Blackburns and Engineering

Blackburn Aircraft
Blackburn used to be a make of airplanes, including the Blackburn Firebrand, Beverley, Buccaneer and the Skua divebomber.

15th Jun 2002
Here's a badge, just acquired



Skua kits seem to be plentiful. I'll buy one and post a snap of the finished article eventually. This looks like a particularly fine and old wooden kit, but I'll settle for a plastic one. o

There is also a number of advertisements for blackburn Aircraft on sale. Here are a few examples

A 1942 ad for a Blackburn Botha



and their engines

(13th May 2001)
1938 Blackburn Aircraft Cirrus Engine AD. This guaranteed original magazine advertisement would be wonderful for framing!! Great black and white AD, measures approximately 8 1/4" X 5 1/2", it is only lightly yellowed due to age, otherwise very nice condition. It came from an April 1938 magazine (name and date of magazine in upper margin of AD).


This link gives a potted history of the British Aircraft industry. The key point is that Blackburn Aircraft became part of Hawker Siddeley in 1960.  
(10th June 2001)
That's probably enough on Blackburn Aircraft, but I couldn't resist this beautiful Blackburn Triplane - I thought they were all Fockers?
Classic Plane - - 1/72 Vacform Blackburn Triplane - WW1 British Fighter - with resin parts - kit complete with instructions ( No decals - these kits not issued with decals)
Can't afford it, though, $36 with 4 days still to go.
I have also found references to motor cycles, or at least motor cycle engines. I'll come back to this subject. Here's the first lead,

rare book from 1917 Motorcycles and How To Manage Them from the staff of the Motor Cycle magazine . Printed in England in 1917 this is a very early book. [snip]  it is packed with super information and great photos specs/data cutaways service info on many motorcycles and their parts from Triumph, Harley Davidson, Diamond, New Hudson, Royal Enfield, Radco, Cedros, Ariel, Clyno, Levis, Scott, Villiers, James, Indian, Rudge, Douglas, AJS, Blackburn, Rex, P & M, Rover, Humber, Raleigh, FN, Henderson, Wooler, ABC, Jap, BSA, Matchless, Morgan, and many many more. 

The picture is from an Australian site and is a Cotton 250cc with a sidevalve Blackburn engine.

(6th Jan 2002)

A New Year's resolution has allowed the inclusion of Blackburnes with an "e". This had led to the discovery that the motorcycle engines were made by Blackburne Engines, and/or Burney Blackburne Ltd.

(6th Jan 2002)

From the 1922 Blackburne "Hints and Tips". Labelled as the 5/6hp, those cylinders look more like the 8hp model to me. The 5/6hp (700 cc) model had dimensions 71mm x 88mm while the 8hp (1000 cc) was 85mm x 88mm

click here for the source site.

There is a larger version of the picture at the bottom of this page.

(6th Jan 2002)

From Blackburne (Burney Blackburne Ltd.) the engines of the type KMA, KMB (racing engine) and KMC (sports engine) have been used with good success. Many records have been gained with the Blackburne engines between 1923 and 1930 by Norris, Beart and Jackson.

Blackburne KMC A.C.U. Rating: 10.96hp.  Bore x Stroke: 85mm x 96.8mm.
Capacity: 1098cc.  Cylinder-angle: 60deg.  Compression: 5.5 to 1.  Power: 40hp at 4000rpm.

click here for the source site


And we still seem to make cycle accessories.

 Here are our trusty Kamikaze pump and HydraPak (is that American bicycle-speak for colostomy bag?)


(8th Dec 2001)

I dread to think where you wear this

Hereís a great bargain find! By Blackburn, this gray terry cloth sweat catcher will protect your bike from salt damage while riding your trainer. New, it has never been used but sorry, no box. Nice Holiday stocking stuffer.

Continuing the engineering theme,

(2nd May 2001)
Iím not sure which category this belongs in. It seems to be a car sponsored by Blackburn Auto Service. A flimsy link, admittedly, and not much of a picture - rather a shame the seller chose to photograph it in a plastic bag it is in.. Hereís what the man says,
This is the 1/43 replica of Tim Flock's #91 Blackburn Auto Service 1952 Hudson Hornet. The background print is of Raleigh Speedway. This is a replica of the car that Tim Flock drove in 1952 when he clinched the championship on his roof as he barrel rolled across the finish line in the final race of the season. This is a limited edition and # 02798 of 18,000. This is a rare diecast collectable. It is still in the factory plastic and has it's own acrylic display case. If you are a collector this is a must for your collection

(22nd May 2001)
Second picture added
A RARE 1/43rd replica of the 1952 Hudson Hornet that was driven by the late TIM FLOCK and sponsored by Blackburn Auto Service from Atlanta, Georgia. Tim retired in 1964, but he still has the best winning percentage in Nascar history, winning 40 of 187 races he entered! In 1952 Tim won 8 races and had 25 top ten finishes out of 33 races which gave him the 1952 championship. The history of Tim Flock and his 'co-driver' Jocko Flocko, a rhesus monkey who actually ran 8 races as a passenger are on the back of the card in the display box.

