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[26th July 2012]
Let's have a try at listing the locations (this should be part of the database, but I have not started that yet).

The majority of the data comes from the Catalogue Raisonné which was published in 1998. A few updates have been made from auction results, but I imagine that quite a few of the works shown as privately owned have changed hands in the following 14 years. The progress log gives a breakdown of the Catalogue number ranges.

[9th Aug] I am struggling to arrive at a consistent sequence for the entries - name of the institution, surname of the collector, city: I am using all three at the moment. I might end up with country or continent at the highest level. Assemble all the data first, then decide.

[12th Aug] Data entry complete. Regarding organisation, if this information is to be any use, it should be in the context of "what can I see in ...?" Organisation should therefore be geographical. I'll work on it. Deciding where to put the Private Collection entries with a country or city is tricky: I'll start by keeping with the geographical plan.

Austria - Belgium - France - Germany - Greece - Italy - The Netherlands - Portugal - Serbia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - UK

Canada - USA - Venezuela

Israel - Japan - NZ - UAE

Private collection - Lost - Whereabouts unknown - Reworked


Location Works City Country Notes
Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna B250 Vienna Austria  
Private collection, Antwerp A98 Antwerp Belgium  
Musée Granet B139 Aix-en-Provence France On loan from the Musée d'Orsay
Musée national d'art moderne A308, B272, B301, B364 Paris France  
Musée d'Orsay A57, A196, A455, A510 Paris France  
Michael Seuphor A112, A220 Paris France Seuphor died in 1999.
Ader Picard Tajan C114 Paris France  
Musée Déparetmental du Prieuré A91 Saint-Germain-en-Laye France  
Nationalgalerie, Berlin B136 Berlin Germany  
Museum Ludwig B126 Cologne Germany  
Dr. Louis Peters C18 Cologne Germany  
Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen B110, B189, B327 Cottbus Germany Sketch B327 on loan from a private collection.
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden B167 Dresden Germany  
Kunstsammlung, Düsseldorf B221, B244, B300, B311 Düsseldorf Germany  
Museum Folkwang B25, B200 Essen Germany  
Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt B248 Frankfurt Germany  
Sprengel Museum B197 Hannover Germany  
Kaiser Wilhelm Museum B159, B162, B163, B172 Krefeld Germany  
Wilhelm Hack Museum B106, B204 Ludwigshafen Germany  
Graphische Sammlung der Staatsgalerie A564, B65, B111, B145, B268 Stuttgart Germany  
Athens National Art Gallery A321, A397, B74, C45, C58, C86 Athens Greece A397 was stolen and A321 'dropped' in the 2012 robbery.
Paolo Dal Bosco Collection B339, B357 Rovereto Italy  
Civica Galleria d'Arte Moderna A685 Milan Italy  
La Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome B105 Rome Italy  
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection B48, B76, B292 Venice Italy  
M.L. de Boer Gallery A540 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
The English Reformed Church, the Begijnhof A132 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Gemeentearchief A182, A183, A189, A215, A384 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
K. Meertens A133 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Kunsthandel Monet A45, A84, A253, A259 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Private collection, Amsterdam A232, A266, A269, A560 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten A53 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Rijksmuseum A61, A68, A256, A?, A502 Amsterdam The Netherlands A61, A68, A256 and A502 are on loan from private collection(s). A? not yet found in the catalogue.
J.P. Smid A31, A71, A209, A378, A570, B29, C6, C38, C39, C126 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Stedelijk Museum A23, A94, A518, B33, B39, B49, B114, B138, B190, B216, B229, C13, C65 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Studio 2000 Art Gallery A64, C121 Amsterdam The Netherlands  
Paleis Het Loo A28 Apeldoorn The Netherlands  
Drents Museum A74a, A488a Assen The Netherlands Neither of the Drents' works are in the Catalogue.
Galerie Simonis & Buun C10, C20 Ede The Netherlands  
Van Abbemuseum B38, B224 Eindhoven The Netherlands  
Groninger Museum A261 Groningen The Netherlands  
Frans Halsmuseum A393, A441, A467, A650 Haarlem The Netherlands  
