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As noted at the end of the abstracts,

Items B325 through B411 are studies and sketches. All the sketches will be shown here. Those on cigarette packets are mentioned elsewhere.

Items B412 through B415 are items of furniture which Mondrian made for his own use. These are shown below.

Items U1 through U27 are Unidentifiable References - I'll list the interesting ones

Items C1 through C155 are the Late Naturalistic Works, of which C34-C153 are flowers.

B325 - B411, Studies and Sketches

B400 Tree, early 1913
pencil on paper, 12.4x17.8cm
British Museum, London

Image from the 2011 Pompidou catalogue.

All the sketches will be shown here.

B412 - B415, Furniture

The furniture images are, unless otherwise noted, from Mondrian in New York, the 1993 exhibition at Tokoro Gallery.

B412 Record Rack, 1927 or later
painted wood, 79x30x28 cm
Haags Gemeentemuseum

Image from Catalogue Raisonné.
B413 Stool, 1943
painted wood, 79x30x28 cm
Mondrian Estate / Holtzman Trust

B414 Desk, 1943
painted wood, 81x71x61 cm
Mondrian Estate / Holtzman Trust

B414 B414
B415 Work Table, 1943
painted wood, 81x61x56 cm
Mondrian Estate / Holtzman Trust

not catalogued Stool
Mondrian Estate / Holtzman Trust

not catalogued easel
Mondrian Estate / Holtzman Trust

easel easel

I will list the intriguingly named Unidentifiable References in due course.

C34 - C153, Flowers

C34 Amaryllis, 1907
Pencil and watercolour on paper, 47.4x32 cm

All the flower paintings and drawings are shown here.
Tiger Lilies

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