There seem to be several US companies involved in vehicle engineering, servicing and supplying parts. It is not clear whether they are connected, but here are some more artifacts

VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE. BLACKBURN AUTO PARTS CO. PHONE NUMBER AM4-2817/ FRESNO, CALIF. TAPE MEASURE. This is an older tape measure, the phone number shows that it is probably from the 1940-50's. It is a off-white color, it may be celluloid, I do not know for sure. The Fresno, Calif. is worn away some on the tape measure. It is a metal tape measure and the paint on the first two numbers is worn away. Pretty good condition, considering its age. It is 1 5/8" x 1 3/4".



(26th September 2001)
Ralph Blackburn Motors
BUICK Playing Cards 2 Mint Decks
2 sealed decks with tax stamps attached of Buick Motor Car Playing Cards in the original box. The cards are mint, the box shows wear on the Buick emblem. These Buick Dealer Promo Cards are circa 1960's and are from Ralph Blackburn Motors in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.
(3rd December 2006)

Blackburn Sputnik from
Blackburn Welding of Scottdale GA

on eBay

You are bidding on one of two available hanging chandelier lamps manufactured by Blackburn Welding of Scottdale GA. The only difference between the two is the length of the hanging cord (other cord/bulb sockets/ceiling plates are available at most lighting stores). Retail price on this lamp was $495.
This chandelier is 38" in diameter and about 18" high. It features florescent dayglo orange and pink steel disks on the end of long steel rods. The center is a steel ball that holds the Halogen bulb. One lamp has a 48" drop and the other a 96" drop, your choice or pick both at the winning auction price for the second.
These are from a store that is now out of business. They are in unused condition, but there is some minor paint chipping on some of the disks.


Tractor Parts Catalog(ue) added 20th May 2001
TRACTOR PARTS catalog from 1936. It was sent to prospective customers by "Blackburn Auto Supply" Scottsbluff Debit was published by the "This Week Publishing Co." Mitchell Neb. It is in Superb condition, it is not torn or faded or stained in anyway. It is loaded with parts listings for all makes of tractors, also auto parts and supplies and some domestics like wash machines and radios wonderful piece of American Farm life in the thirties.

The seller of the Tractor Parts catalogue, when she found out that this was a genealogical exercise (in its way) cancelled the ebay auction and is sending it over for free. Thanks Vicki.


Blackburns Used Car SuperCenter

Texarkana, Texas

click the logo to visit

(8th July 2001)

This catalogue appeared on ebay and came up on a Blackburn search because of one of the items listed. The seller kindly sent me a copy of the relevant page for the Blackburn Jiffy Lift. Thanks Morris. Here's the full description:

Original catalog. Complete. Good condition. A 1949 issue from Hedge & Mattheis Company - "The House for Construction Equipment". They had locations in Boston, MA, West Springfield, MA, Worchester, MA, Bangor, ME, Portland, ME, Concord, NH, Bellows Falls, VT, Rutland, VT, Providence, RI, East Hartford, CT and West Haven, CT. Contains 343 pgs. of equipment rental and sales offerings, e.g., Derricks, trestles, grinders, scales, compressors, engines, hoists, generators, buckets, paving tools, backhoes, barrows, pumps, drills, cranes, blasting machines, pile drivers, pumps, road graders, sandblasting machines, scaffolding, concrete equipment and accesories, &c. &c. There is no end to the offerings - all described - many illustrated, many items are priced. Whatever the need for tools or heavy or semi-heavy equipment may have been, it is herewith included. Roofers, Pavers, Road building, Site work, Concrete, Loggers &c. Some of the manufacturers represented are; Air-Way, American Ford & Hoe, American Hoist & Derrick, American Logging, American Steel Works, Atlantic Steel, Baker-Roos, Beebe Bros., Blackburn, Blackmer, Boston & Lockport, Burch, Byers, Carey, [snip] &c. Sorry to be so verbose, but you can imagine the information and data contained within 393 pages.

(26th September  2001)
BLACKBURN CAST BRONZE GROUND CLAMPS CAT.NO.J. For water pipe 1/2" to 1". There is a quanity of 6 NEW clamps. Buyer to pay actual shipping costs ship weight 2lb.

(5th May 2001)
Blackburn Electrical Corp.
This wire wound resistor is rated at 200 watts and a value of 8000 ohms. This resistor is used and the value measured with a Fluke meter reads 7930 ohms. This resistor snaps into clips that are mounted on 1 1/2" X 3/4" standoff insulators. The manufacturer is Blackburn Elec. Corp with a part # 99037-40. It's length measures 11 1/2" and diameter of 1 1/8".


I want this one. And it arrived 11th June 2001 - certainly the largest resistor I have ever seen. I must now find a pair of those brass mounts to show it at its best advantage.


