There are pages of homages, collected over a decade, but this page will concentrate on a selection of those as homages to specific works.
This was prompted by a lovely tribute to B301 which I found in November 2010.

The entries have been reorganised into catalogue sequence. Here's a list:

Artist not known
Dall'alba al Crepuscolo
Adaptation from Mondrian's Evolution. Represents through the change of daily time, the evolution of man. on sale on eBay from Hillsborough, NJ.

A647 Evolutie (Evolution), 1911
Oil on canvas, centre panel 183x87.5cm, side panels 178x85cm

As I observe on page 3, 'you don't get many homages to this one'.

[5th Feb 2012] But here's one,

Indra Moonen, Devolution, 2011, photographs.
A much more imaginative effort than the brown reworking. A full description and explanation is given in flickr.
Dall'alba al Crepuscolo A647 indra
Ian Hamilton Finlay
Luftwaffe - After Mondrian, 1976
Lithograph on paper, image: 41.8x53.1cm

B83 Composition in line, 1916
Oil on canvas, 108x108 cm

Found at The Tate.

The third image, bearing a remarkable resemblance, is a photograph of what I take to be street furniture, found in Google images, but with no attribution.

Daan van Doom Courtney Pine.
Oil on panel, 150x150cm
From the 2011 BP Portrait Awards at the National Portait Gallery.
Ian Hamilton Finlay B83 drain text

B104 No. VI / Composition NoII, 1920
Oil on canvas, 100.5x101 cm

I have given the title PMlico as this piece is amongst a set of paintings in tile gracing the exit to Pimlico tube station which leads to the Tate. Appropriately it depicts B104, previously shown at the Tate, but now at Tate Modern.
Pimlico B104
Maciej Krakowski
There was a time: Piet Mondrian

Maciej writes,
I'm sending you an image of my homage-painting that I once donated to the charity auction. Name of that piece is "There was a time: Piet Mondrian". It comes from my main series of works that concern the art market. This one covers the story of Mondrian's "Composition avec bleu, rouge, jaune et noir".

B142 Composition with Blue, Red, Yellow and Black , 1922
Oil on canvas, 79x49.5cm

Mondrian inflation is also mentioned here.
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Nick Blackburn
1. Mondrian, 2002 (just a guess, it was quite a few years ago)

2. B217 Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, 1930
Oil on canvas, 46x46 cm

There are several homages to this iconic piece, I'll add some more in due course.

3. Kompozicija II, 1995. Piet Mondrian, Zoran Naskovski,Bata Krgovic

4. Alexie Sayle.

5. [Nov 2011] An advertisement for the Investors' Chronicle in The Spectator. Tinkered with and inverted, but still B217.

6. [Dec 2011] from a long and frequently brilliant series of remakes on booooooom, the suitcase remake is by Katie Jackson.

7. [Jan 2012] from the book Tidying Up Art by Ursus Wehrli. This is out of print and is set at silly prices on second-hand sites (e.g. £160 even from Oxfam). I don't believe anyone has ever paid more than £10 for it, but once one seller generates a random number, the others seem to follow suit. There is a German edition, Kunst aufräumen, which is sensibly-priced and might have the same contents, so I'll buy one of those and see.
Now arrived, it's a great book, containing the Mondrian and several other splendid works.

8. [Jun 2012] Heidi Mulder's Mondrian Nude 1, Oil/Acrylic on canvas, 100cmx100cm.
From the artist, The painting shows an interaction with Piet Mondrian's work. Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow. The artwork derives from chaos and a lack of order in my own mind and external life resulting in a need to pare back and simplify my world and to become more spiritually connected. Emotion-based watery lines unlike Mondrian's more controlled technique now have been overlapped with an organic, feminine self-portrait.

