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Mondrian, Whitechapel, 1955
Mondrian || Nicholson: in parallel, Courtauld, 2012

In 2002 I tried to start showing virtual exhibitions, recreating the contents of real Mondrian exhibitions in the past. At the time I was using Microsoft's Front Page to create my web pages. The slideshow software was rather flaky and the plan was abandoned with the stated intention to seek a more robust solution. Years later I began the long and continuing process of rewriting all my obscurantist FP code in sensible HTML and in I 2011 bought Dreamweaver in a bundle and have been using it since as an HTML editor. A Dreamweaver course at GCC has alerted me to new options using flash or javascript (sometimes free) and so the time has come to start again.

I will start with the recent Mondrian || Nicholson: in parallel show as it is of suitably modest proportions: unusually, this will include works other than PM's. Then, the intention is to try Whitechapel again.



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