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The Netherlands have made two commemorative issues featuring Mondrian (probably more since this page was written - true, a 2008 issue was found on the day of the rewrite, thanks to Bob Janning).

The first, in 1983, was the De Stijl issue. The 50c stamp shows Mondrian's Composition with Blue, Yellow, Red and Grey, 1922 (B134) on the 50c and Maison Particuliére by Van Doesburg and Van Eesteren on the 65c.

Van Doesburg was the original owner of B134.
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A maxicard of the 1983 50c.
The 1994 Netherlands issue is wholly Mondrian and comemmorates the 50th anniversary of his death. The paintings featured are:
  • 70c - Mill, 1911 (A692)
  • 80c - Lozenge Composition with Four Yellow Lines, 1933 (B241) and part of a frock
  • 90c - Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43(B323)
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Again, also issued on maxicards, in this case, particularly fine examples of the genre.
First day covers for both issues
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A 2008 set in the series Beautiful Netherlands comprised five stamps with one dedicated to Amersfoort (where PM was born on 7th March 1872) and one included Mondrian's profile. Found here (the page also shows my Mondriopoly board).
2008 2008
Before turning to real stamps from other countries, this is a beautiful fake USA stamp by williamvonr, an entry titled StamPiet Mondrian, 2005 in Worth1000.

It is based on B221.
B221 stamp
Now real stamps from elsewhere, though they might not be recognised as issued for postal purposes, but rather, examples of cash-generating sticky paper which some governments, nations and entrepreneurs produce designed for collections rather than postage.

The first is from Togo and shows Composition C, 1920, (B107).
And these from Liberia, notorious purveyor of sticky paper showing Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43(B323).

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