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I have gone through several phases of intending to take and upload photographs. Snaps is one of the old offerings and I also enjoy panoramas. Nowadays, my snaps go to Flickr.

This page will be for other people's photographs and was brought on by seeing Ilse Bing's Autoportrait au Leica, 1931 in a Sotheby's auction.
Right is one of mine from several years ago.

It's as well not to take these things too seriously: here's a blog of Great Snaps recreated in Lego.

Ilse Bing (1899-1998)
Autoportrait au Leica, 1931
Silver print (probably 1980) 26.7x30.4 cm

Sold at Sotheby's Paris, 15th May 2012 for €5,625.

There's a nice selection of her work here.

And a companion piece, Self-Portrait, 1927 by Lotte Beese (1903-1988). From Derek Horn's baisers volés.
Ilse Bing self portrait Lotte Beese self portrait

Alma Lavenson
Self-portrait, 1932, printed later
22.9x30.2 cm

More of the same from Henry Buhl, with a detail of the lens for those (like me) who enjoy that sort of thing: I'll try to identify the camera.

The lens is a Taylor-Hobson Cooke Anastigmat Series IIA f/3.5 No. 120... The company is still in business.

Here's a link to the catalogue - not sure whether this will last.

Lavenson Taylor-Hobson Cooke Anastigmat
Andreas Feininger
The Photojournalist (Dennis Stock), 1955, printed in 1992
34.3x26.4 cm

Another Sotheby's sale, the collection of Henry Buhl, this continuing the theme which started the page.
Leni Riefenstahl
self portrait
Continuing the self-portrait leitmotif.
Riefenstahl self portrait
Man Ray
Untitled (Self-portrait with camera), 1930, printed c.1935
Solarized gelatin silver print, 12.1x8.9 cm

The Jewish Museum, NY

Found at the outstanding Man Ray exibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Vivien Maier
Self portrait
This Guardian article describes " Vivian Maier, who died in 2009, leaving behind 100,000 negatives that no one but she had ever seen. The photographs are being hailed as among the best in 20th-century street photography".

There are several helpful web sites, including:
The official web site;
and a blog.

This trailer for a forthcoming film on the subject shows enough self portraits for a page on their own. There are 40 of them here.

Édouard Boubat
Autoportrait avec Lella, 1951

Added Oct 2014 from a forthcoming Sotheby's sale, est €4-6k
And another bunch of portraits here, Willy Ronis.  
Fernand Fonssagrives
Sand Fence, c.1930

This might be my favourite photograph of all time.
Dennis Hopper
Paul Newman, 1964

Added Oct 2014 from the Royal Academy exhibition The Lost Album.
Harry Callahan
Eleanor, 1947
4½x2½ in

Weed against sky, 1948
8x7¾ in
homage homage
Saul Steinberg
Girl in a Bathtub, 1949
Gelatin silver print, 12¾x11¼ in

From The Saul Steinberg Foundation.
Saul Steinberg Girl in a Bathtub
André Kertész
Two beauties from Kertész and probably more to follow

Washington Sq., 1954
9¾x7½ in.

Martinique, 1972
10½x13¾ in. cm

Kertesz Washington Sq Kertesz Washington Sq
title, date
medium, size cm


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