Trapped Wind

This page deals in detail with Trapped Wind. For more general conditions covered by the term Irritable Bowel Syndrome click here


Stomach and abdominal pain often accompanied by bloating.


In the case of simple trapped wind, this can be caused in the stomach by unconsciously swallowing air or eating gas-producing foods or in the bowel by fermentation of incompletely digested food. It can be caused and exacerbated by constipation, stress or allergy and worsens with age.
There are more serious potential causes, for example gallbladder disease, gastritis, nervous dyspepsia, stomach ulcer or possibly cancer of the bowel. It is therefore important to see your doctor if it persists.


Again, in the case of simple trapped wind, some lifestyle changes can help alleviate or remove the symptoms:



For simple cases of trapped wind, I would recommend a tea of fennel (or caraway), anise, chamomile, cinnamon, liquorice and peppermint (though the last is not appropriate if you suffer from oesophageal reflux).
Combine the ingredients in equal amounts and keep in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Please Note
Information given here should not replace consultation with you doctor.

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