(17th October 2001)
Ham Radio Antenna Grounding System Install
Here is a superior antenna grounding system that was produced for the US Military. This Blackburn Grounding Kit is comprised of 37 pieces. There are fourteen 36" copper clad ground rod sections that are 5/8" in diameter. A selection of twelve connecting couplings and an assortment of grounding clamps. Also included is a 18 pound ground rod driving hammer that has two padded handles for easy to use operation. This allows the rod to be driven as well as removed. Use this set to install ground radials around your tower base or use it for field operations when on the move. This set looks to be unused. Buyer pays the shipping on this Blackburn Grounding Set.
(7th September 2001)
Mullard Blackburn
2 x Amperex 12AT7 ECC81 Tubes Tube Valves
Pair of 12AT7 tubes in lovely condition, made by Mullard Blackburn, UK. Same date codes of VF3 B1E2. Blessed with the classic Mullard sound.

(10th May 2001)
Here's another component of the Blackburn Conglomerate - the Blackburn Super Oil Co.

This is a very nice old picture frame with a thermometer and a picture. The frame is 8" long and 4" wide. Under the thermometer is says Blackburn Super Oil Co. CHAMPLIN PRODUCTS- 23rd & Haskell - Phone VI-3-9855. It is in nice condition. It has a farm scene with trees in the background, and a 3-D picture at the bottom, a man fishing in a stream. Great collector piece.


(27th May 2001)
F.E. Blackburn & Co.
This full size spoon measures a bit over *5* inches long and hallmarked for the Paye and Baker co. and marked "STERLING" and marked with the retail/jeweler "F.E. BLACKBURN & CO.". Here is the story of the Rebekah Decree...In Baltimore, Maryland, in 1819, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, an international, secret fraternal society was founded. It's origin dated around 1750 in England. A beneficiary society, one of it's chief concerns is the care of the sick and distressed. The Rebekah Decree is a subordinate lodge of the Order of Odd fellows."...this spoon begins with the letter "R" which has chain links intertwined..then the Dove with an olive branch in it's mouth and then a half moon..(masonic symbol?)...The stem says 'REBEKAH" and if you look at the bottom of the stem..there's a bee hive, which is usually found on Mormon Utah I think this spoon's history is from maybe a Utah Order...Great souvenir in EXCELLENT CONDITION...NO MONOGRAM!!! NO DINGS, NO DENTS.

(10th July 2001)

and another

(9th June 2001)
Unlike most examples of this device the one we are selling is silver plated and engraved with two crests that incorporate a coronet indicating nobility. The Bryant and May catalog of 1926 (page 145) describes this as follows" : "Match-igniting contrivance, in the shape of a Greek hand lamp of thin stamped sheet bronze ,with handle in form of two snakes' heads, in bronze cast; provided with a lid, hinged at back; inside are ten black bean-like lumps (diam .5 inch) of stearine ,each with a projecting primed point, all arranged around the edge of a thin disc or turntable of wood, which revolves a short distance by mechanical means when the two handles are pinched together, thereby igniting one of the lumps, which flares up through a hole in the lid and burns for five or ten seconds; intended for sealing letter or parcels: English patent number 2662 of 1867 granted to Bewick & Alex. Bewick Blackburn of Chelsea; date about 1870, England." Not surprisingly no stearine is present but the mechanism works perfectly. Needs a polishing but otherwise in very good condition. Making fire, match holder, match safe.

Well I think there's a Blackburn involved, but the punctuation might have misled me.

(23rd June 2001)

This is in good condition a Corkscrew marked BLACKBURN LONDON MARWOOD &CO REG 62 1914 5.5 inches long

And selling for a remarkable $158 with three days to go. Doesn't look that special to me - I am obviously ill-informed on the subject of corkscrews. The best one I know is part of my Leatherman Flair.

(30th September 2001)
This has come around before. I either filed it elsewhere or ignored it.

You are bidding on SOUND-A series of Simple, Entertaining, and Inexpensive Experiments in the Phenomena of Sound for the Use of Students of Every Age which was written by Alfred Marshall Mayer. This book has a copyright date of 1878 and was published by D Appleton and Company/New York. This book appears to be a First Edition with the same date on both the copyright and title pages. Some of the areas covered; Construction and Use of the Heliostat, The Water-Lantern, The Conical Pendulum, The Sand Pendulum, Blackburn's Double Pendulum, Way to Draw the Acoustic Curve, Reflection of Sound, Experiments with a Sonometer, Faber's Talking Machine and many more interesting experiments with sound. This is a hardcover book with gold lettering and no jacket. There is some light edge wear and some fraying at the tips of the covers. There is an ex libris plate on the inside front cover and the original owner has written in their name neatly on the front end page. There is a crack at the inside front spine at the bottom going up approx 2 inches which has caused the front end page to become loose to that same point. There is some age toning to the edges of the pages. There is also some light soiling to the title page. Otherwise, book is in good condition.