1951 but I do not have a date in 1952 for the issue of the booklet.

sheet size 122x97 mm

1953 Dominican Republic
SG607-61, Sc450-452, C80-86 in different colours
SG MS617, Sc-C86a  21 / 21

460th anniversary of the discovery of Santo Domingo by Columbus

Added November 2007

Issued 6th January 1953

sheet size 191x130 mm

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Gibbons notes that a variant 200x163 mm sheet was issued in a folder.
Scott recognises a 1944 sheet for the centenary of independence, Sc407 comprising 12 stamps, Sc407a to 407l, SG506-517. Gibbons mentions this but does not number it or recognise it as a sheet because it was only issued to visiting officials, not available to the public.

1954 Paraguay
two sheets:
SG731-734 Sc208-211
and SG-C735-c738, Sc-C212-C215
Gibbons numbers the pair SG MS738a 1 / 1
Scott as C211a and C215a

Centenary (1953) of the church of San Roque, Asuncion.

  issued 20th June 1954

sheet size 1214x108 mm

1955 Surinam
1 each of SG413-415 and 417, Sc259-261 and 263
SG MS418, Sc263a 35 / 23

Local subjects, no obvious commemorative purpose and so while this is Gibbons' first Surinam miniature sheet, it is arguably neither a commemorative nor a souvenir sheet.



2xSG816, Sc-B? and 1xSG818, Sc-B?
SG MS821, Sc-B? 1 / 1



Added November 2007

Issued 14th February 1955

sheet size 112x147 mm

image source 1



Originally a Dutch colony, Surinam gained independence in 1975 and soon issued its first sheet.

Issued 14th April 1976

sheet size 113x83 mm

image source 1

Neither image is good, I'll try to find replacements.

1955 United Nations
one each of SG35-37, Sc35-37
SG MS38, Sc38 50 / 10

10th anniversary of the UN


1975 UN, Geneva
SG-G50-G51, Sc50-51
SG MS-G52, Sc52  1 / 1

30th anniversary of the UN

1980 UN, Vienna
SG--V12-V13, Sc12-13
SG-MS-V14, Sc14  1 / 1

35th anniversary of the UN

issued 24th October 1955

sheet size 83x100 mm

Scott indicates how to distinguish between the two printings of this sheet.

image source 1

1956 Mexico
SG930-935, Sc891-896
SG MS936 Sc896a  21 / 18

Mexican postage stamp centenary

Added November 2007

Issued 1st August 1956

sheet size 190x150 mm

image source 1



1957 South Korea
One each of SG290-291, Sc243-244
SG MS292, Sc244a  500

5th anniversary of admission to the International Telecommunications Union

The ten sheets each containing one stamp from the range SG273-186, Sc249-262 (some omitted)
SG MS289, Sc249a-262a might have predated the sheet above, but do not appear to have had any particular commemorative purpose.

  Gibbons (Pt. 18)  notes that many South Korean stamps from 1948 to 1956 exist in sheets but that these were from printings presented to postal and government officials. As they were not sold to the public, Gibbons does not number them. From 1957 to 1961 most stamps were also issued on sheets and sold to the public.

issued 31st January 1957

sheet size 110x83 mm



1957 New Zealand
two sheets, 6 each of SG761 Sc-B52 and SG762 Sc-B53
SG MS762b (pair), Sc-B52a and B53a 12 / 18

Health stamps

Added March 2008

issued 25th September 1957

size of sheets 112x96mm

both Gibbons and Scott list watermark variants at 16 / 38.

1958 French West Africa
1 each SG98-103 Sc-C22-27
SG MS104 Sc-C27a 18 / 30

Centenary of Dakar

  sheet issued 17th May 1958

sheet size 185x125mm

1959 Ghana
one each of SG204-206, Sc39-41
SG MS206a, Sc41a  1 / 2

150th birth anniversary of Lincoln

  issued 12th February 1959

sheet size 102x77 mm

1959 Somalia
1 each of SG330-333, Sc228-229 and C59-C60
SG MS333a, Sc-C60a  1 / 1

Opening of the Constituent Assembly

and 1964

  issued 19th June 1959

sheet size 150x200 mm

1959 North Korea
one each of SGN184-N187, Sc176-179
SG MSN187a, Sc179a  65 / 35

Book and Art Exhibition

added January 2008

issued 1st August 1959

sheet size 152x122

image source 1

1959 West Germany
stamps only issued on sheet
SG MS1233a, Sc804 26 / 55

Inauguration of Beethoven Hall, Bonn



1990 Unified Germany
SG2330, 2331, SC1617, 1618
SG2331a, Sc1619 2 / 1

1st anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall

see also Germany 1930, Occupied Germany, Berlin and East Germany


added December 2007

issued 8th September 1959

sheet size 148x104 mm

image source 1



issued 6th November 1990

sheet size

The Gibbons sheet number is a guess.

image source 1

1959 Togo    


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