Mondrian by Nick Blackburn 1 B217 2
Kompozicija II 1995 3 Alexie Sayle on Piet Mondrian4 Investor's Chronicle 5 katie jackson 6 Ursus Wehrli 7 Heidi Mulder Mondrian Nude 1 8
StamPiet Mondrian, 2005
internet worth 1000

B221 Composition with Yellow, 1930
Oil on canvas, 46x46.5 cm

The playful precision of this homage is delightful, combining definite philatelic knowledge, splendid minimalist image selection and admirable attention to detail. An instant favourite. I used the same signature for the display shelves in the collection.
B221 stamp B221
Ken Goodwin
Mondrian Cutting Board Series, Mondrian 1
Maple, Wenge, Padauk, and Alder wood

B232 Composition C with Grey and Red, 1932
Oil on canvas, 50.2x50.4 cm

Ken Goodwin produces beautiful chopping boards and has modelled four Mondrian designs, B232, B190, B238, B198.
chopping bosrd desc desc
George Segal
Sidney Janis Looking at a Painting by Mondrian, 1967

B239 Composition with Red and Blue, 1933
Oil on canvas, 41.2x33.3 cm

There's something of a story in acquiring this one.
George Segal, Sidney Janis Looking at a Painting by Mondrian, 1967 B239
Albert Dedden & Paul Keizer
Always Boogie Woogie, 2002
Fibreglass and plastic

B269 Composition en Blanc, Noir et Rouge , 1936
Oil on canvas, 102x104 cm

The monument is in Winterswijk, where Mondrian's family moved when he was 8. It lights up at night. The photographer is Jeanne Kliemesch.

I was not sure whether to show this in Companion Pieces or here in Homages, so it is in both.
Winterswijk B269
Jo Hunt
Cover design for Nadia Wheatley's Listening to Mondrian, 2006
A book of excellent short stories.

B292 Composition with Red , 1939
Oil on canvas, 105.2x102.3 cm

Winterswijk B292
1. Claudio Vianini
New York City
Here's the home page: the site is model train oriented.

2. Mondrian
B301 New York City, 1942
Oil on canvas, 119.3x114.2 cm

3. And another related piece from Mark Caywood plus 4. my detail in fused glass.

5. [Feb 2011] a new addition, Boris Kleint's Little New York City, Mondrian Variation II, 1983, acrylic on wood, 71.5x71.5cm. A terrific idea, found here. Boris died in 1996.

6. [Apr 2001] Combining Mondrian, Kleint and Vianini gives my homage to all three, the last image in this section. It hangs on our stairs. Other views in Flickr.
Vianini 1 B301 2 Mark Caywood3 B301 4 Boris Klein 5 Take the PM Train 6
Jim Johnson
Mondrian Shadowed, 1988
lithograph, 22 X 30", ed. 30

B318 London, with Blue, Red and Yellow, 1940/1942
Oil on canvas, 82.5x71.1 cm

link. Shown with the permission of the artist.
desc B318
1 Andrew Findlay
In the Mind of Mondrian

2 Mondrian
B323 Broadway Boogie Woogie , 1942-1943
Oil on canvas, 127x127 cm

The artist provides a full explanation of both the thought-process behind the work and the practical aspects of realising it here.

[Sep 2011] 3 Pete Mondrian, Pete takes in the Broadway Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian. One of the Pete the Cat series by Mr. Dean. Great attention to detail on the B323 copy. There are many other fine Pete homages on the site: I particularly like Don Quixote - Pete, though I think a share of the sales should be going to Picasso's estate.

[Jul 2012] 4. Larry Rivers Art and the Artist: Mondrian. One of a series of homages, recently exhibited at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery.

[Oct 2012] 5. Philip Gladstone Picasso to Mondrian's Rescue, found on ebay.

[Jun 14] 6. Dean Yeagle's Mandrian, one of a long series featuring Mandy in a variety of poses. Here's his web site. Permission has been asked to show this image.
Andrew Findlay 1 B323 2 Pte the Cat 3 Pete the Cat 4 Philip Gladstone Picasso to Mondrian's Rescue 5 6
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