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Although I'm a devotee of Mondrian, I think he was harsh in his judgment of and rash in his rejection of van Doesburg. I intend to assemble here a collection of TvD's pieces and other bits, the initial motivation being to gather images for use in a stained glass project - the six likely candidates are shown.

It seems clear that TvD took on several of PM's ideas to use in his own works, nevertheless, Théo's pieces were sometimes more adventurous and more interesting. He also played a significant rôle in developing several art movements and encouraging numerous individual artists to fruition.

Here's his Wikipedia entry.

stained glass

And here are the fused glass pieces which I intend to use in a leaded window.

[Oct13] FENSTERENTWURF (design for a stained glass window)
This was sold at auction at Sotheby's, London on Jun 20, 2013. Estimate £4-6,000 but it sold for £30k.
Dimensions: 22.75 X 13.75 in.
Medium: gouache and pencil on paper
Provenance: Galerie & Edition Schlégl, Zurich Acquired from the above by the late owner in 1984

Here's the Sotheby's entry.

Girl with Buttercups, 1914

Cosmic Sun, 1915

TvD Cosmic Sun
Composition, 1915

TvD C 1915
Mouvement héroïque, 1916

Composition II (Still Life), 1916

Tree, 1916

TvD Tree
Dance I, 1917

TvD Di
Stained Glass Composition, Female Head, 1917

Composition IX, Opus 18, 'Decomposition' of The Card Players, 1917

Composition (The Cow), c.1917

TvD Cow
Composition VIII (The Cow), c.1918

TvD Cviii Cow
Rhythm of a Russian Dance, 1918

Stained glass Composition IX for housing in the Spangen district, Rotterdam, 1918-19

TvD SGix
Composition XI, 1918

TvD Cxi 1918
Composition in Dissonances, 1919

Composition XVIII in Three Parts

TvD Cxviii3p
Stained glass window for the Scholl of Agriculture, Drachten, 1921

Now at the Wellesley College Museum.
TvD SGix
Headed letter paper for De Stijl, 1921

TvD paper
Theo and Nelly van Doesburg, Weimar, 1921.

TvD & Nelly
I.K. Bonset (TvD) Composition c. 1921

TvD as IKB
I.K. Bonset, Nelly van Doesburg in disguise

IKB snap
Design for The Sower, stained glass window, 1922

TvD Sower
Portrait of Pétro (Nelly van Doesburg), c.1922

TvD Petro
Theo and Nelly with their B134. Paris, October 1923, photographer unknown

TvD working on a model of the Maison Particuli�re, Paris. 1923, photographer unknown. Source.

The second photograph is TvD with Cornelis van Eesteren, his collaborator on this work.
snap03 snap03
In addition to the model, many drawings of their design were produced. One is shown on the cover of Baljeu'sTheo van Doesburg, one of the sources for this page.

The design was also celebrated in a Dutch stamp issue on the 65c value. The 50c stamp shows Mondrian's B134 which van Doesburg owned (shown in the photograph two entries above). That's too much of a coincidence to be unintentional.
Joost Baljeu 65c 50c
Counter-Composition IV, 1924

Oil on canvas. 51.5 � 50.5 cm.
TvD CCiv
Counter-Composition V, 1924

Oil on canvas, 100 � 100 cm, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
Counter-Composition VIII, 1924
Oil on canvas, 101 x 101 cm, Art Institute of Chicago, gift of Peggy Guggenheim.

The installation shot, found here shows the work in Maison Van Doesburg, Meudon-Val-Fleury.

Two more shots of the interior from Baljeu.
TvD CCviii TvD CCviii installation TvD MvD2 TvD MvD2
Counter-Composition XII, 1924
Oil on canvas. 52 � 21,5 cm' Musée de Grenoble.
TvD CCxii 1924
Composition, 1924

Poster design for The Little Review, 1925

Echoed on the front cover of the recent Tate exhibition.
TvD Poster Tate Modern
Counter-Composition VI, 1925

TvD CCvi
Counter-Composition XIV, 1925
Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.

And a study, source.
TvD CCxiv TvD CCxvi
Counter-Composition, 1925

TvD CCxv 1925
Counter-Composition XVI, 1925

Oil on canvas. 100 � 180 cm, Haags Gemeentemuseum.

and a 1924 study for the piece.


The photograph shows Theo, Nelly and their dog Dada, with the dancer Kamares in front of the painting.
TvD CCxvi TvD CCxvi TvD & Nelly
Counter-Composition XIII, 1925-26

Oil on canvas, 50 � 50 cm, Guggenheim Museum, New York.
TvD CCxiii
Composition in Half-Tones, 1928

Counter-Composition XX, c.1928

TvD CCxx 1928
Simultaneous Composition XXIV, 1929

Oil on canvas, 50.2 � 50.4 cm, Yale University Art Gallery.
TvD SCxxiv
Simultaneous Counter-Composition, 1929

TvD SCC 1929
Simultaneous Counter-Composition, 1929

Oil on canvas, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
TvD SCC 1929
Cupera (Nelly van Doesburg) Little White Jar, 1929

Composition, 1929

TvD C 1929
Arithmetic Composition, 1929-30

Oil on canvas, 101 x 101 cm, Kunstmuseum Winterthur (on loan from a private collection).
Simultaneous Counter-Composition, 1930

Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm, MoMA.
TvD CC 1929
Nelly van Doesburg (ed.) The last issue of De Stijl, 1932

Edited by Nelly, following Theo's death in 1931.
last De Stijl
Jon Rafman Theo van Doesburg Plane Crash, 2010

The first featured homage.


Georges Vantongerloo

On this page temporarily, I must also make one of these

Triptiek (Triptych), 1921

Wood and oil on panel, 13 x 13 cm (closed), On loan to the Haags Gemeentemuseum from a private collection.

It is much smaller than I thought, 13cm square, 5.1 inches.

The images are taken from the cover of De Stijl: The Formative Years, one of the sources for this page.
Georges Vantongerloo Georges Vantongerloo


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