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1942 Croatia
The stamps on the sheet are variants on the SG55-58, Sc-B7-10 issues.

Two colour and perforation-variant sheets,
SG58a, Sc-B12 2+8 blue, 3+12 lake, imperf 
SG58b, Sc-B11 2+8 lake, 3+12 blue, perf - as illustrated  £20 / £40

Issued in support of the Aviation Fund (Hrvatska Krila)






1994 Croatia Republic
stamp only issued on sheet
SG MS327 Sc? £4 / £4

900th anniversary of Zagreb and its Bishopric




Added November 2007

Issued 25th March 1942

sheet size 124x110 mm

image source 1



The Croatian Republic's first sheet after independence identified in Gibbons is the 1994 SG MS327 Sc225 for the 900th anniversary of Zagreb, although there was a 1993 commemorative SG229, Sc154 for the 59th PEN Literary Congress in Dubrovnik, issued as a sheet of 20 and a sheet of 6+6 labels (sheets not mentioned in Scott). A stamp from the PEN sheet is shown.


issued 16th November 1994

sheet size 79x59 mm

1942 Syria

1942 Syrian Republic
1 each of SG358-363, Sc282-285 and Sc-C96-C97
SG MS363a, Sc? £190
President Taj Addin el-Husni
Proclamation of National Independence

1958 United Arab Republic
stamp only issued on sheet
SG MS661a, Sc? £70 / £70
5th international air fair, Damascus

1961 Syrian Arab Republic
stamp only issued on sheet
SG MS748a, Sc-C253 £2 / £2
Establishment of Syrian Arab Republic

see also Syria, French Mandate, 1938

  Both Syria and Egypt (see 1946 below) tinkered with names and borders,  in 1958 forming the United Arab Republic and sharing some stamp designs, then in 1961 (following a revolt of Syrian troops) becoming independent again as the Syrian Arab Republic.

Syrian Republic
I can find the stamps in Scott, but not the sheets
issued 6th April 1942
sheet size 205x138 mm

United Arab Republic
I cannot find the stamps or the sheet in Scott
issued 1st September 1958
sheet size 80x80 mm

Syrian Arab Republic
issued 2nd November 1961
sheet size 80x80 mm


1942 Netherlands
(i) 10 x SG568 Sc-B144
SG MS569a Sc-B144a £50 / £80

(ii) 4 x SG569 Sc-B145
SG MS569b Sc-B145a £50 / £80

In support of the Netherlands Legion Fund.







5xSG1001, Sc-B402; 6xSG1003, Sc-B404; and a label
SG MS1006, Sc-B404a £15 / £15

Note the unusual arrangement of stamps. Is this semi-tÍte-bÍche?

Children's welfare


Added November 2007

Issued 1st November 1942

sheet sizes 155x111 mm and 94x94 mm

image source 1








Netherlands' first sheets were issued under German occupation. Their first sheet following the restoration of independence was not until 1965.

Issued 16th November 1965

sheet size 143x124 mm

1942 Haiti
3 sheets showing stamps SG352-356, Sc-C14-C18
(i) SG352 and 354; (ii) 353 and 355; (iii) 356
SG MS357 £14 / £13 (3 sheets)
Scott numbers the sheets separately Sc-C19 to C21

Centenary of the Penny Black

Added November 2007

Issued 8th December 1942

sheet size 140x128mm

image source 1


1942 Free French Forces Levant
1 each of SG15-16, Sc-MC5-6
perf - SG MS16a, Sc-MC7 £14 / £38
imperf - SG MS?, Sc-MC8 £16 / £34

Neither Gibbons nor Scott mention a commemorative purpose for this sheet


Added November 2007

No specific date of issue

sheet size 106x149 mm

image source 1

This is listed under Syria in Scott

1943 Philippines, Japanese Occupation
stamps only issued on sheet
SG MS-J35, Sc-NB4 £32 / £4

"Independence" of the Philippines

see also Philippines 1947

Added December 2007

date issued 14th October 1943

sheet size 127x177mm

image source 1

1943 Bolivia
Two sheets containing SG403-409, Sc281-287
(i) SG403-406 Sc281-284 (ii) SG407-409 Sc285-287
SG MS409a £9/ £8 (two sheets)
SG MS409b £9/ £8 (two sheets) imperforate
Scott numbers the sheets as (i) Sc288 and (ii) Sc289 and notes that they are available perf and imperf

Centenary of the Battle of Ingavi

Added November 2007

date issued tba

sheet size 139x100 mm

one of two sheets shown

image source 1

1944 Venezuela
Stamps only issued on sheet
SG MS679, Sc388 £27 / £27

80th anniversary of International Red Cross and 37th anniversary of adherence of Venezuela

Added November 2007

date issued 22nd August

sheet size 104x115 mm

image source 1

1944 Colombia
1 each of SG596-600, Sc508-512
SG MS601 Sc513 £9 / £9

75th anniversary of the General Benevolent Institution of Cundinamarca

  Added November 2007

date issued 10th October 1944

sheet size 100x87 mm

there is also a similarly-priced imperforate sheet

Scott notes that small sheets single-design containing various numbers of stamps were produced and presented to government officials.