Haags Gemeentemuseum A1, A7, A17, A24, A30, A37, A39, A54, A58, A78, A81, A83, A85, A87, A88, A90, A105, A106, A115, A118, A122, A123, A124, A130, A134, A138, A142, A145, A150, A153, A154, A155, A158, A159, A160, A166, A169, A171, A172, A173, A178, A186, A190, A192, A194, A197, A198, A200, A203, A205, A208, A212, A217, A223, A227, A247, A254, A268, A275, A276, A277, A278, A290, A293, A294, A296, A298, A299, A309, A310, A311, A312, A323, A328, A330, A332, A333, A337, A339, A340, A353, A357, A362, A363, A364, A365, A366, A373, A374, A375, A376, A377, A379, A382, A390, A394, A395, A402, A405, A411, A420, A424, A426, A428, A432, A434, A440, A444, A447, A459, A463, A464, A465, A466, A470, A471, A472, A476, A480, A482, A488, A496, A497, A504, A505, A506, A508, A511, A513, A514, A522, A523, A528, A532, A534, A538, A545, A547, A550, A553, A554, A568, A569, A572, A573, A574, A575, A576, A578, A591, A593, A596, A597, A601, A602, A603, A610, A611, A612, A613, A617, A619, A621, A622, A623, A642, A644, A646, A647, A649, A654, A659, A660, A661, A669, A671, A672, A675, A677, A679, A680, A681, A682, A683, A684, A686, A687, A690, A691, A692, A693, A694, A695, A701, A702, A704, A707, A708, A709
B1, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B11, B12, B16, B18, B19, B20, B23, B24, B27, B32, B34, B41, B46, B55, B57, B70, B89, B97, B102, B103, B115, B125, B128, B130, B241, B277, B324,
B372, B373, B374, B378, B382, B383, B384, B385, B386, B387, B388, B389, B391, B393, B397, B398, B399, B401, B402, B403, B407, B408,
C7, C12, C15, C16, C21, C22, C23, C31, C42, C43, C52, C89, C90, C91, C92, C113, C131, C142, C150, C154
The Hague The Netherlands B20 on long term loan from the Judith Rothschild Foundation, New York
Stichting Hannema-De Stuers Fundatie C17, C32 Heino The Netherlands  
AJJ Lambeek A12 Hilversum The Netherlands  
Zeeuws Museum A666 Middleberg The Netherlands  
Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller A698, B31, B37, B42, B79, B83, B84, B85, B90, B99, B100, B191, C4, C107 Otterlo The Netherlands A698 and B90 on loan from private collection(s).
B82 became B83.
Museum Boymans-Van Beuningen, Rotterdam B88, B215, C128, C141 Rotterdam The Netherlands  
Private collection, Rotterdam B219a Rotterdam The Netherlands  
Ivo Bouwman C134 's-Gravenhage The Netherlands  
Dienst voor's Rijks Verspreide Kunstvoorwerpen, A127 's-Gravenhage The Netherlands  
Gallery Pieter B. van Voorst van Beest C59 's-Gravenhage The Netherlands  
Kunsthandel Borzo A590, C69 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands  
Noordbrabants Museum, A354, A368 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands  
J. Sluijters A352 Uden The Netherlands  
Utrecht Centraal Museum A350, C5 Utrecht The Netherlands on loan from Stichting Van Baaren Museum
Private collection, Utrecht A21 Utrecht The Netherlands  
Private collection, Weesp A74 Weesp The Netherlands  
Freriks Museum A11 Winterswijk The Netherlands  
Vereniging het Museum, A59 Winterswijk The Netherlands  
Kunstmuseum, Winterthur B220, B230 Winterthur Switzerland  
Stichting Hannema-De Stuers Fundatie A658 Zwolle The Netherlands  
Royal Collection, The Netherlands A100 - The Netherlands  
Royal Netherlands Naval College A273   The Netherlands On loan from Lieutenant F.C. de Ruyter de Wildt
Triton Foundation A287, B219a   The Netherlands  
Private collection, The Netherlands A10, A89, A95, A96, A96a, A111, A116, A117, A356, A555, A557, A567 - The Netherlands A96a was auctioned in May 2012.
The Berardo Collection B150   Portugal  
Narodni Muzej B212 Belgrade Serbia  
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum B28, B227, B303 Madrid Spain  
Jacques Hachuel Collection A343   Spain A343 is to be auctioned on 24th April 2013.
Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros B228   Spain  
Moderna Museet, Stockholm B63, B240, B320 Stockholm Sweden  
Museum Liner A664 Appenzell Switzerland  
Beyeler Collection B22, B26, B50, B153, B234, B259, B282, B314 Basel Switzerland  
Kunstmuseum, Basel B101, B123, B214, B263 Basel Switzerland  
Kunstmuseum, Bern B62, B66, B166 Bern Switzerland  
Kunsthaus Zürich B51, B129, B165, B217 Zürich Switzerland On loan from a private collection
Rolf and Margit Weinberg A561 Zürich Switzerland  
Private collection, Zürich B56 Zürich Switzerland Heirs of a private collector, Zürich
Mrs. A.M. Gilles-Koop A151   Switzerland  
Nahmad collection B170   Switzerland  
Private collection, Switzerland B92 Switzerland  
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art B237 Edinburgh UK  
British Museum B400 London UK  
Rose Finlay Collection A344 London UK  
Annely Juda Fine Art B187 London UK This dealer is the last location noted in the Catalogue.
Marlborough Fine Arts C68, C79, C87 London UK  
Tate Modern B30, B104, B254, B308 London UK  
Private collection, London A14 London UK  
The Hepworth B261 Wakefield UK  


