Mondrian and Colour

Turner Contemporary

24 May - 21 September 2014

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This show first appeared in Hamburg and the catalogue is only available in German.

As with the Courtauld, the café did its bit.

I set up a 'slideshow' gallery for the Courtauld show, but I don't think the effort is justified by the result and so my intention here is to just show the images and details taken from the main pages. I should have taken notes on locations by room and will do so if I return for another look. I managed another visit on the pre-penultimate day and so the organisation of the gallery pages now follows the exhibit. [In the meantime, I'll show them in catalogue order, See Gallery Page 1 and Page 2.]

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There were two new (to me) paintings that I have only known from black-and-white photographs. They are shown below. The catalogue is very well illustrated and may provide improved images througout the site. There are also many suggested companion pieces to be added over time.

A287 Berkembosje
(Small Birch Forest)
, c.1902
A664 Blue Willow Tree II, c.1908

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