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Guinness Book of Stamps

This all started in about 2003 when I was collecting modern art on stamps and set up a rival page of nudes on stamps to compare the hit rates. The free counter I used has long since given up and I don't recall ever reaching a conclusion on the relative hits

The stamps were not actively sought, but I bought and displayed any that happened to arrive in a Bexley Box. An earlier (but not the original) version of the pages is still here.

Guinness Book of Stamps

The site has been indirectly honoured in video with this piece on YouTube: most of the stamps used have been taken from these pages. An acknowledgement would have been nice.

In November 2013, I came across a book on the subject by Frank Putnam Deane, published in 1966 by the American Topical Association. I have the 2nd edition and have used it to take a more organised approach.

The book is nearly 50 years old and reflects the mood of the time, as seen in its key definition, "For the purpose of compiling this checklist, a 'nude' has been defined as a male or female figure wearing less than conventional attire. For example, a male swimmer (or boxer) wearing trunks has not been classified as a nude, while a male wearing nothing but a loin cloth has been included. A partially clad female figure such as 'Winged Victory' (Scott GB #274) has been included, likewise a female figure wearing a transparent gown, such as Von Kaulbach's Genius appearing on the 1920 Bavaria issue (Scott Bavaria #251-254) has also been included."
Guinness Book of Stamps In addition to querying the extent and context of nudity required to justify inclusion, as seen from the cover, the booklet also includes naked children and babies and this has not stood the test of time.
The booklet notes that, "There are some 1800 stamps depicting nudes in its design issued by 220 countries. Of these some 1400 are complete nudes, 340 are semi-nudes and 60 are partial nudes."

Guinness Book of Stamps

I tend to avoid religious images and poorly, mass-produced "stamps" from sources such as Equatorial Guinea. Some of these will be found on the Rejects page.

In the 2014 redesign, the plan is:

Category Meaning Explanation
got it  
ID insignificant detail The nude Deane identifies is someimes a statue in the distance or a small component of the frame rather than the subject or the stamp. These are rejected.
JR just a repeat Particularly with French and British colonies, there are hundreds of repeats, in the French case of three early designs plus two commemorative issues and for British colonies, the UPU commemoratives, which hardly qualify for the pages in any case. Only one issue is shown, the rest are tagged JR. There is a Types page, though this is work in progress.
NN not a nude Chaps riding horses or wearing loincloths make up most of this rejected category.
PI politically incorrect Infants, children, cherubs and the like.
TX too expensive My limit is about £10, though I do make exceptions.
WP wallpaper Not applicable to the period covered by Deane, but needed for more recent decades: stamps issued for sale to collectors rather than for national postal use.
NMDM no more discus and Mercury Introduced while processing the 1970s, I refuse to buy any more discus throwers or ancient pottery depicting athletes. Mercury the Wingéd Messenger is also becoming a chore.
W on the wantslist These have passed the filters described above, i.e. they include a nude image and are affordable.

When rewriting this page in April 2014, I added three stamp images, quickly picking three striking recent arrivals and it is interesting to note that they are all Eastern European - Poland 1912, Hungary 1974, Czechoslovakia 1947.

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