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1948 Iraq
one each SG273, 280, 285, 292-294,
              Sc112, 117, 120, 125-127
SG MS297  25 / 30 perf or imperf

The stamps portray King Faisal II but the sheet serves no obvious commemorative purpose.


one each of SG342-344, Sc139-141
SG MS345, Sc141b  45 / 35

Coronation of King Faisal II




added January 2008

issue date 15th January 1948

sheet size 161x179 mm

the sheet is mentioned and priced but not numbered in Scott which prefers the 1953 coronation issue as the first souvenir sheet.

(better image needed)  image source 1


issue date 2nd May 1953

sheet size 134x128 mm

1948 Angola
one each of SG424-433, Sc305-314
SG MS433a Sc314a  60 / 60

Tercentenary of the restoration of Angola


variant on SG739, Sc603
SG MS740 Sc603a  3 / 2

First anniversary of independence




added December 2007

issue date May 1948

sheet size 162x225 mm

image source 1


following independence on 11th November 1975

issue date 11th November 1976

sheet size 59x75 mm

1948 Peru
one each of SG714-717, Sc-C71-81
SG MS717a Sc-C81a 28 / 28

London Olympics, 1948

added November 2007

issue date 29th July 1949

sheet size 116x151 mm

image source 1

1948 Timor
one each of SG310-317, Sc246-253
SG MS317a, Sc253a  25 / 25

Not a souvenir sheet with a commemorative purpose, the stamps depict local subjects.

added January 2008

issued September 1948

sheet size 130x99 mm

image source 1

1948 St Thomas & Princes Islands
one each of SG401-410, Sc341-350
SG MS410a, Sc350a  60 / 60

Not a souvenir sheet with a commemorative purpose, the stamps depict fruit.

  issued 1st October 1948

sheet size 149x136 mm

1948 Saar
Two sheets issued:

postage SG MS255a Sc-B64a 475 / 1,500
contains SG252-255, Sc-B61 - B64

airmail SG MS256a Sc-CB1 350 / 1,100
contains SG256, Sc-CB1a

Flood disaster relief

added November 2007

sheets issued 12th October 1948

sheet sizes:
postage - 147x104 mm
airmail - 90x60 mm

image source 1


1949 French Morocco
One postage sheet and one airmail.

(i) one each of SG353-356, Sc-B38-41
SG MS356a Sc-B41a 16 / 30

(ii) one each of SG357-360, Sc-CB31-34
SG MS360a Sc-CB34a 14 / 30

Solidarity Fund

  issued 12th April 1949

sheet sizes 120x96 mm and 96x20 mm


1949 Israel
block of four only issued on sheet (Sc16a)
SG MS16a, Sc16  75 / 20

First anniversary of the first Israeli stamps

added January 2008

Issued 1st May 1949

sheet size 75x95 mm

image source 1


1949 Germany, West Berlin
1 each of SG-B68-B70, Sc9NB1-3
SG MS-B70a, Sc9NB3a 900 / 2,750

Berlin Relief Fund

see also Germany 1930, Occupied GermanyEast Germany, West Germany and Unified Germany

Added December 2007

issued 1st December 1949

sheet size 111x65 mm

image source 1

1950 Trieste Zone B
Yugoslavia SG MS633b, Sc-C33 overprinted 'VUJA-STT'
SG MS-B36A, Sc-C17 (B36B, 17a imperf) 95 / 65

Centenary of Yugoslav railways

Added March 2008

Issued 21st January 1950

sheet size 49x70 mm

image source 6


1950 East Germany (GDR)
1 each of SG-E4 and E19, Sc-B14 and B21
SG MS-E29a, Sc-B21a  160 / 75

for the German stamp exhibition DEBRIA, Leipzig
the stamps show rather obscure views of the Bavaria and Saxony #1s

see also Germany 1930, Occupied GermanyBerlin, West Germany and Unified Germany

Added December 2007

issued 26th August 1950

sheet size 92x52 mm

image source 1

1951 Taiwan (Republic of China in Scott)
One SG128, Sc1040 colour variant
SG MS128a, Sc1041  300 / 150

Division of country into self-governing districts

Added December 2007

issued 20th March 1951

sheet size 102x77 mm

image source 1


1951 Portuguese Colonies
One stamp from each of the colonies: Angola, Cape Verde Is, Macao, Mozambique, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India (x2), St Thomas, Timor
SG MS1 Sc?  42

Holy year

general issue for Portuguese Colonies

added December 2007

issued 1951

sheet size 171x122 mm

image source 1

I haven't yet found this in Scott


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