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16th November 2012
A bumper addition by email from E Ferrucci, shown right.

It might take me some time to track those down.

The Partridge Family should be here too - I've had a model bus for many years.
  • In the PBS Arthur episode Binky Barnes Art Expert they have a Mondrian display.
  • In Sesame Street episode Bears are showing Boogie Woogie Mondrian.
  • In Star Trek the Next Generation Data shows Mondrian picture in these episodes The Offspring, Hero Worship, A matter of time, In theory, Quality of life,
  • In the Monkees ep a la Mode episode they have a Mondrian Style picture.
(16Nov12) Monkeys
Confirmation here - The geometric painting in Madame Quagmeyer's studio in the episode "Monkees A La Mode" looks like the Piet Mondrian painting "Composizione".
With this small image on the referenced site, brinkster,
Not much of a Mondrian and, apart from the structure, far too much green.
(16Nov12) Binky Barnes

This is proving easier than I expected


(16Nov12) Sesame Street

source - the entry in the full wiki describes it as "Papa and Baby Bear discussing Broadway Boogie Woogie".


Star Trek can wait.


(20th October 2001) Homerage

There is an episode of The Simpsons with two Mondrian references, a magazine (Art in America) which Homer is reading in bed and a Composition in a gallery he visits with Marge. I am trying to get hold of stills from the show. The episode, from the 10th series, is called Mom and Pop Art, first shown 4th November 1999 and here is a précis of the plot from the official web site:

Homer becomes a conceptual artist, creating striking "outsider art" that catches the eye of Astrid Weller, a beautiful Springfield art dealer. Astrid arranges for Homer to have his own show, but when the Springfield elite gather for the opening, many are disappointed by his work. Homer decides that he must create something truly groundbreaking, so he floods the entire town, turning Springfield into an American Venice. His piece is a hit and everyone, including artist Jasper Johns, voices their approval.
Guest Stars: Isabella Rossellini as Astrid Weller; Jasper Johns as himself.

Thanks to Ben for spotting it and recording it - images added 29th Jan 2002

And in September 2010 a much better image from The Wars of the Simpsons, which includes many other art references.
Homerage Homerage Homerage
(24th July 2002) Alexei Sayle

Just found on one of Alexei Sayle's BBC Series. The sketch explores the assertion that everyone's first job is (and I quote) "shite". He covers Malcolm X, Joyce, Ghandi and PM:

'The minimalist painter Piet Mondrian was a highly unsuccessful court artist for German television. This picture is entitled Scuffle breaks out between prosecuting counsel and defendant.'

(5th May 2002 - happy birthday, Sis) Python

PM also got a mention in Python - I think it is the sketch after Arthur two-sheds Jackson. Here's an excerpt and I'll try for a frame one day.

Well something certainly is happening here at Tolworth roundabout, David. I can now see Picasso, he's cycling down very hard towards the roundabout, he's about 75-50 yards away and I can now see his painting... it's an abstract... I can see some blue some purple and some little black oval shapes... I think I can see... A Pepperpot comes up and nudges him. Pepperpot That's not Picasso - that's Kandinsky.
Good lord, you're right. It's Kandinsky. Wassily Kandinsky, and who's this here with him? It's Braque. Georges Braque, the Cubist, painting a bird in flight over a cornfield and going very fast down the hill towards Kingston and... (cylists pass in front of him) Piet Mondrian - just behind, Piet Mondrian the Neo-Plasticist, and then a gap, then the main bunch, here they come, Chagall, Max Ernst, Miro, Dufy, Ben Nicholson, Jackson Pollock and Bernard Buffet making a break on the outside here, Brancusi's going with him, so is Gericault, Ferdinand Leger, Delaunay, De Kooning, Kokoschka's dropping back here by the look of it, and so's Paul Klee dropping back a bit and, right at the back of this group, our very own Kurt Schwitters.
The picture of Mr Cleese commenting on the race was kindly provided by Damian whose astonishingly fine Monty Python site is no more (or at least is no longer where it was).
(14th Feb 2002)
Norman Conquest Title Card 1953 FILM NOIR
from ebay.

An alternative version found Oct 2011, not as good, but more detail.
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