Location Works City Country Notes
Canadian Centre for Architecture B406 Montreal Canada  
Mrs Phyllis Lambert, A689


Art Gallery of Ontario A391 Ontario Canada  
Private collection, Ontario A55 Ontario Canada  
National Gallery of Canada B309 Ottowa Canada  
Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina A371 Saskatchewan Canada  
Vancouver Art Gallery A25 Vancouver Canada  
Baltimore Museum of Art A481, B192 Baltimore USA  
The Rothschild Art Foundation B335 Baltimore USA  
D. Morris Gallery A585 Birmingham, Michigan USA  
Boston Museum of Fine Art A484 Boston USA  
Obelisk Gallery C149 Boston USA  
Albright-Knox Art Gallery B318 Buffalo USA  
Harvard University Art Museum B60 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA USA On loan from Stephen Mazoh & Co
Fogg Art Museum C105 Harvard University USA  
Sackler Art Museum A541 Harvard University USA  
Alsdorf Collection C61 Chicago USA  
Art Institute of Chicago A435, A443, B127, B255, B362 Chicago USA B362 on loan from a private collection.
Private collection, Chicago A320 Chicago USA  
Cincinnati Art Museum B43 Cincinnati USA  
Cleveland Museum of Art B188, C46 Cleveland USA  
The James H. and Lillian Clark Foundation A533, A662, A703 Dallas USA  
Dallas Museum of Art A292, A303, A468, A651, A673, B117, B321, C3, C14, C25 Dallas USA  
Denver Art Museum B235 Denver USA  
Detroit Institute of the Arts A381, A653 Detroit USA  
Mondrian Estate / Holtzman Trust B341, B346, B413, B414, B415 Essex, Conn. USA  
The Anne Burnette and Charles Tandy Foundation B44 Fort Worth USA  
Fort Worth Modern Art Museum C75 Fort Worth USA  
The Kimbell Art Museum B315 Fort Worth USA  
Wadsworth Atheneum B258 Hartford USA  
The Menil Collection B143, B199, B363 Houston USA  
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston B95 Houston USA  
Private collection, Illinois A18 Illinois USA  
Spencer Museum of Art University of Kansas A184


Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, University of Nebraska A624 Lincoln, NE USA  
Stephens Inc. B329 Little Rock, Arkansas USA  
Guttmann Gallery A43, A289 Los Angeles USA  
Los Angeles County Museum of Art B265 Los Angeles USA  
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles B284 Los Angeles USA  
Private collection, Los Angeles A13 Los Angeles USA  
The Minneapolis Institute of Art A109, A210, A631, B141, C110 Minneapolis USA  
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University A361 New Brunswick, NJ USA  
Yale University Art Gallery A552, A696, B207, B210, B211 New Haven, CT USA  
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University Library. B332 New Haven, CT USA Holtzman Deposit no. 55
Acquavella Contemporary Art C64 New York USA  
Davlyn Gallery B270 New York USA This dealer is the last location noted in the Catalogue.
Elkon Gallery A101 New York USA  
Rosa Esman Gallery B343, B365 New York USA  
R. Feldman A51, A129 New York USA  
Fine Art Communications C146 New York USA  
Fisher Landau Collection B290 New York USA  
Dan Flavin B344, B350 New York USA  
Dr. A.E. Friedman-Kein A318 New York USA  
Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Gans A34, A60, A244, A327, A436, A469, A501, A529 New York USA There are two copies of the A60 etching, the other is owned by MoMA, NY.
Arne and Milly Glimcher (founders of the Pace Gallery) B328 New York USA  
Guggenheim Museum B2, B35, B47, B80, B112, B146, B206, B218, B371, B376, C44, C50 New York USA B371 is a sketchbook containing 30 sketches.
Sidney Janis Family Collection A15, A77, A126, A144, A146, A157, A280, A291, A301, A322, A346, A369, A442, A512, A548, A559, A599, A643, A652, A656, A665, A697
B13, B86, B91, B223, B370,
C24, C26, C28, C35, C71, C84, C95, C96, C104, C109, C116, C117, C122, C123
New York USA The entries include both the family collection and those just shown as at the Janis Gallery. I think the family collection is at the MoMA now.
Janie C. Lee Master Drawings C47, C73, C77, C135 New York / Houston USA  
Marlborough-Gerson Gallery C88 New York USA  
Barbara Mathes Gallery C78 New York USA  
Stephen Mazoh & Co. Inc. B58, B67, B116 New York USA B60 on loan to Harvard.
MoMA A60, A341, A535, A605, A674, A700
B36, B45, B53, B71, B78, B107, B122, B132, B176, B209, B239, B269, B271, B310, B322, B323
New York USA There are two copies of the A60 etching, owned by MoMA and Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Gans, NY.
Pace Gallery B348, B361 New York USA  
The Pierpont Morgan Library C102 New York USA  
Mr K. Rato A604a New York USA  
The Judith Rothschild Foundation A195, A243, A249, A699, B120, B134, B340, B345

New York

USA A195 is to be auctioned on 9th May 2013.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenthal B349 New York USA The location is a guess, based on that of the selling gallery.
Solomon & Co A181 New York USA  
Mr. and Mrs. E.V. Thaw A710, C103 New York USA  
Elain Graham Weitzen C34 New York USA  
Private collection, New York A73, A645, B354 New York USA  
Mr and Mrs Alex Lewyt A688 Sands Point, New York USA A688 is to be auctioned on 7th May 2013.
Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Museum of Art B15, B312 Utica, New York USA  
Smith College Museum of Art A530, C29, C63 Northampton, Mass USA  
Allen Memorial Art Museum A359 Oberlin, Ohio USA  
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Fox Weber A161 Orange, Connecticut USA in trust for their daughter Lucy
The Norton Simon Foundation. A206 Pasadena USA  
Philadelphia Museum of Art B98, B173, B236, B264, B266, B273 Philadelphia USA  
Robert and Jane Meyerhoff C106 Phoenix USA  
Carnegie Museum of Art A315, B21 Pittsburgh USA  
The Saint Louis Art Museum B313 Saint Louis USA  
Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum, A586 San Antonio, Texas USA  
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art B61, B306 San Francisco USA  
Santa Barbara Museum of Art A616 Santa Barbara, CA USA  
Jeffrey Gundlach B262 Santa Monica, CA USA Stolen September 2012, story here.
Toledo Museum of Art B137 Toledo USA  
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden B256, C40 Washington D.C. USA  
Kreeger Museum A416, A598 Washington D.C. USA  
National Gallery of Art B156 Washington D.C. USA  
The Phillips Collection A137, B155, B316 Washington D.C. USA  
Morton G. Neumann Family Collection B203   USA  
Kenneth Noland A449, A450   USA  
Private collection, USA A175   USA  
Fundacion Museo de Arte Moderno Jesus Soto B352 Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela  


Location Works City Country Notes
Israel Museum A113, A351 Jerusalem Israel  
Tel Aviv Museum of Art B183 Tel Aviv Israel  
Collection of the Fukuoka City Bank B219 Fukuoka Japan  
National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto B81, B208 Kyoto Japan  
Koh Gallery B359 Tokyo Japan  
Tokyo Gallery B59 Tokyo Japan  
Shoutoku Inari Shrine A86   Japan  
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki B126a Auckland New Zealand  
National Art Gallery A149 Wellington New Zealand  
The Louvre, Abu Dhabi B142 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates  

Not Sure

Location Works City Country Notes
Mrs. Andrew Fuller B355      
Heirs of Tjardus Greidanus C151      
Dolly J. van der Hoop Schoenberg C8      
Barbara and David Jonas Collection C57      
Prof. Jan H. Lucas A594      
Mien Philippona-Cornelissen and heirs A577, A588      
Dr. J.C. Tenkink A3, A4      
heirs of M.F. Wibaut-de Fries C30      


