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14 Apr 11 14 Apr 11

[15 Apr 2011] Back today from three days in Brighton . The weather was ocassionally grey but it only rained a bit.

For some reason (plain blind luck last time, I expect), it took even longer to put up the awning, but the next outing should be a breeze (subject to the efficacy of pound-shop masking tape) as I have labelled the components comprehensively.

The new Cadac Safari Chef gas barbeque was a marked success, providing a late night stir fry after a visit to the Little Theatre for Time and the Conways on the first night. Then griddle chicken (pictured) after a day of wandering and preliminary house-hunting. Finally a grand breakfast before setting off this morning. It is light and compact, works beautifully in all its modes, and cleans easily.

The shopping list for the next trip includes: bikes, toaster, chairs (suitable for eating with the table outside), a small toolkit, a first aid kit, a larger sleeping bag, BBQ tongs, a set of bulbs for the car and the van, mirror, install a new socket for the all-night radio (on my pillow speaker), speakers for the ipods, perhaps a small TV.

We have pencilled in Norfolk for May and France for June and September.

27 mar 11 28 mar 11

[30 Mar 2011] The first outing went very well and the camp site, South Lytchett Manor, was excellent.

The awning was rather a struggle but we'll get better at it. And we should have taken a torch. The old charcoal barbeque worked quite well but I have ordered a new gas model for the next outing.

We parked beside the splendid and ancient VW and Puck combination at Clacket Lane on the way back.

The van is currently stored in front of the house where it is a snug fit.

[9 Apr 2011] The Pro-Tec cover arrived on 7th and looks very well made.

[24 Mar 2011] The list of tasks is progressing well. Now a list of stuff.

cutlery tin opener corkscrew bottle-opener plates and bowls washing up bowl (safeway?) w-u liquid and scrubber radio heater bbq charcoal burner and gas hookup lead pot noodle beer wine marinated chicken veg tea towel saucepan milk chopping board and chef's knife large tea cups tea bags coffee and technology of choice beer glasses wine glasses griller microwave matches pillows sleeping bag blanket torch toilet paper kitchen paper wash bags and towels a small amount of clothing maxwell's silver hammer laptop and ipad cameras

[14 Mar 2011] Bought a 2003 model from Poole at the weekend, and will pick it up on 26th. Between now and then, I need to:


[Feb 2011] We sold Gerald the Camper this year after 15 fun years and intend to buy a Puck.


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