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Text in italics is from the artist or seller, the rest is probably mine.
A red circle o means the item is in my collection, a blue circle o denotes an image from the collection of a contact in Holland: contributions of images from other Mondriaphiles are always welcome.

A cigarette pack, which is claimed to be of Mexican origin.

There's a strangely related Calder in Homages.
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There is a matching Zippo lighter, which I have no intention of paying $100+ for. Here's the shot from eBay. text
[Dec 2011] Two from our Dutch branch, displays for limited edition Philip Morris Mondrian-packaged cigarettes, dated around 1994.

I have spent some time trying to find out which brand(s) of cigarettes PM favoured, but without success. There are some sketches on 'fag packets' (as we used to say), more details here.
cigarettes o cigarettes o
The second lighter was added 29th May 2001. It is not as comely as the Camel lighter, but it does have the distinct advantage of costing me only $2.99. I can make a convincing argument that it is an authentic Mondrian artifact tending towards the Boogie-Woogie mode.

(4th Jul 2002)
Here's another with storage pouch and information on the maker.

ROGERS/ MONDRIAN STYLE/ MINT WITH BAG!! This is a BEAUTIFUL lighter that is absolute MINT. It even has the round adhesive sticker on the bottom that says "Automatic $1.98" I do not know what type of style to call it other than Mondrian as it is reminiscent of his paintings.
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(27th Oct 2002)

The next three lighters are from my Dutch fellow collector:

The first is from Philip Morris, made in France.

The next pair is from Takai.
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(23rd Jul 2002)

I'm not sure what the connection is, but it definitely says Mondrian.

Original Nörding Pfeife
Freehand Genius 2000 sandgestrahlt Serie "Piet Mondrian"
Neuware 9 mm Filter
Lieferung innerhalb Deutschland frei Haus
Erik Nörding liefert die Pfeifen aus seiner Werkstatt nahezu in alle Welt und diese sind hoch angesehen. Dabei werden in seiner Werkstatt klasse Pfeifen wie auch Freehand Modell hergestellt. Heute sind seine Bruyére Pfeifen, die er seit 1967 als Pfeifenmacher herstellt, in unterschiedlichsten Formen und Qualitätsstufen in zahlreichen Sammlungen auf der ganzen Welt zu finden.

(4th November 2001)

I have had this ash tray from the Mondrian Hotel from the early days of the collection, but have only just leapt into action to feature it.

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(7th November 2001)

Mondrian Enamel Ashtray Sixties COOOL !!
Wow , what a cool ashtray ! Mondrian inspired design of red , yellow , white black and blue squares and rectangles on a black base. It's 5.75" x 5" . Has chips at each corner , front and back , I've pictured the worst close up. Still a wonderful design statement for your mid century modern or retro home or office.
text o
Perhaps the least exciting item in the collection, one from a set of 24 cigar bands,

Beautiful complete set of 24 Stomkop cigar bands with PAINTINGS from WORLD MOST FAMOUS ARTISTS like Albert Carel Willink, Piet Mondriaan, Paul Klee ... snip.
text o
(4th September 2001)

Just for a change, an item found through surfing rather than eBay, a Mondrian Cigar Humidor. Click here for the link and this is their description.

This humidor for 150 cigars was specifically created for the Bar at Che. A variety of veneers were hand-dyed and bleached to create a colourful and original design which echoes the artistic philosophy of the famous painter.

Mondrian Drinking

Starting in 1946, an important contemporary artist was commissioned to illustrate the Mouton Rothschild label every year with an original work. Paintings include those of Jean Cocteau, Marcel Vertes, George Braque, Salvador Dali, Matta, Henry Moore, Juan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Hans Hartung. (An earlier Baron had done the same thing as a one-off in 1924 with a design by Jean Carlu.)

If only Mondrian hadn't died in 1944, he would have been a shoo-in for one of these commissions. Well, if he had done one, it might have looked like this, based on Broadway Boogie Woogie.

Here are some of the real ones.

And this links to an excellent source on the subject.

(28th Oct 2011)

1991 ADVERT Gordon's Gin Piet Mondrian Rubik Cube
Full Page Advert in very good condition.
Adverts have been carefully removed from magazines, and, in the majority of cases, have been slightly trimmed to obtain straight edges.
(13th Jan 2003)

And now some real Mondrian wine labels. I found these on a Dutch auction site, qoop.

I am advised these were issued in 1994 in a presentation case with 3 bottles.
A tumbler from MoMA. text o
And here is the perfect accessory - coasters found on ebay, 30th July 2001

Six cork backed Mondrian colorblock coasters fit the bill for form AND function. The coasters measure 4” square and come in their original box. Kept a set for myself too! In very good condition and perfect for the MOD pad!

(4th November 2001)

Mondrian Napkin from Le Mondrian, 148 Bvd St Germain, Paris.

text o
(23rd Nov 2002)

From the Netherlands branch, a beermat. The text is,

het oosten has become Ortho-flex

we're not sure why.

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