Segal Homage

Since encountering it, I have been tempted to recreate the work.

In 2002, it struck me that the Mondrian figure looks rather like a darts player and so a darts trophy might be a starting point.

Segal Mondrian
It took me eleven years to get round to finding that darts trophy (July 2013). But then the plan went a bit south. I had bought a small canvas a few months previously but, when I eventually found the tropy (20p at a boot sale), the canvas had gone. Off to Bromley for another, but the small size was out of stock and so I bought the next size up. Too large for the trophy, but here's a plan, how about an action man?
I found what I thought was an action man in a Bromley charity shop but I'm told it's a Ken (Barbie's pal) and, importantly, does not articulate in the limb regions.
So here are the resources as at July 2013.
Ken is sitting on a box of tissues.
On 25th August I found some smaller canvases.
And today (26th August 2013) started work.
Pretty good so far. On the larger piece, as noted above, Ken's limbs do not articulate and so I'll either have to break his arms or try again for a proper action man.
(31st Aug)
The smaller version is likely to live in a goldfish bolw to keep the dust and the cat off him
This is the third figure (1 Ken and 2 Action Men) the first AM had unusual hands, too big to fit through the sleeves of Ken's jacket. The second just fits. They are getting cheaper - £2 for Ken; £1.50 for AM1; 75p for AM2. A pair of shoes would be good, but the 'officer's shoes' are rather expensive on ebay.
I have sewn up the jacket (the zip is broken and AM is more muscular than Ken). Next, paint it white.

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