Private collection A8, A38, A46, A50, A63, A65, A66, A79, A97, A100, A131, A135, A136, A143, A213, A214, A216, A226, A228, A234, A235, A237, A245, A262, A263, A265, A267, A270, A274, A279, A281, A285, A286, A314, A317, A331, A335, A336, A347, A348, A355, A358, A380, A385, A386, A387, A388, A389, A392, A399, A401, A412, A413, A417, A418, A421, A427, A429, A431, A437, A445, A446, A448, A453, A461, A473, A475, A477, A483, A489, A492, A493, A494, A507, A517, A519, A531, A536, A537, A565, A606, A607, A609, A615, A620, A625, A626, A628, A629, A630, A664, A668, A706
B14, B17, B40, B52, B54, B64, B68, B69, B73, B75, B87, B108, B109, B124, B131, B135, B144, B147, B152, B154, B160, B168, B182, B185, B193, B194, B195, B196, B198, B201, B205, B213, B225, B226, B231, B232, B233, B238, B243, B246, B249, B253, B267, B278, B291, B297, B298, B302, B304, B305, B307, B317,
B325, B326, B330, B331, B333, B334, B337, B342, B347, B351, B353, B356, B358, B360, B366, B367, B368, B369, B375, B377, B379, B380, B390, B392, B394, B395, B396, B404, B405, B409, B410, B411,
C1, C2, C9, C11, C36, C37, C39, C51, C53, C56, C62,C81, C85, C94, C97, C98, C99, C112, C119, C120, C127, C129, C132, C133, C137, C139, C140, C144, C155
Check B205
Lost A618, A667
B93, B94, B118, B119, B148, B149, B157, B158, B161, B164, B169, B171, B174, B175, B177, B179, B180, B181, B184, B186, B202, B242, B245, B247,
The missing abstracts are documented here.
Whereabouts unknown A2, A5, A6, A9, A16, A19, A20, A22, A26, A27, A29, A32, A33, A35, A36, A40, A41, A42, A44, A47, A48, A49, A52, A56, A62, A67, A69, A70, A72, A75, A76, A80, A81, A92, A93, A99, A102, A103, A104, A107, A108, A114, A119, A120, A120a, A121, A125, A128, A139, A140, A141, A147, A148, A152, A154a, A156, A162, A163, A164, A165, A167, A168, A170, A174, A176, A177, A179, A180, A185, A187, A188, A191, A193, A199, A201, A202, A204, A207, A211, A218, A219, A221, A222, A223a, A224, A225, A229, A230, A231, A233, A236, A238, A239, A240, A241, A242, A244a, A246, A248, A250, A251, A252, A255, A257, A258, A260, A264, A271, A272, A282, A283, A284, A288, A295, A297, A300, A302, A304, A305, A306, A307, A313, A319, A324, A325, A326, A329, A334, A338, A341a, A342, A345, A349, A360, A367, A370, A372, A383, A396, A396a, A398, A400, A403, A404, A406, A407, A408, A409, A410, A414, A415, A419, A422, A423, A425, A430, A433, A438, A439, A451, A452, A454, A456, A457, A458, A460, A462, A474, A478, A479, A485, A486, A487, A490, A491, A495, A498, A499, A500, A503, A509, A515, A516, A520, A521, A524, A525, A526, A527, A539, A542, A543, A544, A546, A549, A551, A556, A558, A562, A563, A566, A571, A579, A580, A581, A582, A583, A584, A587, A589, A592, A595, A600, A608, A614, A627, A648, A655, A657, A663, A670, A676, A678, A705
B72, B77, B222, B251, B319,
B336, B338, B381,
C19, C27, C33, C41, C48, C49, C54, C55, C60, C66, C67, C70, C72, C74, C76, C80, C82, C83, C93, C100, C101, C108, C111, C115, C118, C124, C125, C130, C136, C138, C143, C145, C147, C148, C152, C153
Check A67.
A558 in St. Louis?

Find B222 and B251 and B319
Reworked B96-B305, B113-B153, B121-B154, B133-B155, B140-B157, B151-B156, B252-B258, B257-B306, B260-B307, B274-B310, B275-B320, B276-B311, B279-B308, B280-B309, B281-B312, B283-B321, B285-B313, B286-B314, B287-B316, B288-B317, B289-B303, B293-B303, B294-B322, B295-B315, B296-B318, B299-B319
Other notes There is no A316.
B178, stage set model, destroyed by Mondrian.

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