Royal Films

Many of the English monarchs have been depicted on the silver and cathode ray screens. Here are some of those films.

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George VI

played by James Wilby

Bertie and Elizabeth, British TV biography, 2002

director Giles Foster

Edward VIII

played by Edward Fox


Edward & Mrs Simpson, British TV biography, 1978

directed by Waris Hussein

  George V none found
Edward VII

played by Charles Sturridge (in his youth) and  Timothy West (as an adult).

Edward the Seventh, British TV biography, 1975

directed by John Gorrie

  Victoria There are 69 references in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), ranging from Rose Tapley in The Victoria Cross (1912), via three appearances by Anna Neagle (see below), to Kathy Bates in Around the World in 80 Days (2004). This page deals with films specifically about the monarchy rather than films in which they just appear, reducing the total to a more manageable number.
played by Anna Neagle Victoria The Great, 1937

directed by Herbert Wilcox

played by Anna Neagle Sixty Glorious Years, 1938

directed by Herbert Wilcox

played by Judy Dench

Her Majesty Mrs Brown, 1997

directed by John Madden

played by Victoria Hamilton with Joyce Redman as the old queen.

Victoria and Albert, British TV biography, 2001

directed by John Erman

  William IV No films found about William found, but Peter Ustinov played him in Victoria and Albert above.


George IV

played by Hugh Laurie




Blackadder,3rd Series, BBC comedy, 1987


also played by Rupert Everett in The Madness of King George, see below

George III

played by Nigel Hawthorne

The Madness of King George, 1995

directed by Nicholas Hytner