Booklet Notes


bullet13 Aug 06 Time for an update. Not much progress recently - I have acquired all the readily available books I can afford. There are a couple of rare and expensive images in recent Booklets International catalogues, Thailand and Venezuela.
bullet20th Nov 04 I have found the Saar booklet in Gibbons and learned a lesson in the process. The Gibbons catalogues list some of the booklets entries in the index, but not all, so in Part 7, Germany, Saar, Cameroun, German East and  South West Africa are in the book but not indexed. Similarly, FSAT in Part 6, France.
bulletI understand from my Dutch colleague that Michel lists booklets, but only when the contain se-tenant panes, and is therefore not a reliable guide to First Booklets.
bulletThe book I need is Rogers Postal Booklet Catalogue, edited by Jacques H. Rogers, published in 1947 in USA by Booklet Stamp Company. described as "the bible for each serious booklet-collector" by Walter de Rooy. January 2005 - managed to get a copy of Rogers from the excellent Leonard H. Hartmann bookshop. I'll be adding details from Rogers once I have finished the WBC updates.

The World Postal Booklet Catalogue published the following issues. I have the ones in bold:

1985 Thailand (and supplement), Korea
1985 Cyprus and Brazil
1985 Italy, Turkey
1985 Ireland
1986 Luxembourg, Iceland and Paraguay
1986 USA from 1939
1986 USA airmails
1987 Czechoslovakia
1987 Austria
1987 Algeria
1988 Mexico, Russia Guatemala
1988 Norway parts 1 and 2
1989 Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
1990 Libya, Morocco, Tunisia
1991 Greece
1992 Portugal
1992 Azores. Madeira and Spain
1993 India
1993 Korea
1995 Southern Africa, Rhodesia, Zambia, Namibia
1996 Pakistan, Indian States and Bangladesh, Ceylon
1997 Middle East: Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAR, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Armenia, Iran, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan


From an article in Stamp Magazine 2009

The first suggestion for a GB stamp booklet was made