Blackburn Aircraft

The products of the Blackburn Aircraft Co are becoming a bit of an obsession and taking up a disproportionate share of the space. This new page was prompted by the Blackburn Triplane, which is lovely to look at. A model went through eBay in June 2001 and sold for $41. The seller, link here, very kindly sent me scans of the instructions which are shown below. Thanks Barry.

Any other pictures of planes I cannot resist will be added here.

This is Barry again with a 1912 Monoplane, but I didn't like to ask another favour and the triplane is the better of the two:



[27Mar12] Postcard from ebay, selling for £5.99. Antique very early 1900s aviation postcard of flight pilot Harold Blackburn with a very early plane he was about to fly - Please note this card is very very worn with whiting creasing etc - For serious enthusiasts only.

(8th July 2001)
Here's another interesting eBay item

Here are three lovely old photographs of a sweet little boy and his amazing flying machine in the form of a super pedal driven model aircraft. This is a two seater bi-plane with three propellers. Pedal drive via chains from both seats. Obviously professionally built. It is of the highest quality and given its size, elaborate nature, and other items that came with them, I have reason to believe it was probably built by The Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Co. Ltd., Brough, East Yorkshire, possibly for a director's son. The plane has 'City of Glasgow' written on the front, a registration number 'G-EBLF' and 'Imperial Airways London'. They are delightful photographs in their own right, but must be of interest to aviation or model enthusiasts. C.1930 I would guess. Each photo measures 6" x 4.25".

I would have liked this, but not at 31, Here's the description.
Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Brochure 1928
This is a brochure published c. 1928 by The Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Co. Ltd. Manufacturers of Aeroplanes, Seaplanes, propellers. They were based at Brough East Yorkshire and had a London Office at Amberley House, Norfolk Street, Strand WC2. 9.5" x 6", 12 pages. It gives the history of the company and aeroplanes produced with photos. There are also technical drawings of two different flying boats a three engined and a six engined. An interesting and collectable item of historic interest

A very nice, rare Bandai BLACKBURN 1912 BIPLANE Single Prop AIRPLANE! Made in Japan! 9" WINGSPAN, 7" long, ALL tin friction. Marked with the Bandai logo on right side at the tail & Made in Japan on left. Plane has beautifully detailed paint-even with stars & the American flag! A VERY patriotic design all around! Looks like a barnstormers stunt airplane. The paint is vivid, bright & shinny with a few scratches & a couple of small scrapes. no fading or rust. Probably a C-8 or 8.5 or better. Friction motor is strong & smooth & prop spins when wheels turn. NO missing parts whatsoever. This plane is ALL TIN and heavy & solidly constructed, which you rarely see on a plane! Even the engine & prop are tin litho! Must be quite early. Those who know quality when they see it don't have to be told! Rubber wheels of course, which are as new.

'28 GB Blackburn Aircraft meter to Royal Aero Club

Offered is a 1928 Great Britain metered cover from the Blackburn Aircraft Co. in Leeds to Frank Dickson of the Royal Aero Club in London. Meter dated LEEDS YORKS 28 VIII 28 ( August 28, 1928) and has a Leeds Civic Week label on revese. Blackburn Aeroplanes Leeds imprint also on reverse.

Vertical file fold and somewhat roughly opened.

Click here for a site dedicated to the memory and preservation of the Blackburn Beverley pictured above.


Airplane Spotter magazine 4th October 1945 with a Blackburn Firebrand IV on the cover.


Shooting down a German plane. Excellent real photographic Valentines artist's impression postcard. Sharp clear image, condition good


(8th Dec 2001)
Now here's a strange item
Rare! WWII Shelley " Blackburn Skua " Airplane Bowl ~ 1930's 40's ( AS IS ) **** R.C.A.F. Trenton Canada ** For auction is a rare Shelley bowl dating from the late 1930's, early 1940's, nicely decorated on the front side with a full colour transfer printed depiction of a World War II "Blackburn Skua" dive bomber / fighter, this over the words "R.C.A.F. TRENTON CANADA". Bowl measures 2-3/16 inches in height to the rim, and 4-1/2 inches in diameter, apart from a fine hairline crack running down the side from the top rim to the foot rim, bowl being in excellent condition with the image remaining vivid (Note: bowl displays very well even with this damage, due to the crack being on the back R.H.S. of the bowl). Bowl is marked on the underneath side with; Shelley, England, Designed Exclusively For Blakely's.

(19th Jan 2002)

Here is a good place to get your feet wet in scratch building scale planes. Simple easy construction. And if that isn't enough. The Blackburn ( #2 design.) will be cheap to build. Not much material is required and most of it is stick wood. The old plans do have a little gray, but nothing is hard to see or read. They even show how to make the scale wheels. Ideal engine would be about a .40 4C and most of your time can be spent at 1/2 power. Don't plan on any wild aerobatics with the Blackburn, they just aren't going to happen. EASY, EASY, EASY, Building, Covering and Flying. For a radio all you need is 3 channels, I would not bother with ailerons. Everything rolled up in a tube.



(25th May 2002)
This must be one of the ugliest planes ever built.

CONTRAIL 1/72 BLACKBURN KANGAROO R.A.F 1918 Vacuform Model Kit! 1/72 Scale. Includes vacuform and metal parts and decals. Parts and decals are in EXCELLENT condition still SEALED in ORIGINAL FACTORY BOX. Box is in VERY GOOD condition with minor shelf wear.