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1937 was a good year for first sheets

Details Image Notes
1937 Russia
1 each SG728 and 732, Sc590 and 593, different colours
SG733c Sc596 10 / 5

Pushkin Exhibition, Moscow

Another from the collection.


1992 Russian Federation
only issued in sheet
SG MS6314 Sc-B182 1 / 1

Nature conservation


Added November 2007

Issued 10th February 1937

sheet size 105x89 mm

See here for discussion of which was the first Russian sheet.


Added December 2007

Issued 22nd January 1992

sheet size 90x65 mm

The Russian Federation's first stamp (10th January for the winter Olympics) was issued in sheets of 50 and 8 but neither Scott nor Gibbons seem to regard the sheet of 8 as a miniature or Souvenir sheet.

Many French colonies issued sheets in April to commemorate the Paris International Exhibition of 1937.
These are detailed on another page, with a representative example below.

Details Image Notes
1937 - Paris Exhibition

example from Reunion

most sheets issued 15th April 1937

see separate page

1937 Nicaragua
1 each SG951-953a, Sc-RA55-58
SG953b Sc-RA58b 3 / 3

Central American Olympic Games

Added November 2007

Issued 15th May 1937

image source 1

1937 Iceland
stamps only issued in sheet format
SG MS223, Sc-B5 24 / 160

Silver Jubilee of King Christian X.


Added October 2007

Issued 14th May 1937

Sheet size 128 x 112mm

image source 1


1937 Spanish Morocco
SG MS183a contains 1 each SG177, 178, 179, 182
Scott equivalent Sc173a with Sc169, 170, 171, 174

SG MS183b contains 1 each SG178, 179, 180, 181
Scott equivalent Sc174a with Sc171, 172, 173, 174

The stamps show local subjects, commemorating the first anniversary of the Spanish civil war.

Added November 2007

Issued 1st June 1937

sheet size 105x95 mm

better scan needed

image source 1


1937 Danzig
stamps only issued in sheet format
SG251 Sc221 2 / 9
SG252 Sc-C41 (airmail)  2 / 9

Danzig stamp show

Marienkirche, Danzig

Junkers W-33

added November 2007

sheets issued 6th June 1937

sheet size 147x104 mm

image source 1

1937 Spain, nationalist
Stamps only available on sheets. Two sheets in set, 'Alcazar before and after the siege', available perf or imperf.

SG MS909, Sc-B108A, before, perf 13 / 11
SG MS910, Sc-B108b, before, imperf 300 / 300
SG MS911, Sc-B108C, after, perf 13 / 11
SG MS912, Sc-B108d, after, imperf 300 / 300






1938 Spain, republican
One stamp, two versions: SG839, Sc-B106 postage; overprinted SG841, Sc-CB6 for airmail,
both produced as sheets:

postage SG MS840, Sc-B106b 14 / 14
airmail SG MS842, Sc-CB6b 2,000 / 1,900
(Scott also shows Sc106c and Sc-CB6c imperf)

surcharge for the defence of Madrid

SG MS909     Sc-B109A

SG MS911     Sc-B109C

SG MS840     Sc-B106b

added November 2007

sheets issued 16th August 1937

sheet size 140x110 mm

better images needed


image source 1





sheets issued 15th April 1938

sheet size 120x105 mm

image source 1

1937 San Marino
stamp only available on sheet
SG MS232, Sc185 8 / 10

Independence  monument

Added November 2007

sheet issued 23rd August 1937

image source 1


1937 Yugoslavia
stamps only available on sheet
SG-MS356 Sc-B57A 3 / 7

First Yugoslav Philatelic Exhibition, Belgrade, ZEFIB

Added November 2007

sheet issued 12th September 1937

sheet size 109x150 mm

image source 1



1937 Belgian Congo
4 x SG225 colour variant Sc172
SG MS219a 4 / 6, sheet not numbered in Scott

The subsequent (1938) set from which this is taken features National Parks. This stamp shows Mitumba Forest.

added November 2007

issued 20th October 1937

sheet size 140x111 mm

image source

1937 Albania
stamps only available on sheet
SG-MS320a Sc280 12 / 18

25th anniversary of independence

Added November 2007

sheet issued 20th November 1937

sheet size 140x140 mm

image source 1


1937 Costa Rica
1 each SG231-234, Sc183a-183d
SG234a Sc183 1 / 1

2nd National stamp show

Added November 2007

Issued 12th December 1937

sheet size 168x101 mm

image source 1


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