1945 Bulgaria
There were four pairs of stamps, each pair of the same design and value, but different colours. Then two imperf sheets in different single colours containing one of each of the four designs. I hope that's clear.

SG563-570, Sc481-488
SG MS570a, Sc490 - brown-red  £11 / £13
SG MS570b, Sc489 - violet

Commemorating Bulgaria's Liberty Loan

Added November 2007

date issued 4th June 1945

sheet size 88x123 mm

image source 1

1945 Germany, Occupied

see also Germany 1930East Germany, Berlin, West Germany and Unified Germany


Russian Zone - Thuringia
two sheets:
(i) containing SG-RF1-3, Sc16N1-3
SG MS-RF9, Sc16N3a £225 / £500

(ii) containing SG-RF2,4,6,7 Sc16N 2,4,6,7
SG MS-RF10, Sc16N7b £850 / £2,250


Added November 2007

Gibbons and Scott treat these issues very differently. There are, perhaps, five German Occupation issues, one in 1945, two in 1946 and two in 1949


issued 18th December 1945
sheet sizes 78x38 mm and 120x120 mm

Russian Zone - West Saxony
1 each SG-RD33-RD36, Sc14NB13a-16a
SG MSRD37, Sc14NB16c £110 / £150
Leipzig Fair
  issued 8th May 1946
sheet size 105x105 mm
American, British and Russian Zones
1 each SG912, 913, 917, Sc
SG MS925a Sc-B294 and B295 (imperf) £30 / £110

SG MS925a Sc-B295 and B294

issued 8th December 1946
sheet size 107x51 mm                        

image source 1

French Zone, Baden
1 each SG-FB38-41, Sc-5NB5-8
SG MS-FB41a, Sc-5NB8a £65 / £250 perf
SG MS-FB41b, Sc-5NB8b £55 / £250 imperf

issued 24th February 1949
sheet size 65x78 mm

image source 5


British and American Zones
1 each SG-FB38-41, Sc [Germany] 662-664
SG MS-FB41a, Sc664a £65 / £250 perf
SG MS-FB41b, Sc £55 / £250 imperf
Hanover Fair

SG-FB41a Sc664a

issued 24th February 1949
sheet size 65x78 mm

image source 1

Scott lists this in the main German section, not occupation issues.

1946 Egypt


1946 Egypt
1 x SG307-310, Sc-B3-B6 but different perfs
SG MS311, Sc-B6a £65 / £60
SG MS312, Sc-B6b £65 / £60 imperf

80th anniversary of the first Egyptian stamp.






1958 United Arab Republic
only issued on sheet
SG MS570, Sc452 £15 / £15

6th anniversary of the 1952 revolution




1972 Arab Republic of Egypt
only issued on sheet
SG MS1158, Sc-C144 £27 / £25

50th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb





Both Egypt and Syria (see 1942 above) tinkered with names and borders,  in 1958 forming the United Arab Republic and sharing some stamp designs. In 1961 Syria left the union, but Egypt retained the name until 1971.


Added October 2007

Issued 28th February 1946

sheet size


image source 1



Added December 2007

Issued 23rd July 1958

sheet size 80x75 mm

image source 1




Added December 2007

Issued 26th April 1972

sheet size 95x100 mm

1946 Portuguese India
1 each of SG555-562, Sc464-471
SG MS461a, Sc257a £8 / £8

The subjects appear to be of a religious nature

added December 2007

date of issue not known

sheet size 166x229 mm

   image source 1

1947 Portuguese Guinea
1 each of SG297-303, Sc251-257 (issued 1946)
SG MS303a, Sc257a £30 / £15

500th anniversary of the discovery of Portuguese Guinea

Added December 2007

issued 2nd January 1947

sheet size 175x221 mm

   image source 1


1947 Liberia
1 each of SG 657-660, Sc300 and C54-C56
SG MS661, Sc-C56a £50
issued perf and imperf

Centenary of US stamps and 87th anniversary of Liberian stamps

Added December 2007

issued 6th June 1947

sheet size 89x163 mm

   image source 1


1947 Philippines
4 x SG636, Sc511 (issued 1st May 1947)
SG MS637, Sc515 £2 / £2

Manuel L. Quezon

see also Japanese Occupation Issue,  1943

Added January 2008

Issued 28th November 1947

sheet size 64x85 mm

   image source 1



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