Mondrian Portraits

The plan is to show here all the Mondrian self-portraits, all those drawn by other artists (I am aware of two) and many of the photographs.

For now a few to go on with.

From the 2011 Pompidou catalogue, this is (allowing for my rudimentary translation skills), a letter from Gerard Hordijk to Rien Van Damme showing Mondrian dancing in 26 rue du Départ.

On the left is a diagram of where to find Modrian's apartment (the second photograph shows the building) and on the right the interior with the stove and gramophone recognisable (the third photograph shows the reconstruction at the Pompidou exhibition).
PM dancing 26 rue du Depart 26 rue du Depart
Portrait of Mondrian by Simon Maris, 1906

Ph3 Gemeentemuseum Catalogue
Portrait of Mondrian by Simon Maris, date?

Ph3 Gemeentemuseum Catalogue
Portrait of Mondrian by Mies Elout-Drabbe, 1915

Ph3 Gemeentemuseum Catalogue
Portrait of Mondrian by Pieter Paul Koster, 1926

Ph3 Gemeentemuseum Catalogue
Portrait of Mondrian by Gerard Hordijk, 1927

Ph3 Gemeentemuseum Catalogue
Text Hordijk
Text A137
Text PMsp1911
Text PMsp1919
Text PM1909
Portrait by André Kertész, 1926 PM with a pipe
Text pic

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