Mondrian Materials and Techniques

In his book on the Diamond Compositions, Carmean gives a detailed description of Mondrian's working methods, based on accounts by Seuphor (as published and in conversation with Carmean) and Charmion von Wiegand (in conversation with Trinkett Clark).

PM painting technique sketch R

Carmean also discusses the sketches which Mondrian drew in notebooks, on scraps of paper, and on cigarette packets. The symbols PM uses are:

There's an interesting piece on edges here, an article called How to Look at Mondrian by James Elkins.

On hanging, instructions on the back of B241 state that the centre should be no lower than eye level for a standing man, preferably with the bottom corner at eye level.


Brushes from Mondrian in New York. brushes
Palettes from Mondrian in New York. palette

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