Hodgkinsons Hotel, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

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(24th October 2001)
This postcard, probably from the 50s, pictures Clayton Street showing the Big "C" Discount Store, the HFC Loan Company, the Quality Loan Company, the Buy-Wise store, and Hodgkinson's Supply store.
(19th Jan 2002)

S. J. HODGKINSON DRUGGIST RENO, NEV DRUGSTORE BOTTLE 31/2"x11/2"x7/8" dug bottle, no chips, no ding bottle has some stain see scan

(19th Jan 2002)
Edwardian marked GLOVE hook
A fine example of an Edwardian Gentleman's & Ladies Glove hook. Used to button up fashionable kid gloves which were often made with several small buttons at the wrist.
Fastening of such gloves was difficult in the extreme and the use of a small glove hook to pass through the 'eye' or button hole to secure the button and then pull through and fasten was an essential accoutrement for the well dressed man or woman.
Our small ( 3.5 inches) hook bears the manufacturers/retailers name on one side - "W HODGKINSON LTD, WARRINGTON" and on the reverse the words "HOSIERS & GLOVERS"