Starting today, we intend to reinstate a previous practice of learning a new, swanky word every day (.....or so). They will be logged here, just in case we forget. We might not make it every day, but probably will do quite a few.

Our initial reference work will be Bowler's The Superior Person's Book of Words, £2.49 from Oxfam. Mr. Bowler has plundered his franchise with several other volumes and I have ordered a few more: we will then diversify.

anfractuous - fascinator - gelid - insordescent - trilemma -

date word definition notes
9 Sep 13 gelid very cold Crossword clue in i. Pronounced with a soft 'g'.
11 Sep 13 trilemma pondering three options Obvious when you hear the word. From Bowler's Completely Superior.
12 Sep 13 fascinator a silly hat Those enamoured of royal weddings will be familiar with this, but I can proudly state that I have managed to avoid seeing every one which has occurred in my lifetime. Encountered while listening to
13 Sep 13 anfractuous characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous Today's word in dictionary.com
16 Sep 13 insordescent Increasing in filthiness. from a new source, Howard's Lost Words
Howard states 'pavements outside McDonalds' as an example. The source is, apparently, religious and has been found in various medieval documents relating to excommunication.
19 Sep 13 eclat enthusiastic approval This might have been a crossword clue.
23 Sep 13 traduce to malign in speech or writing Another new source, Foyle's Philavery
29 Sep 13 quotidian literally 'daily', but alo commonplace and mundane The word sounds rather better than it turns out. Appears twice on page 6 of Joe Moran's Queuing for Beginners.
2 Dec 13 eirenic tending to promote peace or reconciliation; peaceful or conciliatory from a book review in the Spectator

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