I probably spend, on the average, a greater proportion of a day cooking than anything else but sleeping. Mostly curries, which is why there has been a curry page on this site since the start in the 1990s - it has been in need of a rewrite for some time and will get it soon [this has now been done].

I have compiled a small pamphlet of my favourite recipes which I cannot reproduce here as it would infringe intellectual property rather more blatantly than the rest of this site, but I will detail a recent development.

Being a poor pensioner and, more importantly, a lifelong tightwad, when I was recently struck by a craving for Nando's hot chicken, I made it myself instead. There's not much to it: armed with a Nandos menu, I found what I needed on the interweb.


You need to unwrap a chicken or two. The term for this seems to be spatchcock and there is an excellent demonstration of the process here. Take his advice and divide it into two. You should also score the flesh deeply to aid marinade penetration.

Having learned how to do this, there's no need to buy chicken joints for curries: jointing a whole chicken is considerably cheaper.


This is the key. Peri/Piri recipes abound and are broadly similar.


There's a completely different version here which suggests a number of other ingredients (many proprietary) which could be worth experimenting with.

Side dishes

I have two

Chilli Jam is also worth 'making': there are numerous propriatory brands and recipes online, but my immediate solution was to goose up a jar of mundane mango chutney. If there are large lumps of mango, chop these smaller; add significant amounts of chopped fresh chillis and anything else to hand such as tabasco or chilli sauce, oregano (fresh or dry) or fresh corriander.

Tarka Dal goes well with the above (alert readers will have detected that this is becoming a curry), especially when eaten as left-overs the following day. The best lentil recipe I have used lately is from Kris Dhillon's excellent New Curry Secret. I will post a rationalised version of this in due course.

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