(8th Dec 2001)
Ethel M. and Winifred

Special Winter Number of The Studio Magazine 1901-1902
Modern Design in Jewellery and Fans
Edited by Charles Holme.
An indispensable piece for the collector of Art Nouveau Jewelry or Fans, the magazine includes articles about French, British, Austrian, German, Belgian, and Danish Artists & their works. Profusely illustrated in black & white, with color plates of selected pieces. The fan design shown in this auction is actually printed on silk, then mounted on a piece of heavy textured paper & included in the magazine - it is absolutely gorgeous.
Illustrations are included of work by these artists and designers: [snip] Ethel M. Hodgkinson, Winifred Hodgkinson [snip]

Paul Hodgkinson

There is a book on Amazon called Waste Management, for which Paul is listed as illustrator.

A slow start on the Artistic side.


(6th October 2001)
Things are looking up on the art front:

Frank Hodgkinson
After service as an official World War II artist, Frank Hodgkinson left Australia in 1947 to study and travel throughout Europe. During this period he took some lessons at S.W. Hayter's Atelier 17 in Paris. He returned to Sydney in 1953. Then, after winning the inaugural Helena Rubinstein Scholarship in 1958, he took up residence in Spain; John Olsen was living nearby.
During a trip to Perth in 1969 he was invited to travel through the north-west of the state. The journey reawakened his need for the Australian landscape and resulted in his relocation to Queensland at the end of 1970. In 1971 Hodgkinson welcomed Clifton Pugh's invitation to visit him at 'Dunmoochin'. He joined Pugh and John Olsen at this artists' colony on the outskirts of Melbourne at Cottles Bridge. Pugh, who had recently returned from S.W. Hayter's school, was keen to experiment with the oil viscosity etching process, and his enthusiasm proved to be a major stimulus for Hodgkinson's printmaking. Within a short period he produced two suites of prints, Inside the Landscape and Landscape Inside, and, jointly with Pugh, a book of prints and the poems of Harry Roschenko, titled IS.
In his figurative landscapes, time-worn lines become rich and sensuous full of colour and texture in a joyous celebration of female and landscape forms. At the end of 1971 Hodgkinson left the artists' colony to visit the Australian outback which has continued to fascinate him and stimulate his work.

Inside the landscape III
1971 Dunmoochin, Cottles Bridge, Victoria
hard-ground, deep etch, printed in colour on paper

Click the gallery logo for a link to their show of Hodgkinsons

Bungle Bungle Triptych

Oil on Canvas

183 x 286 cm

Frank's works sell for a fortune, but I have managed to buy this book on eBay.

Hodgkinson, Frank Kakadu and the Arnhem Landers Australia: Weldon Publishing c1987 hc. 304P. (approx 12 1/2" x 9 1/2") Mr. Hodgkinson has recorded his observations of the people of the northern wilderness of Australia. He has adapted the traditional Aboriginal styles of art with a hand-written commentary. Very good condition book and good condition dust jacket. Dj has a few muted scratches and very minor edge wear.


(7th Dec 2001)
Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski illus HC
A father's search, through post-war debris and confusion for his small missing son... Laski's story draws its convincingness from her love of humanity. She is akin to Dickens who wrote of children...Little Jean walks straight into the reader's heart. He is, in one sense, every lost child of Europe; at the same time, he is burningly individual. Silently the child is imploring to find a father, to be taken pride in- to be, quite simply, loved. All the same, is he Hilary's son?..The outcome of this tender and magnificent story remains uncertain up to the very last page. Hardcover patterned black cloth, in a beautifully illustrated dustjacket. Not price clipped, but is torn at each corner. Pages of text are starting to darken with age around the outer edges. Book is firmly bound to spine. Illustrations throughout are by Frank Hodgkinson. Published by Dymock's Book Arcade, Sydney. No date given.

I have scanned the illustrations in the book - click here


(12th October 2001)
Hadley Hodgkinson
MY GOLDEN LIBRARY OF ANIMAL STORIES FROM AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Volume 1. First published 1979, SYDNEY & Auckland (NZ). Book measures approx 9.5"x8.5" (24cmx22cm). The stories in each book have also been issued separately as Australian (&/or New Zealand) Golden Books. There are colourful illustrations on every page of these stories about Australian & New Zealand wildlife.
The stories in this volume are: PIPPA THE FAIRY PENGUIN, written by Diana Petersen, illustrated by Rich Richardson; KAHU THE CAUTIOUS KIWI, written by Brian Birchall, illustrated by Hadley Hodgkinson; EDDY THE EMU, written by Sue Curtis, illustrated by Tony Oliver; OPO THE HAPPY DOLPHIN, written by Julia Graham, illustrated by Tony Oliver; JAMES THE CAPTAIN COOK PIG, written by Brian Birchall, Illustrated by Hadley Hodgkinson.


(30th Nov 2001)
Roy Hodgkinson
EXHIBITION, catalogue Aussie War Artists, '43
The following photos of artists works are included in the catalogue:
William Dargie: Corporal James Heather Gordon, V.C.
Dennis Adams: Sikorsky Kingfisher and R.A.N. Cruisers
William Dobell: Emergency Landing at Night
Captain Ivor Hele: Debussing in a Desert Dust Storm
Harold B. Herbert: Gaza Ridge Camp
Roy Hodgkinson: Huggins Road Block, Samananda, December, 1942


Winifred - see Ethel