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New page 30th July 2002. I'll use this to stash any pictures in need of a home.


16th March 2004
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue

Blackburn's Warbler (Dendroica blackburnia), from a 1897 edition of Scribner's Magazine which included an article Bird Pictures by W.E.D. Scott.

Further details from here:


The next two pictures - now the next 4 - are in Mondrian Homages at the regular size, but I like to keep a bigger scan available.

This is either a drawing or a print, I honestly can't tell, of a man with a pitchfork and a Mondrian make-up job. It's signed either "franki" or "f kanki". It was bought about 15 years ago in Buffalo, NY. Very funky. Measurements:5 1/4" x 7 1/4" inside lucite box frame (included).

Barnaby Conrad lll

One of my favourites (and it arrived in the post on 26th April 2001, nearly two months after the auction). This rather fine piece of work is described as Mondrian's Martini by Barnaby Conrad lll - a 11" high x 8 1/2" wide mixed watercolor and lithograph sold by the MODERNISM ART STUDIO in San Francisco.  


Barnaby Conrad lll, Mondrian's Martin
(9th Sept 2002)

Dawn Grant

Nude admires Mondrian. Dawn kindly painted this for the collection, my second commission (see the tiles in Ceramics for the first). I prefer it to the Wesselmann. It will be on the wall in the Collection as soon as it arrives.  You can see Dawn's other works for sale here.


and this is on page 2 of Homages

(5th Oct 2002)


Another of mine. With the kind help of Albert C. Veldhuis, author of the World Catalogue for Monopoly Collectors, who sent me a scan of the Dutch War Time edition Monopoly board. Click here for his extraordinary Monopoly web site.



mug shot


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